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Diablo 4 Season 4 Mid-Season Best Class & Build Tier List (1.4.3)

6/10/2024 6:38:09 PM

With the Mid-Season patch rolling out in Diablo 4 Season 4, here we provide an updated Diablo 4 Mid-Season tier list on the best class and build options. With the latest patch about to land, we’ve assessed the changes to give you the most reliable insights into which builds are thriving and which are not.

Diablo 4 Mid-Season Tier List - D4 1.4.3 Best Class & Build

The Diablo 4 Season 4 Mid-Season Update brings several changes to the game, including class tuning, healing potion buffs, pit nerfs, Uber Unique buffs, Tormented boss nerfs, and more. The 1.4.3 patch aims to elevate underperforming builds within each class to offer more viable endgame options beyond just the current top meta builds. With these changes, new class meta will shake up at the endgame of Season 4 after 1.4.3 patch! 

Diablo 4 Mid-Season Class Tier List (S4 1.4.3 Patch)

By going over the main changes to each class and reviewing the viable builds for the endgame pushing like The Pit, we rank the class for mid-season as follows:

1. Barbarian (S Tier)

Barbarians continue to receive significant buffs and maintain the highest performance among the classes. The specific builds mentioned, such as Whirlwind and Double Swing Tornadoes, are noted for their strength in speed clearing and overall power. Barbarian is highlighted as the strongest class in the game due to these consistent improvements and high effectiveness in various game aspects.

Buffs to Barbrain in Mid-Season: Whirlwind skill buffed to make it more viable, Call of the Ancients, Frenzy, and Cleave skills buffed, Legendary items and aspects related to Whirlwind buffed to support the Whirlwind build.

Best Mid-Season Barbarian Builds in D4 Season 4

  • Fay Barbarian 

This build has shown incredible performance, with potential pit clears in the mid-140s. It benefits from significant buffs to Flay and related mechanics, enhancing its already formidable damage output.

  • Thorns Barbarian

Known for its resilience and Thorns-based damage, this build remains strong without relying on any exploits. It's slightly buffed and continues to perform well in high-tier content.

  • Bleed Bash Barbarian

Although it saw reductions due to changes in Holy Bolt mechanics, it maintains a high position due to its solid performance in direct damage scenarios.

  • Direct Bash Barb

Stays Multiplicative, No changes (0 Pitlevels) in 1.4.3 update, CotA Buff for Boss Killer

  • Bleed Whirlwind Barbarian

Excellent for non-boss content but struggles with single-target bosses. Expected to perform well up to pit 120.

2. Rogue (A Tier)

Rogue class has a variety of highly effective builds, including Heartseeker and Andariel's Flurry. These builds are described as incredibly powerful, with Heartseeker not facing any nerfs and Andariel's Flurry expected to receive a substantial damage boost. The versatility and strength of these builds place Rogue in a very competitive position.

Buffs to Rogue in Mid-Season: Buffs to grenade damage and aspects to improve grenade builds, Changes to stealth regen and passives like Lucky Hit, Paragon buffs to various underused builds

Best Mid-Season Rogue Builds in D4 Season 4

  • Victimize Heartseeker Rogue

Double Dip on various multiplier, NO double dip nerfs! +2 Exploit (Rogue ONLY) (0 Pitlevels)

  • Andariel Flurry Rogue

It receives a 50% damage increase due to buffs to Andariel's Visage, making it highly effective and promising for high-tier clears.

  • Rapid Fire Rogue

25% Size increase, no more drunken Rogues (+2 Pitlevels)

  • Pen Shot Rogue

Double Dip bug but still strong (0 Pitlevels)

3. Necromancer

Necromancers have experienced a drop due to the Holy Bolt elixir changes which impacted their previously top-rated builds. However, the class still offers powerful options like the Bone Spirit Necromancer and continues to be viable in high-end content, though no longer dominating as before. While still viable and strong in certain contexts, it doesn't reach the top-tier performance of Barbarian or the versatility and power of Rogue.

Buffs to Necromancer in Mid Season: Buffs to blood and sacrificing minion builds for casters, ragon buffs focused on increasing blood and sacrificing minion damage

Best Mid-Season Necro Builds in D4 S4

  • Bone Spirit Necromancer

With improvements to sacrifice mechanics, this build can dish out massive damage and is expected to rise in the rankings.

