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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Uber Lilith Build - Top 2 One Shot Builds To Kill Uber Lilith

6/3/2024 11:44:41 AM

Uber Lilith is the ultimate end-game boss encounter in Diablo 4's World Tier 4 difficulty setting that requires maximum character power and skill to defeat. Completing her is a major achievement and milestone in the game's progression. In the Diablo 4 Season 4 Uber Lilith build guide, we break down the best Barbarian and Necromancer Uber Lilith builds.

Top 2 Best Diablo 4 Season 4 Uber Lilith Build 

Uber Lilith is a level 100 encounter that can only be summoned in World Tier 4 of Diablo 4. Found in the Echo of Hatred dungeon, which is located in the Fractured Peaks next to the Nevesk waypoint. To summon Uber Lilith, you need to be level 60 or higher and have completed the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in World Tier 3, which will give you a quest to access Echo of Hatred. Uber Lilith is a very challenging encounter that deals mainly shadow damage and can one-shot players if not properly geared and skilled. Therefore, having the best Diablo 4 Season 4 Uber Lilith build is very important! Without further ado, let's talk about the gear and skill trees of the 2 best D4 builds to kill Uber Lilith!

1. D4 Season 4 Best Uber & Lilith Build - Bash Barbarian

The first best Diablo 4 Season 4 Ubers Lilith we're bringing you is the Barbarian Bash Lilith killer build. This is one of the easiest builds to kill Uber Lilith because you don't need any Uber unique. You can play with a Harlequin Crest but it's not needed at all,  you can always go with a random helmet. First things first, you want to make sure that you have enough movement speed for Lilith Phase 2 to outrun the skulls. So what you want to do is have a normal push amulet and another amulet that you can simply switch in whenever we're facing phase 2. This build is mainly focused on DPS but we also have quite a lot of health pool.


Helm: Harlequin Crest

Armor: Undying Aspect

Gloves: Paingorger's Gauntlets

Pants: Aspect of Might

Boots: Hectic Aspect

Amulet: Aspect of Adaptability

Ring: Aspect of Inner Calm, Aspect of Elements

Main Weapon: Aspect of the Moonrise

Slashing Weapon: Rapid Aspect

Dual-wield Weapon: Edgemaster's Aspect, Aspect of Berserk Ripping

Skill Trees

Basic: 5 Bash (Enhanced, Combat)

Core: 1 Hammer of the Ancients (Enhanced, Violent)

Defensive: 1 Rallying Cry (Enhanced, Strategic), 3 Imposing Presence, 3 Martial Vigor, 1 Outburst, 1 Tough as Nails

Brawling: 5 War Cry (Enhanced), 3 Booming Voice, 3 Aggressive Resistance

Weapon Mastery: 1 Steel Grasp (Enhanced, Fighter's), 3 Pit Fighter, 2 No Mercy, 3 Slaying Strike, 1 Thick Skin, 3 Counteroffensive

Ultimate: 1 Call of the Ancients (Prime, Supreme), 2 Heavy Handed, 3 Wallop

Key Passive: Unconstrained

1. Diablo 4 S4 Best Uber Lilith Build - Golem Necromancer

This best D4 Uber Lilith build season 4 focuses on buffing up skeletons, Golem, and other minions to burst down Uber Lilith very quickly before her mechanics activate. This allows for a one-shot kill.  Skills like Decrepify, Bone Armor, and Blood Mist provide damage mitigation and control. Movement speed from skills/items helps avoid instant kill ghosts. While damage stats are prioritized, there is room to incorporate survivability through life/armor on items. Cooldown reduction enables sustained damage output. With proper timing of buffs/debuffs, the damaged window is short but optimized. Consuming corpses and manipulating aspects amplifies damage in a methodical way.


Helm: Blood Getter's Doom Casque

Armor: Adventurer's Tunic of Hardened Bones

Gloves: Sovereign Vambraces of Grasping Veins

Pants: Primal Chausses of Occult Dominion

Boots: Aphotic Warlord Boots

Amulet: Unyielding Commander's Amulet

Ring: Band of Reanimation, Circle of Frenzied Dead

Main Weapon: Blighted Dragon Spine

Books of the Dead

Skeletal Warriors: Reapers 2

Skeletal Mages: Shadow 1

Golems: Blood 2

Skill Trees

Basic: 1 Reap (Enhanced)

Core: 1 Blight (Enhanced, Supernatural), 3 Hewed Flesh

Macabre: 4 Blood Mist (Enhanced, Ghastly), 3 Spiked Armor, 3  Skeletal Warrior Mastery, 1 Grim Harvest, 3 Fueled by Death 

Curse Skills: 1 Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage, 3 Death's Embrace, 3 Death's Approach, 3 Skeletal Mage Mastery

Corpse: Corpse Tendrils (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Necroic Carapace

Ultimate: 1 Army of the Dead (Prime, Supreme), 3 Inspiring Leader, 7 Hellbent Commander, 6 Golem Mastery

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