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D2R 2.7 Level 99 Javazon Build Guide - Best Ladder Season 4 Lightning Javazon Build in Diablo 2

5/10/2023 11:41:09 AM

Today we are going to show a level 99 Javazon Amazon build for D2R 2.7 patch. We'll walk you through gear, stats points, merc setup, skill tree & how to construct the best Lightning Javazon build in Diablo 2 Ladder Season 4.

D2R 2.7 Level 99 Javazon Build Guide - Best Ladder Season 4 Lightning Javazon Build in Diablo 2

The Javazon Amazon is a one-shot killer who can remove an area of effect quickly and do massive amounts of damage to a single target. She is the game's fastest character in killing bosses, and she may be highly handy in densely populated sections like the Secret Cow Level and the Chaos Sanctuary. Her primarily Lightning-type damage is subject to Lightning Immunities, however. The build is based around the D2R Javelin weapon type, using skills such as Lightning Fury and Charged Strike to deal lightning damage to enemies. This is definitely one of the best starting build options in D2R 2.7. 

Now check the level 99 build guide for the Lightning Javazon in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 4 patch 2.7.

Best D2R 2.7 Lightning Javazon Build Gears

Weapon: Titan’s Revenge

Weapon Swap: Call to Arms, Spirit Monarch

Helm: Griffon’s Eye

Shied: Stormshield Monarch

Gloves: Imp Grasp

Rings: Raven Frost, Beast Eye

Boots: Aldur’s Advance Battle Boots

Belt: Razortail Vampirefang Belt


Charms: Annihilus Charm, Harpoonist’s Grand Charms of Vita, Crack of the Heavens Grand Charm, Shimmering Small Charms of Vita, Amber Small Charm of Vita, Jade Small Charm of Vita, Serpent’s Small Charm of Vita, Emerald Small Charm of Vita

D2R Ladder 4 Start Lightning Javazon Build Stats Level 99

For stats, nothing into strength. For dexterity, enough to get to max block which is 75%. Then the rest of the points into vitality. Nothing into energy. 

Strength: 202

Dexterity: 222

Vitality: 463

Energy: 55

D2R 2.7 Best Javazon Build Merc Gear

Weapon: Infinity

Helm: Andariel’s Visage

Andariel's Visage

Armor: Fortitude

D2R 2.7 Ladder 4 Javazon Level 99 Build Skills

Charged Strike: Max 

Lightning Fury: Max

Lightning Strike: Max

Lightning Bolt: Max

Power Strike: Max

Critical Strike: 1 point

Penetrate: 1 point

Pierce: 1 point

Dodge: 1 point

Avoid: 1 point

Evade: 1 point

Jab: 1 extra point

Pros & Cons of Ladder 4 Lightning Javazon Build D2R 2.7

+ High damage output

+ Strong survivability

+ Good crowd control with the Lightning Fury skill

+ Fast clearing speed

+ High mobility

- Limited range

- Vulnerability to lightning resistance

- High gear requirements

- Difficult to play in multiplayer

- Requires good positioning

Playstyle of Level 99 Lightning Javazon Build D2R 2.7

- Hit and run tactics: The Lightning Javazon Build excels at hit and run tactics. Use your Javelin's range to hit enemies from a distance and then quickly move away to avoid counterattacks. The Lightning Fury skill is especially effective in this style of combat, as it can hit multiple targets at once.

- Mobility: The Javazon is a highly mobile build, relying on quick movement to avoid enemy attacks and reposition herself for better angles of attack. Make use of her Dodge and Avoid skills to increase your chances of dodging enemy attacks and move around the battlefield with ease.

- Focus on lightning damage: The Lightning Javazon Build focuses on dealing lightning damage to enemies. Make sure to invest in skills and gear that increase your lightning damage output, such as the Lightning Fury skill and gear with bonuses to lightning damage.

- Utilize your Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is a powerful ally that can help draw enemy fire away from you. Make sure to use her to your advantage, positioning her to take on tougher enemies while you focus on weaker targets.

This Amazon used to be a hybrid Amazon, Lightning Java with freezing arrow on switch and we can level up her all the way to 99 with the hybrid build. But after sunder charm gets into juice and we respect her to pure Java and it's much better this way because we can use CTA and charge strike is much more powerful than a hybrid build. So Javazon is one of the most powerful build in the game, it's very simple, very straightforward and very effective.

What is the Best Runeword for Javazon Diablo 2?

The Insight Runeword or Infinity Runeword are the two that are recommended. Insight offers a Meditation Aura that gives Mana back to the Javazon. And Infinity gives the Conviction Aura, which reduces enemy Defense and Resistances.

Is Javazon Good in Diablo 2?

With proper gear and skill point distribution, Javazons are perhaps the best crowd-killers in the game and excel in open spaces. Great places for running include the Secret Cow Level, the Chaos Sanctuary, and Baal runs.

Is Javazon Better than Bowazon in D2R Ladder Season 4 Start?

The javazon is so much faster and more durable that there is no comparison. Just for starters, a Bowazon can easily go thru entire arrow / bolt quivers taking down a small pack of hell level mobs, while the lightning fury javazon might spend 1-5 jav throws depending on the mob.

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