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How To Trade Forza Horizon 4 Credits?

how to trade forza horizon 4 credits?

1. We only can send Credits to you through auction house. So please fill the correct Character name. (Check it on the Upper left corner)

fh 4 credits


2. If you buy 11M. you can list a car and make it buy out price at 11,000,000.Duration:24 Hours (No cover fees)

fh 4 credits


If you buy more than 11M. you can list more cars for your purchased amount.


3. If you don't have legendary car. Please sell Mercedes-Benz 1929 on AH. You can get it from DLC for free.

fh 4 credits


4. Please concact with our liveChat if you don't have these cars.We will help you.


Which car can list 11M in Aution Hourse?


fh 4 credits

Please use the portrait screen to access the website

Guess you ask