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New Word Gold is the premier in-game currency in the open world MMO PC game from Amazon Games, which can be used for all kinds of various upgrades, purchasing new gears, repairing weapons, and other beneficial stuff. So have enough NW Gold is essential to enjoy your adventure! AOEAH.COM is the best place to buy New Word gold! We offer you the best service for buying NW Gold online! We have a huge stock supply for cheap New Word coins. We guarantee the safety of the payment and your  service and all your personal information, so you can definitely trust us. We promise 99% of the order can be finished in 30 minutes normally. You can receive cheap NW coins for sale in 5 minutes if everything goes smoothly. 

Our 24/7 online customer service will always be there to help you once you get any problem for buying New Word gold here! Hit us up through our LIVECHAT now if you are ready to buy NW gold!

New World Gold
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Buy New Word Gold (Coins) - Cheap, Fast, Safe

Cheap New Word Gold For Sale is full in stock on all servers at AOEAH.COM - Welcome to buy New Word coins on AOEAH.COM at any time, with low price, safe payment methods, fast delivery, easy transaction, and 24/7 online instant responsive customer support guaranteed!

Fast New Word Coins Delivery On All Servers

  • 1. Please leave your 100% correct character name when placing an order

  • 2. Please stay online in-game after placing an order

  • 3. When we are ready, we will send the coins as a gift to your bag directly

About New Word Gold

New Word Gold also known as New Word Coins as the primer currency plays an important role in open-world MMO PC games from Amazon Games. With this currency, you can buy items from (from new weapons to armor and even your own player case) the auction house, pay your houses & taxes, and your fees for crafting.

How to get New Word Gold?

When you arrive at Aeternum Island and start exploring the island, you will come across many different methods that you can use to get your hands on some coins, such as:

  • Collect all resources (fish, plant, animal skin, ore, trees, etc.) you see while you travel to sell for gold

  • Craft items with gathered materials, invest your time in logging for a decent profit from selling crafted items

  • Sell items you've collected or crafted in your recent travels is a great way

  • Complete quests that you find out in your travels is probably the most basic way

Yes, you have diverse methods to farm NW coins in the game by yourself, however, acquiring some coveted luxury items and content often costs you a pretty penny, so if you want to get enough New Word gold in a short time, the fastest and most cost-effective way is to buy from AOEAH.COM!

Why Choose AOEAH.COM To Buy New Word Gold?

Don't waste time grinding to farm, instead buy New Word gold from AOEAH.COM, problem solved, game time saved! AOEAH.COM provides you affordable New Word Gold for sale on all servers: US West, US East, SA East, EU Central, AP Southeast. We guarantee excellent service:

Excellent 24/7 Live Service

AOEAH with over 10 years of experience in the game currency market, is your legitimate and trustworthy store to buy New Word coins. We commit to offering our New Word gold selling services by being helpful, friendly, and professional. Any questions, please contact us at any time through 24/7 LIVE CHAT.

Fast Delivery

AOEAH.COM has a large stable stock on all servers, so we can send and finish your orders as quickly as possible (95% in 10 minutes) after receiving and verifying your payment.

Cheap Price

We adjust our NW gold prices in real-time according to the market, so if you choose AOEAH.COM to Buy New Word Coins here, you will not only get top-quality services but also always get the most reasonable prices in the whole market.

Safe & Easy Payment

Multiple 100% safe worldwide online payment methods and global currencies are supported, which ensure you can easily buy cheap New Word gold for sale conveniently at any time.


How To Buy New Word?
When you are planning to buy NW gold from AOEAH.COM, you surely want to know how to purchase safely and receive instantly:
  • Access to

  • Select your Game Server (region and realms)

  • Select the number of coins you need (the more you buy the better price you get)

  • Fill up your order information, coupon, and character name (correct info ensure instant delivery)

  • Choose your comfort payment method and PAY NOW

  • Please stay online in-game, when we ready we will send the coins as gifts to your bag directly

How Long Will I Get My New Word coins?
We always have stable and enough stock of NW gold on all servers, so you can feel free to order the amount you want, 99% of orders can be completed in 10-30 mins!
How Can I Check My Order?
Please login or sign up on our store to track your order status anytime, or you can track your order by inputting your Order No. on the link:, or check with our customer rep via LIVE CHAT!
How Can I Get Help Once I Encounter a Problem with My Order?
Once you get any problem with the game or buying New Word gold on our store, please feel free to hit us up through our 24/7 online LIVE CHAT!
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