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About Max Varies 95%-100% In Diablo 2 Resurrected

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, "Max Varies 95%-100%" is a modifier that can appear on certain cheap D2R items, such as weapons or charms. This modifier indicates that the maximum value of a certain bonus or attribute is randomized within a range of 95% to 100% of the maximum possible value for that item.

For example, if a weapon has the "Max Varies 95%-100%" modifier and a bonus of "+100% Enhanced Damage", the actual value of the bonus could be anywhere from +95% to +100% of the maximum possible value, which is +100% in this case. The actual value is randomly determined when the item is generated, so it can vary from item to item.

This modifier is a way to add randomness and variety to item drops, as it allows for the possibility of finding items with slightly different values, even if they have the same bonus or attribute. It can also make certain items more valuable, as those with higher values are rarer and harder to find.

Tips for Using Max Varies 95%-100% in D2R

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with items that have this modifier:

Evaluate the range - Before using or trading an item with the "Max Varies 95%-100%" modifier, it's important to evaluate the range of possible values for the bonus or attribute. This can help you determine the item's actual value and whether it's worth keeping or trading.

Experiment with rerolling - If the randomized value of the bonus or attribute on an item with "Max Varies 95%-100%" isn't to your liking, you can experiment with rerolling the item using the Horadric Cube to try to get a better result.

Consider trading - Items with higher values due to the Diablo2 Max Varies 95%-100% modifier can be more valuable to other players, so you may want to consider trading them for other items or resources that can be useful for your character.

Keep an eye out for rare items - Certain unique and rare items can have bonuses or attributes with very high maximum values due to the "Max Varies 95%-100%" modifier. These items can be extremely valuable and sought after by players, so keep an eye out for them.

How To Get Max Varies 95%-100% In Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Since this modifier is randomized, there is no guaranteed way to obtain it on an item. However, there are several ways to increase your chances of finding items with this modifier:

Farm high-level areas - The chances of finding high-quality items with randomized attributes, including "Max Varies 95%-100%", are higher in high-level areas, such as the Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, and the Throne of Destruction.

Use Magic Find gear - Wearing gear with Magic Find bonuses can increase your chances of finding high-quality items, including those with randomized attributes like "Max Varies 95%-100%".

Trade with other players - Trading with other players can be a good way to obtain rare and valuable D2R items for sale, including those with the "Max Varies 95%-100%" modifier. You can use online trading platforms or visit the in-game trading forums to find potential trade partners.

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