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Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Trogdor Holy Fire Paladin Build Guide | D2R 2.4 (PTR) Patch New Builds
In this D2R 2.4 new build guide, we're going to look at Trogdor - the holy fire paladin that has become the most overpowered build in Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 PTR! We will break down why he is the template for a broken build and how to rebuild it in 2.4.Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Holy Fire Palad...
1/28/2022 4:53:13 PM
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Guide- Highest Rated Team On Fifa 22 Based On 4-2-2-2 Custom Tactics!
Now for FIFA22 players to find the best team in the game, this is the best team, a foot team full of years of experience, here the team model is 4-2-2-2. the best lineup of the year, the members of this team contains the very famous Messi and Mbappe, we introduce the detailed position of the team an...
1/27/2022 4:33:13 PM
Madden 22 Best Offensive Playbook - Top 3 Offensive Playbooks in Ultimate Team
It is always controversial on the topic of the best playbook in Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team, but some options occupy the top spots on the list every year, with a few shifts. What is the best offense in MUT 22? Here we’ll show you the top 3 Madden 22 best offensive playbooks that feature great format...
1/24/2022 5:21:01 PM
WoW TBC Classic Mount Hyjal Guide - How To Kill Rage Winterchill, Anetheron & More
In World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, there are 5 bosses and a  lot of trash on Mount Hyjal. What you’re supposed to do on a certain boss or all bosses in Mount Hyjal of Classic TBC Burning Crusade? In this Classic TBC guide, we talk about the best way to kill Rage Winterchill, Anethero...
1/22/2022 4:03:08 PM
Diablo 2 Resurrected Spirit Monarch Shield Farming - Best Way To Get The Best 4-Socket Shield
To create the powerful Spirit Shield, the main important thing to do is get the Monarch Shield that you can add four sockets to hold the Spirit runeword. In this guide, we list the best places to farm the Monarch Shield and the easiest way to get 4 Socket Spirit Shield!D2R Spirit Monarch Shield Farm...
1/21/2022 1:24:45 PM
Rocket League Leon Nights Event 2022 - New Challenges, Rewards, Items & More In RL
A brand new rocket league event is coming very soon along with a new crate. And this is going to be the Rocket League Neon Nights Event featuring Galactic Space Princess Grimes. It's all about music and fun. There are new challenges that will give you free items. There's a new crate called golden mo...
1/21/2022 11:42:27 AM
Madden 22 Team Diamonds 2 Reveal: Players, Master, Chemistry and More in Ultimate Team
Part 2 of Madden 22 Team Diamonds promo hit the Ultimate Team on January 20, 2022, a group of Team Diamonds players with 95 overall has been released for each NFL team, we also got a 98 OVR Luke Kuechly as the Team Diamonds Champion. What player sets will be available in the event? Let’s go over eve...
1/20/2022 12:07:32 PM
Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 New Runewords Guide- New Runewords Flickering Flame& Plague Revealed
Yesterday detailed four new Diablo 2 runewords, During this recent time period, Blizzard did not stop launching more Diablo 2 resurrected PATCH 2.4 new runewords, new runewords are appearing every day, you can also keep a constant attention to facilitate quick access to more information on new D2R r...
1/20/2022 11:43:19 AM

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