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FIFA PSN & XB Console Login Flowchart

PSN Console Login Flowchart

Step 1: Enter the PSN Account (Email Account) and PSN Password



Step 2: Entering the FIFA 15 game interface, you need enter the code.

PSN code.jpg


How to login your email account to get 6 digit Code?

1. Enter our Email Login Address/Website in your browser.

2. Enter your account email and email password. 

3. Find your 6 digit security code email in the Inbox or Spam folder.



4. Enter the 6 digit code.

Notice: Login other email to get origin security code, please click here

aoeah emails.jpg 

Step 3: Enter FUT mode after the verification, then enter your FUT Security Answer.(Only 5 Times Attempts, Case-Sensitive)

XB fut.jpg