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NBA 2K21 Top 5 Builds After Patch 9 Stax Reveals - Overpowered Current-Gen Builds
The patch 9 Stax has been revealed to NBA 2K21 Current Gen, have you chosen the build to play? Which builds are best to use for the current-gen? In this article, we present the top 5 overpowered current-gen builds in NBA 2K21 after patch 9 Stax reveals. NBA 2K21 Top 5 Builds After Patch 9 Stax Revea...
6/24/2021 2:54:12 PM
NBA 2K21 How To Stop Getting Dunked On - 4 Reasons Why You Are Getting Dunked On In NBA 2K21
You're playing NBA 2K21 Next-Gen and you are getting dunked on over and over and you are you swear you're playing good defense and you're still getting screwed. In this guide, we are going to explain to you why are you getting dunked on and how to stop getting dunked onto NBA 2K21. How To Stop Getti...
6/24/2021 11:35:18 AM
Madden 22 Pre Order: Which Edition of Madden 22 Should You Buy
In this article, we’ll go over all the pre-order editions of Madden 22, featuring the pre-order prices, bonus and differences, which one is the best choice and is it actually worth?  Madden NFL 22 Editions & PricesThere are three different editions of Madden NFL will be available, including Standard...
6/23/2021 5:49:33 PM
FIFA 22 Top 30 Best Wingers Ratings Predictions - Biggest Upgrades & Player Ratings Refresh For Wingers FIFA 22
This week EA released a new mechanic called preview packs, they're time-limited preview packs, preview all items in a pack before you buy. you have to look for a new icon with an “I” on it. this means you get to explore the pack before you even buy it, it's going to tell you all the items to help yo...
6/23/2021 5:16:13 PM
Best WoW Classic TBC Solo Classes & Specs - PVP Class Tier In The Burning Crusade Classic
What class should I pick for playing Solo PVP in World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade? In this guide, we tier up the best Solo classes for WoW TBC Classic to help you enjoy a unbeatable gameplay no matter in arenas, battlegrounds, duels or world PVP.Best WoW TBC Classic PVP Solo Classes & S...
6/23/2021 11:01:17 AM
Rocket League Fast Aerial Tutorial (2021) - How To Fast Aerial Properly?
Fast Aerials might be the most misunderstood mechanic still in Rocket League, we've seen players all the way up into Diamond champ and even pushing on Grand Champion, they were doing their fast aerials wrong. So in this tutorial, we're going to be breaking down the most common mistakes when it comes...
6/22/2021 10:20:29 AM
5% Off Coupon to Buy Select Favorite Items and Cheap Credits for Fast & Furious Bundle in Rocket League
To celebrate the film Fast & Furious 9, Rocket League has launched a new 3-car bundle, which contains three of the famous cars from the movie series. Players can get the three-car bundle or single vehicle with Rocket League credits. In addition, the Select Favorites Item Series consisting of classic...
6/18/2021 12:07:44 PM
FIFA 22 Top 30 Best Centre Backs Ratings Predictions - Upgrades/Downgrades, Player Ratings Refresh For Best CB FIFA 22
With the premier league has announced a new ball for next season, we will be seeing it in the upcoming FIFA 22 game. The latest transfer rumor is that the spurs have a new manager, this might affect FIFA 22. Paulo Fonseca has agreed to become the new manager of the spurs, so if he joins, he'll be pr...
6/17/2021 2:29:51 PM
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