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Skull and Bones Silver

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Skull and Bones is one of the most anticipated new pirate-themed games set to be released. Like many MMO-style games, progressing and upgrading your character requires in-game currencies. For Skull and Bones, this currency is known as Silver. Purchasing SAB Silver allows you to speed up progression, acquire powerful weapons and ships faster. Instead of spending hours farming Silver, you can buy cheap Skull and Bones Silver safely and securely on - With years of experience providing virtual gaming currencies and items, we are the top-ranked marketplace for Skull and Bones Silver sales. With cheap prices, fast delivery, and guaranteed safety, Aoeah is unquestionably the best place for buying Skull and Bones Silver. 

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Skull and Bones Silver

What is Skull and Bones Silver?

As a pirate captain, you'll sail dangerous seas, engage in ship battles, loot settlements, and build your reputation. Like many MMO-style games, progressing and upgrading your character requires in-game currencies. For Skull and Bones, this currency is known as Silver. Players can use it to purchase new ships, recruit crew members, buy weapons and supplies, and more. Silver is primarily earned by completing quests, raiding other ships for treasure, and selling valuable loot found while exploring islands. However, the early game pace of farming Silver can feel slow. That's why purchasing extra Silver from a reputable seller is a smart choice. It gives players a boost so they can quickly progress their pirate fleet and play how they want without grinding.

How to Farm Skull and Bones Silver?

  • Complete contracts and bounties. Taking on missions and mercenary-style bounties will reward you with lump sums of SAB Silver upon completion. Prioritize bounties against high value targets for bigger payouts.

  • Raid and loot settlements. Attacking and plundering coastal towns earns you tons of loot to sell, including resources, crafting Skull and Bones items, gear and valuable treasures that convert directly into Silver.

  • Salvage shipwrecks. Destroying half-sunken ships throughout the world map will release salvage crates filled with sellable goods for profit.

  • Sell collected resources. While exploring islands and territories, gather up crafting resources like wood, rum, textiles and gunpowder. These can be sold for SAB Silver at various merchant traders.

  • Discover hidden treasure chests. Use treasure maps or explore islands thoroughly to uncover buried chests filled with Silver coins and artifacts.

  • Complete achievements. Finishing in-game achievements will grant lump sums of Silver as rewards. Achievements refresh daily and weekly.

  • Participate in special events. Limited-time events will have Silver rewards for completing objectives or placing on leaderboards.

Why Buy Skull and Bones Silver?

  • Bypass grind - Obtain SAB Silver quickly rather than spending hours farming in-game.

  • Fast progression - Upgrade abilities, gear, ships and hideout faster with more Silver.

  • Remain competitive - Keep up with players who invest more time by buying SAB Silver.

  • Customization - Unlock cosmetics, special ship designs and hideout decor sooner.

  • Convenience - Supplementary currency you can buy when needed.

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