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D2R 2.8 Season 5 Patch Notes & Changes (Items, Runewords, Class Skills, QoL)

9/6/2023 4:02:53 PM

Patch 2.8 is going to roll out for Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 5 Ladder Reset, here we go over the comprehensive patch notes and discuss the changes and new content that would arrive with the upcoming seasonal update.

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.8 Patch Notes & Changes

D2R Season 4 is determined to end at the end of September, which means that the long-awaited 2.8 Patch is coming. So after 5 months of waiting, what exciting content will we have in Season 5? We don't know yet. More news about the new season will be announced in the coming weeks. But before that, we collect some wish lists from the community regarding the 2.8 patch, some of which may be adopted by Blizzard.

1. Quality of Life Improvement

Here is the QoL wishlist for the 2.8 patch:

Stash Tab

To improve the gameplay experience in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it is necessary to increase the storage space and support working with large quantities. The stash should allow runes, gems, keys, essences, gold, scrolls, and potions to stack to an infinite or exceedingly large quantity. Path of Exile's currency stash tab is a good example of how this can be implemented. Additionally, when an item in the inventory (such as a rune) is ctrl-clicked, it should automatically be placed in its designated location in the stash. It would also be beneficial to have a set piece and unique stash tab that holds one copy of each item. The need to create characters to "mule" items is a result of an obvious design flaw.

Loot Filter

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, a loot filter is a tool that helps players filter out unwanted items from the game's loot pool. A loot filter with a UI-based interface would be a welcome addition to the game, as it would make it easier for players to customize their filters according to their preferences. The filter should be accessible through the Options menu, and should not require any coding, markdown, or file editing skills. It should provide players with complete control over various aspects, such as text size (even the ability to set it to 0), color changes, sound effects, and integration with the minimap. Additionally, players should be able to customize the filter based on item base, rarity, and unique item names.

2. New Items & Changes

In addition to the changes in quality of life, we hope that some new items will be added and changed to give us a new game mechanism:

New Runewords & Reworks

For runewords, our first expectation is of course that new runewords can be added to bring more class meta and new builds, as Mosaic added in 2.6, etc. Not only new runewords, we also want some reworks for the old runewords. There are some Runewords that need a nerf, like Greif (added flat damage is too good), Spirit, Enigma, and Mosaic (Potentially add a charge limit or shift to main claws)

Buff TC87 Uniques

The community has requested to buff the TC87 uniques. The Devs have shown interest in making changes to these types of items, which has sparked hope within the community. One unique item with almost unanimous support for a buff is Tyrial's Might. Players are hoping that the Devs can scrutinize the utility of this item and update it. Starting with simply changing, this unique could be a good gesture to the D2R community and a huge step in the right direction. Players aren't asking for a complete overhaul of useless uniques all at once, just an acknowledgment that the Devs are interested in experimenting with this update. Also possibly adding teleport to a few other unique items could help alleviate the need for Enigma everywhere.


We also have a strong desire to see significant changes to crafting in Diablo 2 Resurrected. We believe there is immense potential to expand crafted recipes beyond the normal Blood/Safety/Caster/Hit Power recipes. Our vision is to support the crafting of any item base. We propose implementing tiers in crafting, such as Blood level 1, 2, and 3, where higher tiers would require more expensive runes but offer greater stats. The power of crafted items should range between 2-4/5 item power, with 2 being the lowest level and 4 representing a very lucky, well-rolled, and max-level crafted item (perhaps requiring an Ist or equivalent currency to craft). It’s important to note that the power of crafted items should not exceed the maximum potential of rare items, to maintain balance in the pursuit of godly items. Furthermore, we suggest introducing additional types of crafting, such as imbuing an item with one additional permanent property. This would enhance the longevity of item chase and provide the opportunity to use items for builds they might not otherwise fit, with the inclusion of that extra stat. While we currently have this option for sockets, it would be great to extend it to gloves, D2R belts, boots, rings, and amulets. Additionally, we believe that expanding the choices for socketing beyond the basic options would greatly enhance the crafting experience.

