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What Are D2R Crossbows and How Do They Work?

Crossbows are ranged weapons that fire bolts at enemies in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are primarily used by the Amazon class. They use bolts as ammunition instead of arrows. If a player doesn't have any bolts in their inventory, they won't be able to use the crossbow until they acquire more.

Here's how crossbows work in D2R:

  • Two-Handed Weapon: Crossbows are two-handed weapons, which means you cannot equip a shield or another weapon in your off-hand while wielding a crossbow.

  • Bolts: Crossbows require bolts as ammunition. Bolts can be purchased from vendors or found as drops from enemies. It's important to keep a stock of bolts in your inventory to ensure you can continue using your crossbow.

  • Attack Speed: Crossbows have a base attack speed, which determines how quickly you can fire bolts. Some crossbows may have modifiers that increase or decrease their attack speed.

  • Damage: Crossbows have a range of damage values, which can be enhanced by various modifiers such as +enhanced damage, +elemental damage, or +damage to specific enemy types.

  • Skills: Crossbows can benefit from skills that enhance missile weapons or specific weapon types. For example, the Amazon class has skills like Guided Arrow or Strafe that can be used with crossbows.

  • Runewords: Crossbows can also be socketed with runes to create powerful runewords. These runewords provide additional bonuses and can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a crossbow.

Which builds are best to use crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Multishot Crossbowzon: The Multishot skill fires multiple projectiles in a spreading cone pattern. Combined with a high damage crossbow, this absolutely shreds groups of enemies. Great for clearing dense areas rapidly.

  • Strafe Crossbowzon: Strafe fires a stream of consecutive arrows allowing crossbows to overcome their slow attack speeds. Paired with skills like Fanaticism or Burst of Speed, Strafe Crossbowzons deal single target DPS on par with melee builds.

  • Freezing Arrow Crossbowzon: Freezing Arrow chills enemies and can completely immobilize them. Crossbows like Buriza-Do Kyanon that boost piercing and cold damage synergize perfectly to create a powerful crowd control build.

  • Poison Javazon: Though not pure crossbow builds, Poison Javazons use crossbows in their weapon swap for pre-casting powerful poisons like Deadly Strike on tough enemies before swapping back to javelins. This amplifies poison damage significantly.

  • Bolt Paladin: Paladins can utilize crossbows as a ranged option if desired, mainly as an aid for pulling monsters from a distance. Their main advantages still come from auras and melee attacks.

What Are Unique Crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Unique crossbows have fixed names, appearances, and modifiers not found on other crossbows. They provide exceptional damage bonuses and utility effects tailored for Amazon builds. Unique crossbows offer a variety of powerful effects that can greatly enhance your character's combat abilities. They can be obtained through monster drops, chests, or by trading with other players.

What are the top unique crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Windforce - Considered the best all-around crossbow. Its penetrate modifier is very powerful.

  • Faith - Extremely useful mercenary weapon runeword that provides large bonuses.

  • Burst of Speed - Increases attack speed and critical strike chance. Both are very desirable stats.

  • Widowmaker - Very high attack speed that is good for a frenzy or trap build.

  • Pride - Moderate attack speed with opening wounds/deadly strike boosts physical damage.

  • Boneheald - Low level crossbow with crushing blow and open wounds for physical builds.

  • Death Bit - High damage and deadly strike for poison javelins or an early self-used throwing weapon.

  • Hellrack - Good damage range and useful life steal bonus to help with survivability.

  • Gut Siphon - Its small mana leech bonus keeps javelin/trap skills spamming continuously.

  • How do I target farm a specific unique crossbow?

  • Know the enemies that can drop it. SuperUniques, Champions, bosses are usually best chances.

  • Clear and repeatedly kill all the mobs/enemies that can drop that D2R item as efficiently as possible.

  • Use /players command to increase monster difficulty/drops in solo play. /p7 or /p8 is ideal.

  • Stack Magic Find gear to boost unique find rates from every kill.

