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Diablo 2 Resurrected Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons in Diablo II: Resurrected are a unique category of weapons that can be used for both melee and ranged attacks. Unlike other weapons, throwing weapons have a quantity, meaning they can be depleted as you throw them, but they will replenish when you visit a town or when you log out and back into the game.

Types of Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons come in various forms:

  • Throwing Knives: Fast, low-damage weapons often used early in the game.

  • Throwing Axes: Generally more damaging than knives but slower.

  • Javelins: Used by Amazons and other classes, they can be very effective when used with specific skills.

Quality of Throwing Weapon

Throwing weapons, like other items in the game, can come in different rarity forms, which provide additional stats and bonuses:

  • Magic Throwing Weapons: Have one or two affixes that grant various bonuses such as enhanced damage, attack rating, or elemental damage.

  • Rare Throwing Weapons: Contain a combination of affixes, potentially making them very powerful with the right mix.

  • Unique and Set Throwing Weapons: There are also unique and set throwing weapons that come with preset stats and special bonuses. These are often more powerful than their magic and rare counterparts and can be quite valuable, especially if they have an ideal combination of modifiers for a particular build.

D2R Throwing Weapon Unique Stats Features

  • Stack Size: Throwing weapons have a maximum stack size, and once depleted, you must replenish them.

  • Dual Use: They can be used for both ranged and melee combat, with different damage values for each.

  • Skills: Certain character skills, particularly for the Amazon class, are designed specifically for throwing weapons, such as "Throwing Mastery" and skills within the Javelin and Spear Skills tree.

Which Builds are Using Throwing Weapons in D2R?

  • Javazon: This build focuses on the Amazon's javelin skills like "Lightning Fury" and "Charged Strike" and typically uses javelins as the throwing weapon of choice.

  • Throw Barb: Some Barbarian builds specialize in throwing weapons, utilizing the skill "Throwing Mastery" and potentially "Double Throw."

What classes benefit most from throwing weapons in D2R?

While any class can use throwing weapons, the Amazon benefits the most, especially with javelins, due to specific skills that synergize with throwing attacks.

Can throwing weapons be socketed with gems or runes to enhance their abilities?

In "Diablo II: Resurrected," throwing weapons cannot be socketed. The game does not allow players to add sockets to throwing knives, axes, or javelins, and as such, they cannot be enhanced with gems, jewels, or runes like other weapons can. This limitation is partly because throwing weapons have a quantity, which replenishes when you visit town. The game's mechanics for socketing do not support items that have a replenishing stack or quantity.

Can throwing weapons be enchanted or imbued?

Throwing weapons can be enchanted with spells like the Sorceress's "Enchant" skill, which adds fire damage and attack rating. However, they cannot be imbued using the Horadric Cube.

What is D2R Rare Throwing Weapon?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, a rare throwing weapon is one of the higher-quality items that can be found or gambled in the game. Rare items are indicated by their yellow text when highlighted on the ground or in the inventory. Rare throwing weapons, like other rare items, have randomly generated properties that can make them quite powerful if the right combination of affixes is rolled.

Stats of Diablo 2 Resurrected Rare Throwing Weapons:

  • Random Affixes: Rare throwing weapons can have 2 to 6 different affixes, which are a combination of both prefixes and suffixes. These affixes can include bonuses like enhanced damage, increased attack speed, life leech, mana leech, additional elemental damage, and various other stats.

  • Quality Level: The potential power of a rare weapon is also determined by its item level, which affects the quality of affixes it can receive.

  • No Sockets: As with all throwing weapons in D2R, rare throwing weapons cannot have sockets.

  • Replenishing Quantity: Rare throwing weapons have a finite number of uses before they need to be replenished, which happens automatically when you visit a town or log out and back in.

Best Affixes on Diablo 2 Rare Throwing Weapons:

  • Cruel: Prefix that greatly increases the weapon's enhanced damage.

  • Quick: Suffix that provides increased attack speed.

  • Vampiric/Leeching: Prefix/Suffix that gives life and/or mana stolen per hit.

  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Prefixes that add fire/cold/poison damage respectively.

Which Builds To Use Rare Throwings in D2R?

Amazon Builds: Rare javelins can be particularly sought after by Javazon builds, especially those focusing on skills like Lightning Fury or Charged Strike, due to the potential for high damage and useful modifiers.

Barbarian Builds: Some Barbarians may use rare throwing axes in conjunction with their Throwing Mastery skill and Double Throw.

Where To Find Rare Throwings in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Monsters Drops: Rare items drop from monsters, with higher chances from champions, bosses, and in higher difficulty levels.

  • Gambling: Players can try their luck gambling for rare throwing weapons at the various in-game vendors.

  • Trading: Players often trade with others for rare throwing weapons with desirable stats.

Rare throwing weapons are generally valued based on their affixes and are particularly prized if they have a combination of affixes that synergize well with a character's build and skills. However, due to the natural limitations of throwing weapons (such as the inability to be socketed), they may be less favored compared to other weapons for some classes. For Amazons, though, the right rare javelins can be some of the most powerful weapons available.

