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The Item Can Make You Earn Millions of EFT Rubles In Escape from Tarkov
You have to make constant decisions when you are playing Escape from Tarkov: What weapon for the next raid, how many bandages come in my pockets, and why is the ammunition so expensive? You have to budget with your resources. Money worries in EFT don't usually just vanish. But with a bit of loot...
7/1/2020 8:05:37 PM
Escape from Tarkov Flea Market Trade Guide - How To Buy & Sell EFT Items To Make Rubles
Escape from Tarkov flea market offers you enormous opportunities if you use it properly. Here we will show you why you should trade EFT items there (and how you do it) but also when you should sell items there.Above all, it offers the possibility that you can buy items that you have not yet unlocked...
6/22/2020 3:07:46 PM
Escape from Tarkov Streets of Tarkov Map Special Features & Patch 12.7 Notes
The online shooter Escape from Tarkov will get a new huge map and 12.7 patch. The new Streets of Tarkov map comes with some special features, as Nikita Buyanov, Head of PR at Battlestate, explained during the PC Gaming Show. Follow us to check out more details.What Is The New Hug Map - Streets ...
6/17/2020 11:05:20 AM
Escape from Tarkov Ultimate Hideout Guide: Hideout Function, Bitcoin Farm & Earn Rubles With Hideouts
How to properly expand your hideaway in Escape from Tarkov? In our hideout guide we tell you everything you need to know about hiding in the survival shooter. You will also find out whether the expansion of the Bitcoin farm is worthwhile and how you can best earn EFT Rubles with your Hideout. M...
6/2/2020 3:26:57 PM
Escape From Tarkov: The Best Weapons You Must Have
After you have recommended the most advantageous graphics settings to make Escape from Tarkov In this mini guide, we will tell you about the best weapons to use in the Battlestate Games shooter.As FPS with realistic mechanics Escape from Tarkov The accuracy and reliability of weapons play an even mo...
5/18/2020 10:52:01 AM
EFT Guide - How To Get Fuel in Escape from Tarkov?
In this quick guide we will see How to get fuel in Escape From Tarkov, the ultra realistic hardcore MMO that mixes elements of FPS and RPG that is giving so much to talk about. Fuel is used in the game to upgrade the hideout.How To Get Generator Fuel in Escape from Tarkov?Until recently, empty fuel ...
5/11/2020 8:15:17 PM
Best Cheap Escape from Tarkov Weapons - 3 Budget Powerful EFT Guns For Beginners
Escape from Tarkov hardcore playground challenges players from the start. If you've already played a few rounds and want to know what good and cheap weapons you can try, you've come to the right place. Players looking for weapons to build budgets will also find what they are looking for.Esca...
4/14/2020 10:14:53 AM
Best Place To Buy Cheap POE Currency & Items Fast - AOEAH
Where is the best place to buy Path of Exile Currency? Aoeah.Com a professional gaming store, help you to buy PoE currency and PoE items (PC, PS4, Xbox One), avoiding risky, scam and unfriendly slow transaction! We provide a safe and cheap Path of Exile Currency to exiles, which will let customers s...
4/9/2020 10:52:02 AM
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