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Remember Of Majesty Gold

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Remember Of Majesty Gold

About Remember of Majesty & ROM Gold

Remember of Majesty is a hardcore MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) developed by Red Lab Games and published by Kakao Games. It offers an immersive gaming experience set in the vast continent of Calderas, where players can engage in constant battles on a global battlefield with no boundaries.


Remember of Majesty Gold is the in-game currency used in Remember of Majesty. It is used to purchase various items, equipment, and services within the game. Players can earn Remember of Majesty Gold through gameplay activities such as completing quests, defeating enemies, and participating in in-game events. is the best place to buy safe and fast ROM gold.


What Are the Class in Remember of Majesty?

Certainly! Remember of Majesty offers three distinctive classes for players to choose from, each with its unique playstyle.

1. Magician:

The Magician class is perfect for players who enjoy ranged combat and the allure of arcane arts. Magicians possess powerful spells that can turn the tide of any battle, making them a force to be reckoned with. Positioned at the rear of the army, Magicians play a pivotal role in supporting allies and unleashing devastating magical attacks on their foes.

2. Knight:

The Knight class embodies the epitome of melee prowess. Knights excel in close combat, boasting robust health, formidable offense, and steadfast defense. As frontline warriors, Knights fearlessly lead the charge into battle, defending their allies with unmatched resilience and strategic prowess.

3. Ranger:

The Ranger class is ideal for players who prefer to keep their enemies at a distance and possess a keen eye for strategy. Rangers specialize in ranged combat and leverage their wide vision to find perfect vantage points on the battlefield. Positioned at the rear of the army, Rangers provide crucial support with powerful ranged attacks, picking off enemies from a distance and shaping the outcome of engagements.


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