What is the difference between magic and rare throwing weapons?

Diablo 2 magic throwing weapons have blue names and 1-2 magical properties. Rare throwing weapons have yellow names and can have 2-6 magical properties, potentially making them significantly stronger.

Can I craft throwing weapons in D2R?

You cannot craft throwing weapons using the Horadric Cube's crafting recipes. Crafting is limited to certain item types, and throwing weapons are excluded from these recipes.

Are there Ethereal rare throwing weapons, and are they useful?

Yes, throwing weapons can spawn as Ethereal, which increases their base damage but makes them unable to be replenished. This often makes Ethereal throwing weapons less desirable, as they will disappear once their quantity reaches zero.

What should I look for in a rare throwing weapon?

The most desirable properties in a rare throwing weapon depend on your character's build, but generally, you would want increased damage, attack speed, life or mana leech, and bonuses to attack rating or elemental damage.

Can I get rare throwing weapons from Act-specific vendors?

While any gambling vendor has a chance to provide rare throwing weapons when gambling, the items available are randomly generated and not specific to any particular Act or vendor.

What is D2R Unique Throwing Weapon?

In Diablo II: Resurrected, unique throwing weapons are special versions of throwing weapons that come with predetermined properties that are often more powerful and specialized than those found on magic and rare items. Unique items are identified by their gold-colored text when highlighted in the game world or inventory.

Diablo 2 Resurrected unique throwing weapons, like all unique items, have set names and a specific array of stats that distinguish them from other weapons. They often provide specific benefits that can be particularly useful for certain character builds, especially for Amazons who specialize in javelin and spear skills.

Stats of Diablo 2 Unique Throwing Weapons:

  • Fixed Stats: Each unique weapon has a specific set of stats that do not change. However, there can be minor variations within a range for certain stats like enhanced damage or elemental damage.

  • Cannot Be Socketed: Like all throwing weapons in D2R, unique throwing weapons cannot be socketed.

  • Replenishing Quantity: Unique throwing weapons, just like their rare and magic counterparts, have a set quantity that replenishes when you visit a town or log out and back in.

  • Cannot Be Upgraded: D2R unique throwing weapons in D2R cannot be upgraded to a higher base weapon type through the Horadric Cube, unlike other unique items that can sometimes be upgraded with the right recipe.

What are the Best Unique Throwing Weapons in D2R?

In "Diablo II: Resurrected," the best unique throwing weapons tend to be those that complement specific character builds, especially those of the Amazon class. The following are some of the most sought-after D2R unique throwing weapons, notable for their powerful and synergistic attributes:

For Throwing Javelins (Amazon-focused):

Titan's Revenge (Ceremonial Javelin)

Why It's Great: This javelin is treasured by Amazons due to its increased damage, bonus to Javelin and Spear Skills, faster run/walk, and the replenishing quantity feature. It also has a chance to cast Lightning on striking.

Best For: Lightning Fury and Charged Strike builds, also known as 'Javazons.'

Thunderstroke (Matriarchal Javelin)

Why It's Great: Thunderstroke offers a significant bonus to Lightning Bolt and Lightning Fury skills, as well as lower enemy lightning resistance, making it exceptional for penetrating the resistances of tougher foes.

Best For: Amazons that focus on lightning attacks, providing a powerful boost to their elemental skills.

For Throwing Axes:

The Scalper (Francisca)

Why It's Great: Provides bonuses such as life stolen per hit, increased attack speed, bonus to attack rating, and a chance to cast Amplify Damage on striking, making it a versatile weapon.

Best For: This weapon can be useful for Barbarians using a throwing build, although such builds are less common.

Gimmershred (Flying Axe)

Why It's Great: Gimmershred is an excellent all-around throwing weapon due to its added fire, cold, and lightning damage, making it useful against a variety of enemy resistances.

Best For: Any class that wants to leverage throwing weapons for ranged attacks, but is particularly effective for Barbarians due to their Throwing Mastery skill.

For Throwing Knives:

Deathbit (Battle Dart)

Why It's Great: Deathbit offers dual leech (life and mana), increased attack speed, and a bonus to attack rating. It also provides a chance to cast a level 9 Life Tap on striking, which can greatly increase survivability.

Best For: This can be a utility weapon for any class that might want to benefit from the Life Tap proc, although it's not typically a primary weapon choice for most builds.

Warshrike (Winged Knife)

Why It's Great: With piercing attack, added cold damage, and a chance for the deadly strike, Warshrike is potent for characters that can leverage these properties.

Best For: Also not a primary weapon choice, but it can be fun for a niche throwing build or for players who enjoy experimenting with alternative playstyles.

When evaluating the "best" unique throwing weapon, the choice highly depends on the context of the build and the situation. Amazon builds focused on javelins often prioritize Titan's Revenge or Thunderstroke, while other classes might find unique throwing axes or knives more situational.

Can I imbue or personalize unique throwing weapons?

No, the imbue and personalized options from NPCs do not apply to unique items, including unique throwing weapons. These options are reserved for non-magical items and rare items, respectively.