New Itemization Philosophy

In Diablo 2, players grind to find the most powerful items possible. However, players have noticed some annoying problems with D2's itemization. To sum it up, you will never find the perfect rare quality item for your build. There is a vast pool of attributes that are allowed on many different items including Rings, Boots, Circlets, Belts, and more. Rare items can only spawn with 6 attributes on them and which ones spawn on the item are extremely important. Some of these rare items can be best in the slot, but players hardly ever find them enough for it to be anything more than a pipe dream for most players. Players across the Realms have suggested an interesting way to address this. It boils down to addressing the unanimously useless attributes that spawn or just stopping them from spawning on rare items at all. Allowing players to either re-roll these abilities or just stop them from spawning on rare items altogether would be an incredible change. Even without these, there would still be so many possible attributes left that would still have to spawn in the correct combination with others, extremely valuable rares would still be just that rare. But at least players would have a few less horrible options to worry about rewarding most players who grind to find items with a slightly bit better chance of actually finding something capable.

3. Class Skill Balancing (Reworks & Changes)

In the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.8 patch, it is important to continue balancing and reworking underutilized skills. Skills that are currently unplayable due to mechanics should be fixed, such as the melee Amazon with the Dodge skill that was recently addressed.

Class Skill Balance

Would like to see these class skills improved and reworked:

  • Paladin: Remove Conc buff to Hammers, improve hammer damage slightly, Vengeance needs some area of damage ability, killing 1 enemy at a time just making it extremely slow.

  • Druid: Nerf Poison Vine Ealry Damage, Nerf Early Fissure Damage, Maul - Cleave Effect, Allow tele in SS form, improve other vines

  • Barbarian: Remove Find Potion synergy, adjust WW lategame, fix 2h frames

  • Necromancer: Shotgunning Teeth but diminishing returns, rework Elemental Summnor build (improve Skelly Mages, Synergize with LR, higher level attacks)

  • Assassin: Remove Cast time on Blade Fury, allow Pierce on Blade Fury, nerf Mindblast PvP (cooldown before next tun), add attack rating to Blade Sentinel, nerf Mosaic

  • Amazon: Nerf Lightning Fury, rework Decoy (this skill doesn't work too well vs mouse and keyboard. It needs to spawn away from the player)

  • Sorceress: Buff Firewall, buff Hydra (1 synergy at 6%), nerf Blizzard (-1% each synergy), buff Frozen Orb (+1% Ice Bolt synergy), rework Lightning skills (remove Nova Synergy, buff other % synergies)

Melee Builds

Melee builds in Diablo 2 are often considered underpowered due to several reasons. Melee skills are overwhelmingly single target, while spells are AoE. Melee skills have a hit chance, and spells hit 100%. Hit chance takes stat investment to overcome (Dex), taking away from other stats. Melee builds are more affected by curses because it affects them defensively and their offensive output. Melee builds are entirely gear-dependent, and the choices of good melee gear are limited (and entirely dominated by Grief or other high rune-based runewords hardly attainable for average players like Last Wish). To fix melee builds, many changes are required, but the basics are to increase damage and make more skills AoE or multi-target.


Mercenaries in Diablo 2 are currently limited in choice and utility due to the limited number of gear slots available to them. To address this, it is suggested to expand the gear options for mercenaries to include gloves, boots, and belts at the very least. The existing mercenary classes are Amazon (Act 1), Paladin (Act 2), Sorceress (Act 3), and Barbarian (Act 5), which cover all the classes from Classic Diablo 2 except for the Necromancer. It would be beneficial to introduce Necromancer-based mercenaries in Act 4, as they can offer unique value by casting curses and spells. This would provide players with the opportunity to choose a mercenary that can utilize curses like Lower Resist, Amp Damage, or Decrepify.

NOTE: This is the Wishlist for Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 5 Update, the official D2R 2.8 patch notes will be updated here once we get the announcement from Blizzard!

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