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About Polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Polearms are a versatile weapon category in Diablo 2 Resurrected that encompasses various spear- and axe-like weapons effectively used from range. Comprised of spears, javelins, pikes, halberds, bards, partizans and ranseurs, polearms are characterized by their long shafts granting reach and varied blade constructions at the end such as spear tips, crescent axes, or thin ranseur prongs. Classes like the Amazon specialize in polearm javelins for throwing, while other melee warriors can efficiently employ the asset of fighting from an extended distance with polearm skills focused on stabbing or swinging attacks. With high base damages, some polearms like halberds are known for their potency throughout all of Diablo II's difficulties. Additionally, various polearms like Giant Threshers provide optimal bases for prestigious runeword combinations like Infinity, granting them status amongst players seeking to optimize builds.

What are D2R Unique Polearms?

Unique polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected provide some of the strongest weapon options in the game. From bases like the enormous Giant Thresher, ideal for runeword combinations granting immense power, to those with innate magical attributes, these d2r rare polearms each offer potent abilities to amplify builds centered around combat techniques of stabbing, cleaving or smiting. Some favorites include the Colossus Voulge with its threatening base damage and Amplify curses, the versatile Thunderstroke empowering lightning skills, and the dreaded Headstriker applying deadly Crushing Blow. Eth variants of bases maximize damage potential while others like Cryptic Axes balance damage with attack speeds, and the Tomb Reaver threatens the undead with wide sweeps. Combined with amplifying buffs such as Increased Speed, Open Wounds or martial auras, unique polearms empower warriors to vanquish toughest adversaries throughout Sanctuary when skillfully utilized as part of carefully developed character builds.

D2R Best Unique Polearm Runewords

Properly rolling these runewords in high damage, versatile unique polearm bases allows for maximum power for various builds and mercenaries. Here are some of the best unique polearm bases and commonly used runewords for them in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

  • Giant Thresher - Very high damage base. Popular bases for runewords like Infinity (Ber+Eth+Fal+Lo+Ohm+Sur+Cham), which provides massive lightning damage and Conviction aura.

  • Cryptic Axe - Good base with decent damage and fast attack speed. Used for Enigma (Sur+Ohm+Lo+Jah+Ber+Cham) to enable teleport on non-Sorcs.

  • Colossus Voulge - High damage with Amplify Damage. Bases for Infinity or Crescent Moon (Sol+Um+Ber+Fal+Lum) lightning spears.

  • Great Poleaxe - High damage, can find 4 socket variants. Makes good Doom (Shael+Eth+Tir+Ohm) or Pride (Amn+Ral+Mal+Um+Ber+Cham) bases.

  • Giant Thresh - High damage eth version for Infinity or Beast (Gul+Mal+Ist+Ohm+Lo+Sur) physical runewords.

  • Partisan - Fast base used for Enchantress merc with Infinity or Insight (Ral+Tir+Tal+Sol) to maximize damage.

Best Builds For Unique Polearm in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Smiter Paladin - Utilizes polearms with mods like Open Wounds from Headstriker or additional Smiting skills from Colossus Voulge very effectively.

Frenzy or Whirlwind Barbarian - Can take full advantage of the high damage and IAS from uniques like Gazer or Ginther's Rift.

Throw Barbarian - Leverages combo of Javelin mastery and skills with throwing spear uniques like Ghostspears.

Lightning Javazon - Amped by skills and synergies, makes great use of electrified polearm options like Cryptic Axe runewords.

Zealot Paladin - Can maximize zeal damage with skills and crushing blow from uniques like Steeldriver bonus.

Kicksin Assassin - Fast attack speed from Cryptic Polearm runewords pairs well with kicks damage.

Smite or Zealot Zeal Paladin - Takes advantage of synergies and skills amped by polearms like thunderstrokes.

Physical Damage Druid - Shapeshifting abilities boosted by Crushing Blow from Headstrikers.

Best Place to get 4 Socket Unique Polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Focus on areas with many monsters and run multiple times through Hell. Using 300%+ magic find gear can aid the hunt. Keys to success are killing as fast as possible while clearing areas thoroughly. Here are some of the best places to try and find 4 socket unique polearm bases in Diablo 2 Resurrected:

Ancient Tunnels in Act 2 merciless difficulty - Good density of monsters including many champions/unique packs.

River of Flame in Act 3 merciless - Large open levels with lots of fodder enemies, good for farming.

Chaos Sanctuary in Act 4 merciless - High chance to find Diablo who can drop 4 socket bases.

Worldstone Keep Level 2 in Act 5 merciless - Dense packs of demons and ghosts with good loot.

Pindleskin in Act 1 Hell difficulty - Quick unique boss that can drop polearms.

Summoner in Act 2 Hell - Tough boss but can potentially award 4os base.

Eldritch/Shenk in Act 5 Hell - Boss runs that can yield high bases.

Lower Kurast Superchests in Hell - Poppable chests with chance for elite gear.

