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Diablo 4 Anniversary Event 2024: Release Date, Goblins Spwans, Rewards & Tips

5/31/2024 11:18:38 AM

Blizzard just announced that there is an anniversary event coming to Diablo. Are we going to have the best holiday event for free cosmetics? Read our Diablo 4 Anniversary event guide, we'll break down everything you need for March of the Goblins & Mother’s Blessing event.

Diablo 4 Anniversary Event 2024 (March of the Goblins & Mother’s Blessing)

Diablo Anniversary event is going to be launched on June 6 to celebrate the first anniversary of Diablo 4 and the second year anniversary of Diablo Immortal. The anniversary event will feature boosted Treasure Goblins for extra loot and an experience/gold boost for accelerated character progression. So be sure to mark your calendar for early June to take part in the celebrations and show your character off with some exclusive new looks, all provided free as a thank you from the devs for being part of the Diablo IV community. Next, let's check the release date, rewards and tips for each D4 anniversary event 2024.

Diablo 4 Anniversary Events 

1. March of the Goblins

From June 6-13, there will be increased spawn rates of Treasure Goblin monsters throughout the game world of Sanctuary. These goblins are said to be hoarding and dropping more loot than usual according to Horadric scholars. Their loot bags will be richer.  This D4 March of the Goblin event encourages players to hunt down the roaming bands of goblins across the lands in hopes of reaping bountiful rewards from their overfilled hoards and bags. It provides an easy way to gain extra loot and resources simply by playing the game and engaging with the temporary boosted goblin spawns.

  • Goblin Spawns

Goblins may sometimes spawn in pairs or even larger groups when encountered in dungeons for even greater potential loot. Greed shrines, which increase the loot dropped by goblins, will also appear more frequently to further boost rewards.

2. Mother’s Blessing

It is the second part of the Diablo IV anniversary celebrations. Mother's Blessing will provide a 25% bonus to experience gain and 50% increased D4 gold find for 10 days. The bonuses are multiplicative, so they will stack with other XP/gold bonuses like Elixirs. The boost applies to both Seasonal and Eternal realms, as well as all World Tiers. It allows players to level up faster, earn paragon levels quicker, and obtain more gold while killing monsters. This can help players advance Battle Passes, reach higher character and account levels, and complete Season Journeys more efficiently.

Multiple characters can be leveled during the event window to their max potential with the XP/gold boosts. It provides a focused boost to leveling and wealth acquisition across all game modes and difficulties for the 10 day duration. 

  • Tips

Stacked with other boosts, it multiplies the rewards gained from regular gameplay during the anniversary celebration.

Diablo 4 Anniversary Rewards

From June 6th through the 12th, login to Diablo IV to claim your first free cosmetic gift from the in-game shop. To honor the anniversary, the developers are granting players the opportunity to collect cosmetic rewards at no cost. Don't worry if you can't log in every day - you'll have until June 20th to claim all the anniversary gifts. This two-week period gives everyone a chance to access the special commemorative D4 items whether they can play daily or only on weekends.


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