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Amazon Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

An Amazon build in Diablo 2 Resurrected refers to a specific character build that focuses on the Amazon class, which is a highly versatile class that can specialize in ranged combat with bows and javelins or close-range combat with spears and other melee weapons. There are various flexible Amazon builds in D2R, such as Frost/Fire Bow Amazon (Bowazon), Lightning Fury/Charged Strike Amazon (Javazon), and more. On this page, we listed D2R items that are suitable for Amazon builds and make your Amazon class stronger, this means you can pick these items when creating an Amazon build in Diablo 2.

- Bowazon: Amazons who use bows or crossbows as weapons and focus on Bow and Crossbow skill tree. Bowazon is adaptable and has numerous versions.

- Javazon: Amazons who use Javelin and Spear skills. They primarily utilize javelins or spears. Like the Bowazon, this build has many variations, such as the Lightning Javazon or the rare Poison Javazon. Javazons employ Pierce and Penetrate.

- Fendazon: It utilizes Fend skill. A powerful melee fighter can easily slay big groups of monsters.

- Angelzon: Angelzon players prefer D2 items with a chance to cast a spell/skill on hit or the attacker takes x damage. These effects make Lightning Fury, Jab, Fend, Strafe, Multiple Shot, and Guided Arrow more effective with the build.

Best Items for Amazon Class & Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

The selection of Amazon build items is depending on your play style and specific build type, there are some commonly used Diablo 2 items for your Amazon class and builds.

- Weapons: the Windforce unique bow is considered one of the best weapons for ranged Amazon builds, because it has high damage, fast attack speed, and provides bonuses to several Amazon skills. Other good bows include the Faith runeword bow and the Harmony runeword bow. For javelin builds, the Titan's Revenge unique javelin provides high damage and a chance to pierce enemies. Other good options include the Lycander's Flank unique spear and the Steel runeword javelin.

- Armor: the best armor include the Fortitude runeword armor, which provides increased defense, resistances, and damage, and the Chains of Honor runeword armor, which provides increased defense, resistances, and bonuses to several Amazon skills. Other good options include the Shaftstop unique armor and the Twitchthroe unique armor.

- Helmets: The Andariel's Visage helmet is a popular helm choice for Amazon builds, as it provides bonuses to several Amazon skills and has increased attack speed. Other good options include the Valkyrie Wing unique helmet and the Harlequin Crest unique helmet.

- Gloves: the best gloves for Amazon builds are the Bloodfist gloves, which provide increased attack speed, defense, and life. Other good options include the Dracul's Grasp unique gloves, which provide life steal and the ability to cast Life Tap, and the Laying of Hands unique gloves, which provide bonuses to Fire and Lightning resistances.

- Boots: The best boots for Amazon builds are Natalya's Soul boots, which provide increased attack speed, resistance, and the ability to ignore enemy defense. Other good options include the Waterwalk unique boots and the War Traveler unique boots.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Skill Tree & Best Skills

The Amazon skill trees in D2R are Bow and Crossbow Skills, Passive and Magic Skills, and Javelin and Spear Skills. The best skills for Diablo 2 Amazon builds are determined by your play style.

- Javelin and Spear Skills: For javelin Amazon builds, the most commonly used skills are Lightning Fury, Charged Strike, and Plague Javelin. Lightning Fury fires a single javelin that splits into multiple bolts upon hitting its target, while Charged Strike is a powerful single-target attack that can hit multiple times. Plague Javelin fires a javelin that leaves a poison cloud upon impact, damaging nearby enemies.

- Passive and Magic Skills: In addition to their primary attack skills, Amazon builds often rely on passive and magic skills to enhance their abilities. Commonly used passive skills include Critical Strike, which increases the chance of delivering a critical hit, and Penetrate, which increases the chance of piercing through an enemy's defenses. Magic skills such as Valkyrie and Decoy can also be used to distract enemies and draw their fire away from the player.

- Bow and Crossbow Skills: For ranged Amazon builds, the most commonly used skills are Magic Arrow, Multiple Shot, and Guided Arrow. Magic Arrow is a basic skill that fires a single arrow with enhanced damage, while Multiple Shot fires multiple arrows in a spread pattern. Guided Arrow is a powerful skill that fires a single arrow that can change direction in mid-flight to hit its target.

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