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D2R 2.4 Best Ethereal Items (Weapons & Armors) - Best Ethereal Runeword Bases & Uniques To Keep In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder

5/16/2022 7:11:30 PM

Nothing's worse than really wanting to find that amazing item that you've been looking for forever and then it is ethereal (can not be repaired). But for some Diablo 2 items, it can be the exact opposite effect. So in this guide, we're looking at which items you actually want to roll as ethereal in Diablo 2 Resurrected. If you need some cheap Diablo 2 unique maces and rare maces, you can browse the mace category from!

D2R 2.4 Ladder Best Ethereal Runeword Bases & Unique Items To Keep

There are actually a ton of items that you would really like to go ethereal, so we are going to give you a quick synopsis of what they are and why is good for those items to be ethereal in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Best Ethereal Runeword Bases (Weapons & Armors)

We'll look at rune word bases, so socketed items that you want to be ethereal. The first one is probably the most obvious that everyone's most acquainted with or open socketed Diablo 2 polearms, now of course used for your Infinity and earlier on even for your Insight for your ACT 2 mercenaries. Also along the same lines, it could be ethereal spears now because you can actually make Infinity in these spears, the ones that you actually want to have, that some people will say is the best option for your ACT 2 mercenaries is actually the ethereal man catcher. The argument is made due to the incredible amount of attack speed that this item has you can then prop crushing blow more often on your actual mercenary which increases the damage per second.

3 Socket Ethereal Great Hauberk For Treachery Runeword

For the three socketed armors, you're going to use that as a budget option for your active mercenary or really any of the mercenaries now, but you can put a Treachery in that to get that fade to hopefully proc on your mercenary and also for the 45% increase attack speed. 

4 Great Ethereal Great Hauberk For Fortitude Runeword

With the four socketed armors, you use those in order to make Fortitude, it's kind of the best in slot for the ACT 2 mercenary or you could also use that on the ACT 5 mercenary as well. With the ethereal version, you get a ton of defense and of course with that rune word you get a bunch of enhanced damage along with all res and some other stuff too. 

5 Socket Ethereal Spears or Polearms for Obedience Runeword

So another option for those ACT 2 mercenary weapons is actually 5 open socketed D2R spears and polearms. Because now with the new patch and the ladder coming out, you can actually make Obedience in spears now as well, now you want this to be ethereal obviously to increase the damage. As ethereal items do not lose durability when they're equipped on your mercenary, Obedience is a great option to get a bunch of damage on your ACT 2 mercenary, it's got crushing blow along with a lot of other things and putting it in one of these elite ethereal bases, is going to have you a crazy amount of damage from your ACT 2 mercenary.


Ethereal Paladin Shield for Exile Runeword

Now this one is one of the best shields you can get for your paladin if you're running something like a smiter and that's going to be Exile. For these you're hoping to find an ethereal paladin shield hopefully with a bunch of all res inherently on the base, this does actually go on your character and you're going to lose durability, but this rune actually has repair durability and it's one per four seconds so that's never going to run out on you. Putting this rune word in a excellent paladin ethereal base that has a huge high all res, is an incredible rune word to have on that paladin.

4 Socket Ethereal Axes, Swords, Maces for Oath Runeword

So the next one you're going be searching for is for four open socketed axes, swords or D2R maces and that's going to be to put the rune word Oath. This is one of the rare items in Diablo 2 Resurrected, where you make a rune word, it does not include a zod but you actually get indestructible on that weapon, along with it getting that damage boost from being ethereal. This rune word actually can have up to 340%  enhanced damage. Unfortunately, the minimum role on the enhanced damage is quite low, so there could be quite a variety in there, but this can still be a great budget option for your characters and it doesn't really take any high Diablo 2 Resurrected runes, the highest thing you need is a Mal now.

6 Socket Ethereal Weapons for Breath of the Dying Runeword

There is of course the big dog rune word we're talking about Breath of the Dying which you can make in any weapon, so if you're going to make it in any of these melee weapons, do not make it in a standard one, you're going to want to search for these 6-socketed bases to be ethereal that damage is going to be crazy high with up to 400 enhanced damage.

