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What Are FC Coins?

FC coins, previously known as FIFA coins or FUT coins, are the in-game currency that can be used in the upcoming EA Sports FC 24 (EA FC 24), Ultimate Team is also going to be a key mode in FC 24 while utilizing FC coins can help you improve your FUT squad and enhance the game experience. Players can use EA FC coins to buy different items such as player cards, packs, and consumables. In Football Club or FC Ultimate Team, you can build your team using a mixture of players from different countries and clubs, the more FC Ultimate Team coins you have, the better card items you can purchase. FC coins are also required when you want to buy valuable packs to pull some top players. Having enough EA Sports FC coins will help you get the best progress in FUT game mode.

How to Get FC Coins? - Best Way to Earn Football Club Coins

There are a variety of ways to earn Football Club coins in the game.

- Play and win more matches: Players have opportunities to earn EA FC 24 coins by competing in either offline or online matches. Players in EA Sports FC receive experience points and coins after each match. The number of matches that are played and the degree of expertise of the player both have an effect on the quantity of FC coins that are gained.

- Focus on Squad Battles and Division Rivals: every week, you can play lots of matches in Squad Battles and Division Rivals to earn FC coins, the higher tier or rank you get, the better the rewards will be, so you can choose between FIFA coins or other rewards.

- Trade or Sell Players: you may make a fortune by purchasing players at a discount price or earning some players from pulling packs or doing objectives for free, then you can sell the players that you don’t need on the transfer market to others for some FC Ultimate Team coins.

- Squad Building Challenges: sometimes a new SBC is released that calls for players with high ratings, and it is possible that their price may go up, if you can sell these players at the right time for a more fantastic price, you can get a good amount of EA FC coins.

How to Buy FC Coins on AOEAH.COM?

1. Go to and sign in or register with your account information.

2. Go to the FC coins selling page under the Gold category on the top and choose the Football Club games you are playing.

3. Select the game server you are on, then select the quantity of FC 24 coins you want to buy and the delivery type.

4. Make sure to read about the trading details and then click the Buy Now button.

5. Fill in the essential information correctly and choose one of the payment methods that you want to use, then click Pay Now to complete the purchase.

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