  • Consider players 8 games for density and MF bonuses from other geared players.

  • Reroll map layouts in Act I/II to refresh enemy spawns faster than running long zones.

  • Specialize in one crossbow at a time. Don't expect multiple rare drops from the same runs.

  • Trade excess loot/runes for the crossbow once sufficiently geared yourself.

What are good leveling unique crossbows?

  • The Crawler - Low level unique that can carry you through Normal. Good damage and attack speed.

  • Boneheald - Found in Act 1, this offers crushing blow and open wounds as useful early mods.

  • Coldworm's Tooth - Rare early crossbow has chance to cast frost nova on striking. Fun utility.

  • Hellrack - First drops in Battle orders in Nightmare but boosts survivability with life leech.

  • Ghostflayer - Found in Act 2, has chance to cast amplify damage which helps party.

  • Widowmaker - High attack speed even at low levels makes this a strong choice.

  • Death Bit - Drops early in game and bonus skills/deadly strike outperform most others.

  • Demon Limb - Despite its drawbacks, chance to cast chain lightning helps with crowds.

  • Berserker's Hauberk - Another Nightmare option, it boosts damage+attack speed nicely.

What Are Rare Crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Rare crossbows are crossbows that have random magical properties and are denoted by their yellow text color. They are more powerful than normal crossbows but less powerful than set or unique crossbows. Rare crossbows can spawn with between 3-6 random magical affixes that boost stats like enhanced damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, resistances, etc. The more affixes, the more powerful the rare crossbow. Some of the most desirable affixes for rare crossbows include: Cruel, Bloodthirsty, Master's, Razor's, Fool's, Archers, Berserker's, Vampire's. These boost important stats for Bowazons. And Rare crossbows are randomly dropped by monsters and can also be gambled from Gheed. Higher item level rare crossbows drop in late Nightmare or Hell difficulty.

What are the best mods for a rare crossbow in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

- Enhanced Damage: Look for affixes that provide a percentage increase in damage, such as "Deadly" or "Cruel".

- Attack Rating: Affixes like "Hawkeye" or "Sharp" can increase your crossbow's attack rating, improving your chances to hit enemies.

- Elemental Damage: Mods like "Fiery" (adds fire damage), "Snowy" (adds cold damage), "Static" (adds lightning damage), or "Septic" (adds poison damage) can add elemental damage to your attacks.

- Resistances: Affixes like "Azure" (cold resist), "Crimson" (fire resist), "Tangerine" (lightning resist), or "Beryl" (poison resist) can provide additional resistance against specific elements.

- Sockets: Look for affixes like "Mechanic's," "Artisan's," or "Jeweler's" that add sockets to your crossbow. Sockets allow you to insert gems or runes to further enhance your crossbow's abilities.

- Mana and Mana After Each Kill: Affixes like "Serpent's" (adds mana) or "Triumphant" (adds mana after each kill) can help with your character's mana management.

- Skills: If you're playing a Barbarian, affixes like "Expert's," "Veteran's," or "Master's" can add bonuses to combat skills or combat masteries. Affixes like "Fanatic," "Raging," or "Sounding" can enhance warcries.

What is the best base type for rare crossbows?

- Colossus Crossbow: This base type offers high damage potential and can be socketed with runes or jewels to further enhance its effectiveness.

- Demon Crossbow: The Demon Crossbow has good damage and a chance to cause Open Wounds, making it a solid choice for dealing damage over time.

- Siege Crossbow: The Siege Crossbow has high damage and a chance to cast Poison Nova when struck, making it a good choice for poison-based builds.

- Ballista: The Ballista has high damage, increased attack speed, and the ability to freeze targets, making it a strong choice for crowd control and damage output.

- Chu-Ko-Nu: The Chu-Ko-Nu has a wide damage range and the ability to fire explosive bolts, making it a versatile choice for various playstyles.