What are D2R Rare Polearms?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, rare polearms that drop with random modifers provide players an intermediate upgrade option between common weapons and high-end unique varieties. These magical polearms can roll up to three beneficial prefixes or suffixes that enhance characteristics like raw damage, attack ratings, speed bonuses or skill point amplifiers tailored towards martial classes. With their variety of shafts including formidable glaives, staves and tridents, rare polearms suit builds centered on dexterous attacks or slow, powerful strikes. Those yielding affixes like enhanced damage, attack speed increases, additional vitality or boosted critical strikes effectively bridge the gap in progressing a character's abilities until optimal base types with tailored affix sets or distinguished unique alternatives emerge. While lacking the singular exceptional powers of legendaries, well-modifed Diablo 2 rare polearms empower adventures across Hell with strengthened abilities until the strongest enchanted or unique implements may be unearthed.

How Many Mods Can Rare D2R Polearms Roll?

Rare polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected can roll with a random combination of 2-4 beneficial modifiers.

The exact number is determined randomly within that range each time a rare polearm drops. Some will roll exactly 2 useful prefixes/suffixes, others may end up with 3 or 4 optimal stats. It's uncommon but possible to get a perfect 4-mod rare polearm. The more valuable affixes an individual polearm acquires, the stronger and more desirable it becomes for builds. But even 2 well-rolled damage mods on a high base can take a character far. So in summary, when identifying yellow polearms players should hope for that 2-4 mod range, with the best rolls having closer to 4 optimal stats for their build.

To be more specific:

Magic (blue) items are able to roll with 1-3 mods.

Rare (yellow) items like polearms have a range of 2-4 possible affixes.

Best Rare Polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Rare polearms that drop with optimized multi-damage rolls tailored exactly for builds are highly coveted throughout Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  • +3 to a single skill tree (Amazon, Barb etc). Near-perfect for dedicated builds.

  • 40% enhanced damage in combination with other damage boosts. Huge increase.

  • 25% chances like Deadly Strike/Crushing Blow. Effective for physical damage.

  • 30% increased attack speed paired with other damage mods is an amazing find.

  • 35% chance of open wounds is a massive boost to physical builds.

  • 2 skills and other damage like +125% ed or 40ias. Extremely powerful.

  • Triple resists over 30 along with damage. Provides survivability too.

  • 4% life leech and damage mods are very self-sufficient.

  • Faster hit recovery and damage for survivability on high attack builds.

  • Dual & triple elemental damage with skills or enhanced damage.

  • Rare bases like Giant Thresher, Cryptic Axe are best to find these mods on.

What are D2R Magic Polearms?

Magic or blue polearms are common weapons that drop with 1-2 random magical affixes. They provide a level of enhancement over normal white bases through beneficial prefixes and/or suffixes. Compared to rare and unique variants, magic polearms can only roll a limited number of mods. However, they still offer a meaningful boost in the early-to-mid game.

Best Affix Combinations for D2R Magic Polearms

  • +skills that increase ability damage

  • Increased attack speed or rate

  • Boosts to vitality, strength or dexterity

  • Elemental or physical damage bonuses

  • Lower requirements for wielding

While having less power than other variants, well-rolled magic polearms empower characters through Nightmare and into early Hell difficulty. Their random bonuses complement class synergies until superior weapons are acquired.

With varied bases and versatility for multiple classes, magic polearms provide accessible and impactful upgrades when initial farming stronger affixes. Their modest power improves early progression.

Best Locations to Drop D2R Magic Polearms

The best areas to find Diablo 2 Resurrected magic polearms are densely packed zones with high enemy counts in the endgame difficulties. Areas like the Ancient Tunnels in Act II, the River of Flame in Act III, and Chaos Sanctuary in Act IV are ideal, as they are crawling with champions and unique monsters that have elevated magic D2R item drop rates. Further into hell difficulty, zones like the Arcane Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep Level 2, and even boss runs of Eldritch the Rectifier and Shenk the Overseer will start consistently delivering blue and yellow polearms. With ample monsters come more opportunities for magical weapons to drop. By fully clearing these regions on players online with 300%+ magic find, an adventurer maximizes their odds of gaining upgradeable polearm bases and optimized affix sets to boost their build's offense, defense or skills towards completing the most challenging content in the game.

How to Upgrade Magic Polearms in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Find better base types - Higher damage bases like Thresher have more upgrade potential.

Crafting - Use the cube recipe to reroll properties at the gamble of losing good mods.

Socket quests - Larzuk can add up to 4 sockets for runewords on good magic bases.

Runewords - Combine runes like Insight or Infinity for huge boosts in elite bases.

Rare bargains - Keep an eye out for rares with effective damage mods to replace magics.

Gambling - Spend gold at vendors in later difficulties for chances at upgrades.

Magic find - Equip MF gear to enhance drop odds of stronger magics in key areas.

Cube recipes - Use recipes like Alter to transmute property mods through trial and error.

Trading - Good magic polearms will upgrade other players for runes or items.

Pindle/Shenk/Eldritch runs - Focused farming of areas and bosses yields steady magic drops.

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