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Welcome to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes, Runewords, Charms, Set Items, Unique Weapons & Armors, Jewels, Misc, etc. on AOEAH.COM! Fast delivery, low prices, safe transaction and 24/7 online responsive customer support guarantee trustworthy service of buying D2R Items for sale!

Fast Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Face To Face Delivery On All Platform

  1. For Players on PC: Our deliverer will add you as a friend on the battle net and when he ready he will tell you a Room number and password on the battle net, then he will trade the items to you after you enter the room.
  2. For Players on Other Platforms: Our deliverer will create a private game and send the friend invite to the Character (Name) you left on your order, please join the game to meet our deliverer and make trading for your items.

So for instant delivery, please make sure you leave your correct game information when making your D2R Item order:

  • PC: Battle Tag and Character Name
  • Xbox One/Series X|S: Xbox Gamer Tag and Character Name
  • PS5/PS4: PSN ID and Character Name
  • Nintendo Switch: Switch Friend Code and Character Name

About Diablo 2 Resurrected Items

Diablo II Resurrected, referred to as D2R, a game that is the definitive remaster of Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction - two hallmarks of the action and role-playing genre of Blizzard Entertainment. Ascend to the Forgotten Tower, make your way through the jungles of Kurast and attack the gates of Hell to defeat the Devil himself. Then, climb to the top of Mount Arreat to face Baal, the Lord of Destruction, at Worldstone Keep.

Diablo 2: Resurrected proposes we return to the world of Sanctuary more than 20 years later, in a tune-up of this great classic by Blizzard that is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, X Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch.

About Diablo 2 Resurrected Items

Diablo II Resurrected Items also known as D2R items, refers to all items that include Runes, Runewords, Charms, Jewels, Set Items (Weapons & Armors), Unique Items (Weapons & Armors), etc., which are used to enhance your character. Whether it is your first time hunting demons in the rich heat of the flames, or if you are already old dogs, you should prepare some Diablo 2 items to build and squeeze your character to the fullest to bring out his full potential and be able to defeat the most powerful enemies in the game on the highest difficulties.

Main D2R Items You Should Collect For Building Up Your Character

  • D2R Runes & Runewords - These small stones with magical inscriptions can be inserted into socket weapons and pieces of equipment to give great bonuses to improve our character. Now, the list of runewords is huge and each one can be formed with concrete runes ordered in a particular way.

  • D2R Charms - Charms are the accessories found in Diablo 2. These items only have to be present on the inventory character for their magic attributes to take effect. There's Annihilus, the Torch of Hellfire, and Gheed's Fortune are 3 unique charms in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and they are all very powerful and desirable.

  • D2R Unique Items - Along with the runewords, unique items are the best items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Unique items have fixed affixes and can be improved with the right recipes for the Horadric Cube. Every now and then a determined and intrepid adventurer can track down an item of, particularly legendary and unparalleled power.

  • D2R Set Items - Sets consist of 2-6 set parts covering weapons and armors. From the second part of the set onwards, a new bonus is activated or improved with each item. A few sets offer exclusive bonuses for certain classes. You can add sockets to set items as a quest reward or through a recipe at the Horadric Cube and then use runes or gems.

  • D2R Jewels - Jewels are items that are used as an alternative to gemstones and runes in empty sockets of weapons and armor. Jewels have another use, they are required for all crafting recipes and should therefore be kept.

  • D2R Mics (Gems, Skulls) - Gems and skulls are used in empty sockets of our weapons, helmets, armor or shields. Depending on the type of item, we are granted a bonus.

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Refund Policy

Once we cannot deliver the goods in time and you do not want to wait, the refund can be processed immediately.


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