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D2R Best MF Builds: Top 7 Magic Find Endgame Farming Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

4/15/2024 3:30:19 PM

We will take a look at the most popular high magic find farming builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected and compare them based on factors like kill speed, magic find potential, and overall quality of life. 

Top 7 D2R Best MF Builds for Endgame Farming in Season 6

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, optimizing your character for Magic Find (MF) can drastically increase your chances of obtaining rare and valuable items. Here, we go over the top 7 MF builds that are especially potent for endgame farming. Each build offers a unique playstyle and set of capabilities, ensuring that every kind of player can find something that suits their preferences.

1. Nova Sorceress (Best MF Sorcerer)

The Nova Sorceress is renowned for her rapid mob-clearing capabilities thanks to her powerful AoE lightning spells. Using Infinity personally maximizes damage but reduces MF potential due to the need for high cast rates. However, a balance can be struck with a one-handed weapon and a Spirit shield, allowing for about 250% MF with optimal gear like Chance Guards, Enigma, and a Nagelring.

2. Mosaic Assassin (Best MF Assassin)

With the introduction of specific Runewords, the Assassin has surged in popularity. The Mosaic Assassin seamlessly blends MF without significantly compromising on damage, achieving up to 300% MF with Enigma, Chance Guards, War Traveler, and a Nagelring. This build offers great versatility and is less reliant on high casting speeds.

3. Javazon (Best MF Amazon)

The Javazon remains a top-tier choice for players who prefer a mix of speed and power. This build can maintain about 250% MF without greatly affecting speed or efficiency, utilizing Enigma, Chance Guards, and War Traveler boots. However, its farming flow can be interrupted by the need for javelin replenishment and slower teleport speeds.

4. Berserk Barb (Best MF Barbarian)

Specializing in sniping high-value targets rather than mass mob clearing, the Berserk Barb excels in "players one" difficulty settings. This build can be finely tuned for MF while maintaining robust combat effectiveness, typically using gear like dual Suicide Branches or a mix of high MF and utility gear.

5. Summon Necromancer (Best MF Necromancer)

The Summon Necromancer leverages the power of minions to tank and deal damage, allowing the player to focus on item looting. With the right setup, including Beast and Bramble, this build can easily reach high levels of MF while maintaining a strong army of undead minions. With Tal's set, Orb/Blizzard are strong despite being less popular now. Still capable of most farming with around 200% MF and good teleport. While damage falls off in players 8 games, 250% would make her competitive. She struggles less with magic/fire immune packs than other casters.

6. FoH Paladin (Best MF Paladin)

Fist of the Heavens Paladin has become increasingly viable with changes that allow Holy Bolt to damage demons in addition to undead. This build can alternate between using FoH for groups and Holy Bolt for single targets, achieving great levels of MF with typical caster gear setups. Hammers coupled with Enigma allows for a very fast and survivable magic finder with around 300% MF. However, his playstyle demands being in the thick of combat. He also struggles more with magic immune/Wave 2 of Baal than other choices. Still, massive AoE damage.

7. Tornado Druid (Best MF Druid)

The Tornado Druid excels in dealing high physical and cold damage, making him superb for both mob clearing and boss fights. The ability to use multiple summons for additional tanking makes this build durable. With gear setups focusing on high MF, like Shako and Enigma, this Druid can also be an excellent choice for MF purposes. While less used, 300% MF and Enigma allows the Druid to quickly farm with strong physical/cold damage and safety from Oak Sage summons. Slower teleport is mitigated by mobility from Werewolf/Bear forms. Not the highest damage but fun and viable, farming anywhere casters can go.

Each of these builds provides a robust framework for tackling Diablo 2 Resurrected's endgame content while maximizing your potential for dropping rare items in D2R. Whether you prefer the direct damage approach of the Berserk Barb or the minion-based strategy of the Summon Necromancer, there’s a build here to meet every player's needs. Remember, the key to success in D2R lies not just in powerful gear, but also in understanding and optimizing your chosen character's build for both performance and loot acquisition.

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