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What are Swords in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, swords are a type of weapon that can be wielded by most classes, each with unique properties and varying abilities. Swords come in a variety of forms, such as short swords, long swords, two-handed swords, and unique or set swords with special attributes and bonuses. They can be normal, magical, rare, unique, or part of a set.

Types of D2R Swords

Swords in D2R can be categorized based on their size and whether they are one-handed or two-handed:

  • One-Handed Swords: These include short swords, scimitars, sabers, and long swords. They can be used with a shield for added defense.

  • Two-Handed Swords: These are larger and require both hands to wield, such as claymores, great swords, and giant swords. They typically deal more damage but at the cost of forgoing a shield.

Attributes of D2R Swords

The attributes of swords can vary greatly and include:

  • Damage: Swords can have a range of damage outputs, and this is often a primary consideration for melee characters.

  • Durability: The durability of a sword determines how long it can be used before needing repair.

  • Requirements: Swords have strength and dexterity requirements that must be met by the character wielding them.

  • Speed: Each sword type has an attack speed that can be modified by the character's stats and equipment.

  • Range: The reach of a sword can be an important factor, especially in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat.

Special D2R Swords

  • Unique Swords: These swords have set stats and special properties. Examples include the "Lightsabre," which is a one-handed unique sword with a chance to cast Chain Lightning on attack, and the "Azurewrath," known for its high damage and aura when equipped.

  • Set Swords: Part of specific item sets, these swords provide additional bonuses when equipped with other items from the same set.

  • Runewords: Certain combinations of runes inserted into socketed swords can create powerful runewords with game-changing abilities.

How To Get Swords in D2R?

  • Drops: Swords can drop from monsters, chests, and destructible objects. Higher difficulty levels and Magic Find increase the chances of finding better-quality swords.

  • Crafting: Players can craft swords using the Horadric Cube with specific recipes.

  • Trading: Players can trade with others for swords, either in-game or through online trading forums.

  • Gambling: Swords can be gambled from NPCs in town. While the chances of getting a high-quality sword are low, it is still a possibility.

  • Vendors: Sometimes, vendors sell basic or magical swords, which can be useful in the early stages of the game or if you're looking for a particular type to complete a runeword.

Considerations for Swords in Character Builds in Diablo 2

Different classes and builds will look for different properties in swords. For example, a Paladin might seek a sword with bonuses to Holy skills, while a Barbarian might prioritize high damage output and attack speed. Knowing your character's build and strategy is key to choosing the right sword.

What is D2R Rare Sword?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, rare swords are one-of-a-kind items that can come with a variety of random magical properties. They are one tier below unique items and are identified by their yellow names when dropped by monsters or found in chests. Rare items can have up to six affixes: a combination of prefixes and suffixes that grant various bonuses.

Stats of D2R Rare Swords

  • Random Affixes: Diablo 2 Rare swords can spawn with 2 to 6 random affixes which can include bonuses to attack rating, damage, stats (like strength or dexterity), resistances, life leech, mana leech, attack speed, and more.

  • Variety of Item Bases: D2R Rare swords can appear as any type of sword in the game, from the smallest dagger to the largest two-handed sword.

  • Level Requirements: The level requirement of a rare sword is determined by the base type of the sword and the affixes it has. Higher-level affixes will increase the level requirement.

  • Trade Value: Some rare swords can be extremely valuable for trading, especially if they have a sought-after combination of affixes, such as a high enhanced damage percentage, increased attack speed, and life leech.

How & Where To Get Rare Swords in Diablo 2?

Rare swords can be found anywhere in the game where items are dropped, including:

  • Monster Drops: Higher-level monsters and bosses have a greater chance of dropping rare items.

  • Chests and Containers: Opening chests, barrels, and other containers throughout the game can sometimes yield rare swords.

  • Gambling: Players can gamble for swords at the gambling screen in town, which can sometimes result in rare items.

  • Magic Find: Increasing your Magic Find (MF) stat will increase the chances that a magic item drop will be upgraded to a rare or unique item.

How To Upgrade Rare Swords in D2R?

When evaluating a rare sword, players typically look for:

  • Enhanced Damage: A high percentage of enhanced damage can greatly increase the weapon's overall damage output.