6 Socket Ethereal Weapons for Death Runeword

Another rune word that you're going to be searching for that ethereal base is going to be the rune word Death, this does not take a zod but it actually gets indestructible on it. So this is another one that you never going to want to put in a standard base. This is one could be a mid-range budget, it does take a Vex rune in it but getting indestructible getting that high enhanced damage on a weapon, this is a great option for those that can't get that zod to make Breath of the Dying or find that low D2R Ladder rune to get yourself a Grief.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Best Ethereal Uniques (Weapons & Armors)

There's a ton of these uniques actually now that we look at it, so we are going to try to go quick here:

Ethereal Sandstorm Trek (Scanrabshell Boots)

You get all the good stuff that does come on them and once again this actually has the repair durability mod on it, so it'll never break on you.

Ethereal The Reaper's Toll (Thresher)

You're not going to use this on your normal character, but this is a great option to put on an ACT 2 mercenary, that way if you're running any sort of melee characters, your mercenary will be packing decertify it will eliminate any physical immunes and that way you can take out any monster in the entire game, and it will also have a large amount of damage output because it's ethereal.

Thresher[4 Sockets  & ETH & 10-14 ED

Sale [4 Sockets]
Sale [ETH]
Sale [+10-14  EDmg]


Ichorsting 2H damage: 12-141
Base speed: -10
Class speed: D - Very Fast
N, P, S - Fast
Ama, Asn, B - Normal
Adds range: 1
Durability: 65
Req Strength: 152
Req Dexterity: 118
Req level: 53
Quality level: 71
Treasure class: 72
Max sockets: 5

Ethereal Guardian Angel (Hellforge Plate)

This is an item that goes towards your mercenary, that's boosting up your defense a ton on your mercenary. The Guardian Angel is known for increasing the maximum resistances that you or your mercenary have, increasing hopefully the survivability as well. 

Ethereal Headstriker (Conquest Sword)

Here's one for the new patch that used to be complete garbage, now with the boost to the ACT 5 mercenary, you want to find yourself an ethereal Headstriker, so the damage doesn't look all that impressive here but actually that chance for deadly strike gives it double damage whenever that proc and is based on the character's level, you're going to be procking deadly strike every single time.

Ethereal Titan's Revenge (Ceremonial Javenlin)

It is going to boost up the physical damage from those javelins, but it also has replenished quantity, you will once again never run out of these javelins. 

Ethereal Andariel's Visage (Demonhead)

This is a go-to for a long time on those ACT 2 mercenaries, it has a ton of things with the life leash, the strength, the increased attack speed and then of course being ethereal boosts up that defense ton.


Ichorsting Defense: 101-154
Durability: 20
Req Strength: 102
Req level: 55
Quality level: 74
Treasure class: 75
Max sockets: 3

Ethereal Skullder's Ire (Russet Armor)

Coming in with another absolute classic here and that is the ethereal Skullder's Ire, this is a go-to known for its amazing magic find and also has repair durability, so once again like a lot of them on the list that has this you're not going to run out of durability and never going to be break on you.

Ethereal Lacerator (Winged Axe)

This is an overlooked one but that is an ethereal lacerator. There could be a bunch of these ethereal items now that you get replenished quantity based upon the throw mastery on the barbarian, but the ethereal lacerator is an absolute classic for the throw barbs, you pretty much had to have this to make a throwbar viable before and of course this has replenished quantity on it just like the titans, so they should never run out on you. But also do keep in mind a lot of these ethereal D2R unique throwing weapons now with the way the throwing mastery works, they should not be running out of quantity on you anyways.

Ethereal Duriel's Shell (Great Hauberk)

Duriel's Shell is going to be one that you put on your mercenary, it really does help out survivability and actually in a way can help the damage output because this item has cannot be frozen on it, so if your actual mercenary isn't frozen, then he can attack faster and deal more damage. Along with that, it comes with strength so maybe it'll make it easier for you to equip your ethereal CV if that ends up being the only base you can find early on. And it also has a bunch of resistances on it.

Ethereal Ribcracker (Quarterstaff)

This is an awesome one for those Fury druids and that's the ethereal Ribcracker. Now you are going to have to sod this but because of the attack speed and the crushing blow on it, and then with the incredibly high minimum damage that comes on the Ribcracker, this is a great option for those Fury druids.

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