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FIFA Origin Account(Web APP) Login Flowchart

fifa origin account(web app) login flowchart

step 1: open the web app website.

step 2: enter your psn account(origin accoun) and web app password

fifa origin login.jpg


step 3: enter security code.

login verifiacation.jpg


how to receive origin code from your email?

1. enter the email login website in your browser.

2. enter email account (psn account) and email password in the login screen.

email 163 login.jpg

3. find your 6 digital security code email in the inbox or spam folder.

163 spam.jpg

4. enter the security code.


notice: login other email to get origin security code, please click here

aoeah emails.jpg


step 4: click “ultimate team” “web app” enter the fut security answer (only 5 times mistyped chances, case-sensitive)

fut answer.jpg



Please use the portrait screen to access the website