What Are Magic Crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Magic crossbows have magical properties and can provide various bonuses and enhancements to the player. There are different types of magic crossbows available in D2R, each with its own unique properties and effects. Some common types include Light Crossbows, Crossbows, Heavy Crossbows, Repeating Crossbows, Arbalests, Siege Crossbows, Ballistas, Chu-Ko-Nu, Colossus Crossbows, and Demon Crossbows. Magic crossbows in D2R can have a variety of magical bonuses that enhance their effectiveness in combat. These bonuses can include increased damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, elemental damage, life steal, enhanced accuracy, and more.

What are some popular builds or character classes that benefit most from using Magic Crossbows?

  • Bowazon - Magic crossbows with enhanced damage and increased attack speed greatly boost the power of skills like Strafe, Multishot, and Guided Arrow for Bowazons early on. The extra damage and speed from affixes synergize extremely well.

  • Javazon - Javazons also rely heavily on their ranged damage, so the extra offensive punch from magic crossbow affixes complements their javelin and spear skills. Deadly Strike is particularly useful.

  • Frostmaiden - Since Frostmaidens focus on Cold Arrow along with some Physical skills, magic crossbows give a solid damage boost for their cold/physical hybrid build. Extra Cold damage affixes can also spawn.

  • Summonmancer - Boosting the Attack Rating and damage of your skeletons and revives with an enhanced magic crossbow on switch can make your summons much more effective.

  • Act 1 Rogue Hireling - Giving your Rogue hireling in Act 1 a hard-hitting magic crossbow with enhanced damage and other mods can transform them into a powerhouse companion early on.

  • Lower Resist Curser - The extra damage from a magic crossbow helps a curse necromancer who weakens enemy resistances contribute more to fights when not casting curses.

Where can I find magic crossbows in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Normal Countess Run - She has a high chance to drop magic items in Normal. Good for leveling.

  • Andy/Meph Runs - Andariel in Act 1 and Mephisto in Act 5 are two of the best bosses for magic item farming.

  • Eldritch/Shenk - These Arcane Sanctuary mini-bosses can drop lots of magic gear in Nightmare.

  • Pindleskin/Nihlathak - Both the Pindleskin in the Cold Plains and Nihlathak in Worldstone Keep also regularly drop magic items.

  • Cow Level - Popular magic/rare farming area in all difficulties. Lots of monsters means more drops.

  • Chaos Sanctuary - Diablo Clone and other mobs in Chaos have a good magic item drop rate.

  • Ancient Tunnels in Act 2 - Lots of open layout with magic racks and enemies that can yield magic crossbows.

  • Worldstone Chambers lvl 3 - Densely packed monsters here drop lots of lower level magics while leveling.

  • Maggot Lair/Stony Tomb - Both Act 1 dungeons contain many targets for a chance at magic crossbow rewards.

What are the best affixes for a magic crossbow in D2R?

  • Enhanced Damage - The most important affix, boosting the raw damage of the crossbow. Can spawn up to +150% enhanced damage.

  • Increased Attack Speed - Faster attack speed means more shots per second. Up to 33% IAS is possible on magic crossbows.

  • Crushing Blow - Chance to deal 25% of enemy's current HP in damage. Extremely effective against bosses. Can roll up to 20%.

  • Open Wounds - Causes monsters to bleed for additional damage over time. Useful to stop monster healing. Can roll up to 100%.

  • Prevent Monster Heal - Prevents monsters from healing, key against certain enemies like Mephisto. Can roll up to 100%.

  • Deadly Strike - Grants chance to deal deadly critical strikes. Important for boosting DPS. Can roll up to 25% on crossbows.

  • Piercing Attack - Arrows pierce through enemies and can hit multiple targets. Great for Pierce builds. Can roll up to 100%.

  • Increased Attack Rating - Boosts chance to hit monsters. Helps offset Dexterity requirements on gear. Can roll up to 300 AR.

  • Magic Damage - Extra magic damage added to attacks. Scales certain builds like Frostmaidens. Can roll up to 15-30.

  • Knockback - Chance to knock back enemies when struck. Provides utility through crowd control. Up to 100% knockback possible.

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