  • Increased Attack Speed (IAS): This is crucial for many melee and hybrid builds, as it allows for faster attacks.

  • Life and Mana Leech: Provides sustainability by recovering life and mana with each hit.

  • Additional Attributes: Bonuses to strength, dexterity, vitality, or energy can also be valuable.

  • Resistances: Increased resistances can help meet the player's resistance needs.

  • Skill Bonuses: While more common on class-specific items or uniques, rare swords can sometimes have skill bonuses, which are highly prized if they match the player's build.

How To Craft and Customize Diablo 2 Rare Swords?

Horadric Cube Recipes: There are Horadric Cube recipes that allow players to reroll the affixes of a rare sword or upgrade it to a higher base type while retaining its rare quality.

Socketing: If a rare sword has sockets or a player adds sockets through the Larzuk quest reward or Horadric Cube recipe, they can further customize the sword with jewels, runes, or gems.

What makes a rare sword valuable in D2R?

The value of a rare sword is determined by its affixes. Desirable affixes include high enhanced damage, increased attack speed, life and mana leech, additional attributes like strength or dexterity, resistances, or bonuses to skills relevant to the player's build.

What are the best affixes for a rare sword in D2R?

The best affixes depend on your build and class. Generally, high enhanced damage, increased attack speed, and life and mana leech are universally valuable. Affixes that add to specific skills or provide resistances can also be very beneficial.

What is D2R Unique Sword?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, a unique sword is a special type of item with fixed properties that differentiate it from other items in the game. Diablo 2 Resurrected Unique swords have set stats and are identified by their gold-colored text when they drop or are viewed in your inventory. They are designed to provide specific benefits or suit particular builds, and each unique sword has its own unique name.

Why Unique Swords Are Good in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Unique swords are often sought after because of their powerful and distinctive abilities that are not found on magic (blue) or rare (yellow) swords. Some Diablo 2 unique swords can be pivotal for certain builds or playstyles, offering modifiers such as increased attack speed, crushing blow, elemental damage, life leech, and enhanced damage, among other bonuses.

What are the best D2R Unique Swords?

Here are a few examples of notable unique swords in Diablo II: Resurrected:

  • Azurewrath: A phase blade that provides a bonus to all attributes, increases to attack rating, and adds significant magic and cold damage.

  • Lightsabre: A phase blade notable for its added lightning damage, the chance to cast Chain Lightning on attack, and a highly increased attack speed.

  • Doombringer: A massive two-handed sword that offers a large bonus to enhanced damage and life leech.

  • The Grandfather: A colossal sword with bonuses to all attributes, life, and very high enhanced damage.

  • Frostwind: A cryptic sword that features cold damage and the ability to cast Arctic Blast.

  • Griswold's Edge: An iron sword with bonuses to fire damage and attack rating, among other benefits.

How to Obtain Unique Swords in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Monster Drops: D2R Unique swords can drop from any monster, but higher level and unique monsters have a better chance of dropping them.

  • Chests and Containers: They can also be found in chests and other lootable containers throughout the game.

  • Gambling: While it's a less reliable method due to the low odds, it is possible to gamble a unique sword from Gheed or other gambling NPCs.

  • Trading: Players often trade unique swords with each other, using them as currency or bartering for other items.

Are unique swords better than rare or magic swords?

Unique swords often have special properties that can make them superior for certain builds or situations. Whether they are better than rare or magic swords depends on the affixes of the rare item and the specific needs of your character.

Can unique swords be upgraded or modified?

Unique swords cannot have their base properties altered, but they can sometimes be socketed using Horadric Cube recipes or the Larzuk quest in Act V. Some unique swords may come with sockets, which can be filled with gems, runes, or jewels to enhance their power.

What is D2R Magic Sword?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, a Diablo 2 magic sword refers to a sword that has been imbued with magical properties, which is indicated by its blue-colored text when it drops or when viewed in the inventory. Magic swords can have a variety of affixes that grant them bonuses such as enhanced damage, attack rating, life leech, mana leech, elemental damage, or other statistical increases.

Stats of Diablo 2 Magic Swords:

  • Random Affixes: D2R Magic swords are generated with one or two affixes (prefixes and/or suffixes) that determine their bonuses.