Can I use the Horadric Cube to modify unique throwing weapons?

There are no Horadric Cube recipes designed to modify Diablo 2 unique throwing weapons directly, such as changing their stats or adding sockets. However, the Cube can be used to unsocket items if they were socketed using a quest reward.

How do I obtain unique throwing weapons?

Diablo 2 unique throwing weapons can be obtained through monster drops, chest loots, or gambling, although the chances are quite low. They are more likely to drop from higher-level enemies, particularly in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.

What is the Magic Throwing Weapon in D2R?

Magic throwing weapons in Diablo II: Resurrected is a category of throwing weapons that have been enhanced with magical properties. These weapons are one tier above normal (white) items and can have one or two magical affixes that provide various bonuses. Magic items are identified by their blue-colored text when highlighted in the game world or inventory.

Stats and Affixes of Diablo Magic Throwing Weapons:

  • Magic Affixes: Magic throwing weapons can have prefixes, suffixes, or both, each providing specific bonuses such as increased attack speed, enhanced damage, life stolen per hit, or added elemental damage.

  • Finite Quantity: Like all throwing weapons, they come with a limited number of uses (quantity) before they run out. Some Diablo 2 Reusrrected magic throwing weapons may have the "Replenishes Quantity" affix, which allows them to slowly restock over time.

  • Cannot Be Repaired: Throwing weapons generally cannot be repaired by vendors. Once they run out of quantity, if they do not have the replenishing property, they will disappear from your inventory.

  • Cannot Be Upgraded: D2R magic throwing weapons cannot be upgraded to a higher base weapon type through the Horadric Cube like some other types of equipment can.

Types of D2R Magic Throwing Weapons:

  • Javelins: Used primarily by Amazons for javelin and spear skills but can be used by any class.

  • Throwing Axes: Can be wielded by any class, but Barbarians can benefit from their Throwing Mastery skill.

  • Throwing Knives: These are versatile and can be used by any class for ranged attacks.

How to Obtain Magic Throwing Weapons in Diablo 2?

  • Monster Drops: Magic items commonly drop from monsters throughout the game.

  • Chests and Containers: Opening chests and other containers can yield magic items, including throwing weapons.

  • Gambling: Players can gamble for throwing weapons, which have a chance to turn out as magic items with random properties.

  • Vendors: Vendors sometimes sell magic items, including throwing weapons, which refresh their inventory upon re-entering the game or after a certain amount of time.

Why Use Magic Throwing Weapons in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Diablo 2 magic throwing weapons can be valuable during the early to mid-game stages where better items like rares, sets or uniques might not be available. They can offer a significant boost to a character's damage output and can sometimes include very desirable affixes, such as those that increase attack speed or those that add elemental damage.

In the late game, Diablo 2 magic throwing weapons are usually outclassed by rare or unique variants with more powerful and specialized combinations of bonuses. However, they can still beuseful for certain niche builds or during specific leveling phases. Magic items can also be good placeholders until more powerful gear is found or can be used for their specific magical properties that complement a particular playstyle or build.

Considerations When Using Magic Throwing Weapons:

Inventory Management: Since throwing weapons can run out of quantity, it's important to keep an eye on their quantity and carry backups if needed.

  • Item Quality: Magic items are generally less powerful than rare, set, or unique items, so it's worth upgrading when possible.

  • Affix Relevance: Choose Diablo 2 magic throwing weapons with affixes that are relevant to your build. For example, an Amazon specializing in lightning skills may want javelins with affixes that boost lightning damage.

By understanding the role and value of magic throwing weapons in Diablo II: Resurrected, players can make informed decisions about when and how to incorporate them into their gameplay.

Can Throwing Weapons be Ethereal?

Yes, Throwing Weapons can be ethereal, which makes them more powerful but also means they cannot be repaired as ethereal items' durability cannot be replenished.

How does the replenish quantity work for Magic Throwing Weapons?

Some Magic Throwing Weapons come with the "Replenishes Quantity" property, which slowly restores the stack of the weapon over time. This allows the weapon to be used indefinitely as long as it has time to replenish.

Can you socket Throwing Weapons in D2R?

In the original Diablo II, you could not socket Throwing Weapons. However, Diablo II: Resurrected follows the same mechanics, so typically, Throwing Weapons cannot be socketed.

How do you upgrade Magic Throwing Weapons in D2R?

Magic Throwing Weapons cannot be upgraded in the same way as other weapons. Their effectiveness is primarily increased by the character's skills, attributes, and other equipment bonuses.

Can I craft Throwing Weapons in D2R?

There are no specific crafting recipes for Throwing Weapons. However, you can use the Horadric Cube to transmute certain items, which may indirectly affect Throwing Weapons.

What is the best Magic Throwing Weapon for my build?

The best Magic Throwing Weapon for a character often depends on the build. For example, a Barbarian might prefer a weapon with a fast throw rate and high damage, while an Amazon might look for javelins with bonuses to Javelin and Spear skills.

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