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D2R Season 7 Best Assassin Build - Top 4 Best Assassin Starters for Diablo 2 Resurrected

5/30/2024 5:08:39 PM

Are you looking for a premier Assassin build that complete dominance in Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 7? Today, in our D2R Season 7 Assassin build guide, we'll introduce the top 4 best Assassin builds for ladder start!

D2R Ladder 7 Assassin Build Guide - Top 4 Best Assassin Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected S7

The Assassin was one of two expansion classes introduced in Lord of Destruction, along with the Amazon. She belongs to the Viz-Jaq'taar order that was trained to hunt rogue sorcerers without using magic, relying on traps and martial arts in close combat. Assassins wield claw D2R weapons which they dual wield with high skill. Their unique combat revolves around charging up skills and unleashing them with finishing moves, where more charges means a stronger effect. This charge up/finishing move mechanic differentiates the Martial Arts Assassin from other classes and requires switching between two types of skills actively. Next, let's talk about Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 7 best Assassin builds for ladder start.

No.1 Best D2R Ladder Season 7 Assassin Build: Phoenix Strike Assassin Build

Phonenix Strike is the best Assassin build in Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder season 7 due to its unparalleled damage output and versatility. Leveraging the new Mosaic runeword, the Phoenix Strike Sin is able to maintain near-permanent uptime of her powerful Martial Arts charge skills through dual claw attacks. This allows her to continuously unleash massive elemental damage through Phoenix Strike and Dragon Talon on large packs of enemies and bosses alike. She can transition seamlessly between regular mapping and Uber farming with ease. On top of her raw damage capabilities, her cloak skills and Mind Blast provide excellent survivability and crowd control. No other assassin archetype comes close to matching the Phoenix Strike Sin's ability to rapidly decimate all end-game content while remaining fully in control of combat situations. 


No.2 Best D2R Season 7 Assassin Build: Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin

The Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin is the D2R best season 7 Assassin build due to its unparalleled versatility and power. By leveraging the Mosaic rune word, this build uses on the synergies within the Martial Arts skill tree, enabling a fast-paced and visually stunning playstyle. Its ability to excel in both single target damage and AoE damage through traps, as well as its mastery of crowd control and mobility, makes it a formidable force. While maintaining Mosaic's stacks requires skill and attention, the rewards are immense, multiplying the effectiveness of the Assassin's abilities. The combination of its damage output, crowd control capabilities, and the strategic utilization of traps makes the Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin the go-to build for players seeking to dominate the ladder in season 7.


No.3 Best D2R S7 7 Assassin Build: Hybrid Assassin

The Hybrid build is the most versatile and strongest D2R S7 Assassin build because it effectively combines the best AoE damage skills from both the Martial Arts and Shadow disciplines. By utilizing Phoenix Strike, Dragon Talon, Death Sentry and Shadow Master, the Hybrid Assassin unleashes devastating multifaceted damage through both physical attacks and summons. This diverse offense coupled with defensive skills like Fade and Cloak of Shadows allows the Hybrid Assassin to efficiently clear both crowds of monsters and boss enemies. Unlike pure Martial Arts or Shadow builds, the Hybrid Assassin's balanced blend of skills optimizes damage output across all scenarios, making it the most well-rounded and powerful build option for any assassin looking to tackle both leveling and end-game content quickly and effectively.


No.4 Best D2R Ladder 7 Assassin Build: Elemental Assassin

The Elemental Assassin stands above all other assassin builds as the top best D2R ladder start build Season 7. By leveraging skills that deal multiple elements of damage like Phoenix Strike, Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder and Blades of Ice, this build is uniquely equipped to take on any foe regardless of immunities. It has immense versatility in both damage types and ability to supplement with traps for additional damage sources. While not strictly dependent on specific gear, dual wielding Mosaic runeword claws provide this build with unparalleled damage output and ease of gameplay through near 100% uptime on charge skills. No other assassin comes close to matching the Elemental Sin's ability to effortlessly annihilate the entire game's content through maximum damage visibility and survivability via elemental versatility. 

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