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What is Spear in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Spears are one-handed polearm weapons that can be effectively utilized by Amazon, Barbarian, and Javelin/Spear specialized Druids. They provide a balanced combination of damage through enhanced attack rating and skills, along with useful attributes depending on the specific variant. While not optimal for most melee classes, selected unique spears like the Windhammer excel for builds focusing on Tornado or Arctic Blast. Most common drops are normal or runeworded magic spears, but dedicated farming or lucky drops can yield valuable upgraded rare or legendary polearms with synergistic affixes catered to builds, such as increased speed, resistances or attributes plus jav/spear skills. With some persistence seeking optimized bases and affixes, spear-wielding characters in Diablo II can leverage the reach and enhanced capabilities these weapons provide.

Best Spear Runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Insight - RalTirTalSol - Useful for its meditation aura which replenishes mana. Good budget option.

Pride - UmMalBerIst - Provides massive damage as well as resistance and defense bonuses. Top-tier pick.

Steel - ShaelThulAmn - A classic choice for boosting resistances and skills. Affordable runeword.

Gimmershred - HelThulElEld - Increases attack speed and skills for sword-and-board Barbarians.

Heart of the Oak - KoFalThul - Raises defense and life, great for melee characters.

Cranium Basher - HelEl - Budget runeword for pure damage increase.

White - DolIo - Combines attack rating and magic find. Decent option for skillers lacking options.

What is Unique Spear in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Unique spears are single-handed polearms that each have a uniquely named modifier not found on normal weapons, making them highly prized by Amazon, Druid and Barbarian spear builds. Whether increasing skill damage like Windhammer, summon raising like Gargantua, or providing attributes like Titan's Revenge, each Diablo 2 unique spear imbues a character with powerful defining abilities tailored for specialized builds. While random drops or trade, dedicated farming of zones and enemies with higher item levels like Act 2's Ancient Tunnels and Act 5's Eldritch/Shenk runs maximizes the chance of acquiring these defining weapons. With their set bonuses that directly enhance available skills or synergies, unique spears are endgame goals for spear and javelin focused classes seeking unprecedented heights of damage and effectiveness throughout Sanctuary.

D2R Unique SpearS FAQ

What makes unique spears so desirable?

Each has a singular pre-defined bonus not found on other gear, allowing builds to be centered around and amplified by their special ability.

Which class/build benefits most from unique spears?

Amazon and Wind Druid builds focused on javelin/spear skills gain the largest boosts, but Barbarian and Summoner variants can also take advantage.

What are some of the best unique spears?

Windhammer, Titan's Revenge, Gargantua, and Giant Thresher bases like Tyrael's Might are top picks.

Where can I farm for unique spears?

Act 2 Ancient Tunnels, Act 5 Eldritch/Shenk, and gearing for high MF work well. Later difficulty areas have higher drop rates.

How rare are these to find?

Pretty rare without MF, but dedicated runs can yield drops. Early ladder finds have high trade value before market saturation.

Can any class actually use unique spears?

While some shine for spear classes, other weapons may perform better for non-spear builds due to lack of synergies with their specs.

How do they compare to runeword or rare spears?

Their set bonuses give uniques an edge, but optimized rare/runeword rolls can sometimes match niche uniques.

What is Rare Spear in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

D2R rare spears are yellow-colored polearms that generate with 2-4 random useful affixes from a wide pool of powerful bonuses, such as increased attack rating, damage, attack speed, weapon abilities, resistances, attributes, life or mana mods, making each one uniquely suited forbuilds. Because their modifiers are randomly generated, obtaining an optimized rare spear with synergistic stats tailored to complement a character's abilities and playstyle requires patience, persistence in farming high item level zones and enemies, as well as some good fortune. However, with the right combination of beneficial affixes rolled on a high level base, a perfectly suited rare spear has the potential to rival or supersede comparable unique and runeword options in effectively defining a spear Amazon or Javazon's capabilities into the late game.

D2R Rare Spears FAQ

How many affixes can a rare spear roll?

Rare spears can roll between 2-4 random affixes/modifiers.

What kinds of affixes are possible?

Attributes, skills, resistance, damage, attack rating, speed, life/mana leech etc. Higher levels unlock better tiers.

Can you influence affixes?

Higher base item levels due to character/zone level and MF increase odds of favorable affixes.

How do they compare to other spear types?

Well-rolled rares can rival lower-tier unique bonuses. Runewords guarantee stats but don’t offer customization.

Where's best to farm them?

Boss runs like Eldritch/Shenk in A5 or Ancient Tunnels in A2 for high level bases and MF.

Do they have value for trading?

Early/mid ladder well-rolled rare spears hold high trade value before late game market saturation.

How long until I find a good rare spear?

Luck dependent but focusing on high MF/item level zones/players improves odds over time. Hours to weeks. Rare spears provide a customization advantage but require more luck/farming than other spear types to find optimized rolls.

What is Magic Spear in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Diablo 2 magic spears, also known as blue spears, are polespears that spawn with a single randomly assigned prefix or suffix modifier from a pool of possible bonuses. While they cannot compare to the guaranteed powerful set bonuses of runewords or uniques, magic spears that drop early in a character's progression can provide valuable one-attribute boosts to skills, attributes, resistances or other perks to supplement early gear. Hunters seeking upgrades should identify and evaluate their affixes, as well-rolled magic spears occasionally offer competitive advantages over normal variants. Later acts grant access to higher level bases with improved ability to roll powerful high-tier affixes that can tide over spearzon and druid builds. With their randomized nature, luck plays a role in obtaining optimized magic spears, but they offer accessible alternatives for progressing characters through normal difficulty and beyond.

D2R Magic Spears FAQ

How many affixes can a magic spear roll?

Magic (blue) Diablo 2 Resurrected items can roll only one prefix or suffix affix.

What kinds of affixes are possible?

Single affixes like +skills, resistances, attributes, life/mana bonuses, and more. The pool is based on item level.

Where should I farm for them?

Anywhere early, then progressing zones/acts as your character levels. Boss runs also effective.

How do they compare to other spear types?

Outclassed by rare/unique endgame, but the single affix can boost progression until replacements.

Are they worth keeping?

Depends on the mod - useful affixes like +skills or resistances may remain helpful into Nightmare.

What's the best base item level?

Lower bases like Javelins or Spears early, transitioning to more elite base types like Ghostspears later.

How long until an upgrade typically?

Depends on rolls, but 1-3 hours of gameplay will usually yield a replacement as better gear is found. Magic spears provide early skill boosts but are intended as leveling placeholders until better gear options arise.

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