  • Variability: The strength of the affixes is determined by the item level (ilvl) and can vary widely, making some magic swords exceptionally powerful if they roll with the maximum possible bonuses.

  • Enhancing via Cube Recipes: Players can use certain Horadric Cube recipes to attempt to reroll the affixes on a magic sword to achieve better stats.

  • Socketing Potential: Magic swords can potentially be socketed using the Horadric Cube or by Larzuk as part of a quest reward in Act V.

Where & How To Find The D2R Magic Swords?

Magic swords can be obtained through:

  • Monster Drops: Most commonly, they are dropped by monsters, with higher-level monsters having the potential to drop swords with higher-level affixes.

  • Chests and Containers: They can be found in chests, barrels, and other lootable environments within the game.

  • Gambling: Players can gamble for swords at certain NPCs, which could result in obtaining a magic sword.

  • Vendors: Magic swords may also be bought from vendors, though finding one with desirable stats can be a matter of chance and frequent resets of the vendor's inventory.

Magic swords can serve as a stepping stone for characters who are building up their equipment, and sometimes a magic sword with the right combination of affixes can be more powerful than a rare or even unique sword, especially at lower levels or during the early stages of a ladder season. However, as characters progress and gather better gear, unique and runeword swords often become the more sought-after items due to their typically superior and more specialized stats.

What are the Best Magic Swords for Each Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In "Diablo II: Resurrected," the "best" D2R Magic Swords for each class largely depend on the specific build and playstyle, but there are certain affixes that are universally considered powerful. Here's a general guide for what affixes you might look for on a Magic Sword for each class, keeping in mind that unique or runeword weapons are often preferred for endgame builds:


  • High Enhanced Damage (ED): A prefix like "Cruel" which gives a high percentage of enhanced damage.

  • Attack Speed: A suffix like "of Quickness" which increases attack speed.

  • Life Leech: A suffix like "of the Vampire" for life stolen per hit.


  • Enhanced Damage and Attack Rating: A combination that improves overall damage and chance to hit.

  • Increased Attack Speed: For specific builds like Zealots, fast attack speed can be crucial.

  • Elemental Damage: Additional elemental damage can be useful for Vengeance Paladins.


  • Sorceresses typically don't prioritize swords, but if they do:

  • Mana Increase: Affixes that add to mana for a larger pool to cast spells.

  • Faster Cast Rate (FCR): While not common on swords, any FCR affixes are highly valuable for casters.

  • Increased Attack Speed: Beneficial if using a melee build like Enchantress.


  • Enhanced Damage: Increased physical damage for melee-focused builds.

  • Increased Attack Speed: Important for builds that rely on fast attacks, like Fend Amazons.

  • Javelin and Spear Skills: While typically found on javelins, if using a sword, bonuses to skills can be beneficial.


  • Increased Attack Speed: Crucial for Martial Arts builds to improve the speed of skill chains.

  • Enhanced Damage: To increase the overall damage output in melee.

  • Life and Mana Leech: For sustainability during combat.


  • Enhanced Damage: Important for Shapeshifting builds that rely on melee damage.

  • Increased Attack Speed: Useful for faster attack animations in Wereform.

  • Life Leech: To maintain health while in close combat.


  • + Skills: Any affixes that add to Necromancer skills, although these are rare on swords.

  • Faster Cast Rate: If a sword offers FCR, it can be useful for caster Necromancers.

  • Mana and Life: Bonuses to mana and life can help with casting and survival.

For the most part, Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Swords with these affixes can be very useful during the leveling process or during early ladder seasons. However, they are often outclassed in the endgame by unique, set, or runeword items that provide more specialized bonuses and higher stats.

Can Magic Swords have sockets?

Yes, Diablo 2 Magic Swords can have up to two sockets. The number of sockets is random and can also be added through the Horadric Cube or by the NPC Larzuk as a quest reward.

How do affixes affect a Magic Sword's damage or utility?

Affixes can significantly enhance a Magic Sword's damage output, attack speed, and utility by providing various bonuses that are beneficial for combat and survival.

Can I upgrade a Magic Sword?

Magic Swords cannot be upgraded to a higher base item type, but their magic properties can be rerolled using specific Horadric Cube recipes.

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