  • Shadow Minion Necromancer

Previously a top contender, this build has fallen slightly due to the Holy Bolt change but remains strong for high-end content.

  • Milly Rogue (Twisting Blade Rogue)

Improved but not enough to break into higher tiers, now sitting in C tier.

3. Sorcerer (C Tier)

Despite possessing the strongest single build in the game (Firebolt Sorcerer with Shatter), Sorcerers suffer from significant internal class imbalance. Other builds (e.g., Ball Lightning, Frozen Orb, Blizzard) lag far behind, unable to compete effectively in higher-tier content, which drags the overall class ranking down.

Buffs to Sorcerer in Mid Season: Mostly small 5-10% buffs to underused skills and aspects, Potent Waring mastery buffed to give more max resistance, Glass Cannon reduced damage taken

Best Mid-Season Sorc Builds in D4 S4

  • Firebolt Sorcerer with Shatter

This build stands out as the strongest in the game, achieving up to 150 solo pit clear. It's notable for its ability to deal massive area of effect damage and maintain a permanent Flame Shield, offering both high offense and defense. The build is getting an additional 25% buff, further solidifying its top spot.

  • Various Sorcerer Builds (Ball Lightning, Frozen Orb, Blizzard)

Received moderate buffs but still lag significantly behind the top-tier builds, capping around pit 120.

4. Druid (D Tier)

Druids remain the least effective class post-update, despite receiving only buffs. Their highest performing build (Wind Shear Druid) still underperforms compared to other classes' offerings. The Druid builds struggle to bridge the gap with more competitive classes, reflecting an ongoing need for more substantial enhancements to improve their viability.

Buffs to Druid in Mid-Season: Spirit boons reworked to be more useful, Overpower damage buffed significantly, especially for Pulverize build, Buffs to rabies and other underused skills, Buffs to passives like Toxic Claws and Quick Shift, Reduced overpower cooldown to boost Overpower build

Best Mid-Season Druid Builds in D4 S4

  • Wind Shear Druid

Good toughness, Passive Buffs + APS Boon 16% damage buffs (+2 Pitlevels)

  • Pulverize Druid

Despite buffs, it still falls short in comparison to other competitive builds, barely making it past pit 120.

  • Wolf Companion Druid

Also received buffs but remains less effective than other options.

Diablo 4 Mid-Season Best Build Tier List (S4 1.4.3 Patch)

With the class changes and buffs mentioned above, we now are going to sort up this updated build tier list focused on endgame-pushing content like The Pit:

S Tier:

  • Fire Bolt Shatter Sorc

  • Flay Bleed Barb

  • Thorns Barb

  • Bleed Bash Barb

  • Direct Bash Barb

  • Victimize Heartseeker Rogue

  • Rapid Fire Rogue

  • Andariel Flurry Rogue

A Tier:

  • Bleed WW Barb

  • Shadow Minion Necromancer

  • Bone Spirit Necromancer

  • Pen Shot Rogue

  • Wind Shear Druid

B Tier:

  • Dust Devil Barb Leap

  • Werenado Druid

  • Hurricane Druid

  • Blizzard Sorc

  • Frozen Orb Sorc

  • Ball Sorc

  • Shadowblight Necro, Lazymancer

  • HotA Barb

C Tier:

  • Pulverize Druid

  • Frosty Strides Sorc

  • Meteor Sorc

  • Nova Ice Shard Sorc

  • Charge

  • Leapquake Kick Barb

  • Deathblow Barb

  • Barrage Rogue

  • RF/Penshot Rogue

  • Bone Spear Necro

  • Boulder Druid

  • Lightning Storm Druid

  • Wolf Companion Druid

  • Twisting Blade Rogue

  • Fireball Sorc

  • Arc Lash Sorc

  • Incinerate Sorc

  • Landslide Druid

  • Rend

  • Upheaval Barb

  • Grenade Rogue

F Tier:

  • Pure Whirlwind Barb

  • Call of the Ancients Barb

This tier list does not cover all builds, only ranks the top ones for the mid-season update, and by pushing to the endgame with better gearing, the meta situation would be changed more or less. Stay tuned for more updates!

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