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D2R 2.7 Blade Assassin (Bladesin) Build Guide | Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 2 Best Build

5/8/2023 5:23:39 PM

Here we go over one of the best D2R 2.7 Best Build - Blade Assassin Builds, covering the stats, gear, skills, and mercenary setup. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.7 Blade Assassin Build

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the blade assassin was already very strong, it was definitely clunky and it didn't necessarily feel great almost entirely because this one-second next hit delay on Blade Sentinel basically meant you weren't getting as much damage out of it as you thought that you were. But in D2R 2.7 patch, with the changes adding attack rating as well as adding damage and changing the weapon damage percentages across the board, the blades got a lot stronger. 

We actually thought that the Blade Assassin was a decent starter because there are a lot of stats that become a lot more important when the only thing that you care about is your skill damage. The blade skill damage basically worked like Grief that 1,385 damage, there is like the Grief damage plus 1300, it's a huge boost that gets added to the base damage after some calculations and then gets multiplied by all sources of off weapon ED. So the Bladesin was like low-key really good but again incredibly clunky the damage output from Blade Fury itself was really difficult to manage because it has a set attack rate, it didn't have pierce, it was missing something. The next hit delay changes fixed that primary problem for the Bladesin and it's that she didn't have pierce it was difficult for her to do damage over a large area and her damage output wasn't consistent enough, because you had this huge wind-up with actually using the Blade Fury skill itself, and if you ever accidentally targeted something it would stop the attack and you'd have to use shift click to be able to do it consistently, it was a big problem. 

Blade Sentinel on the other hand travels through and deals damage, it effectively has Pierce because it's not stopped by monsters. But even that it was still clunky in the one second next hit delay, vastly reduced its overall effectiveness. Now that's just not a problem anymore, with each trap considering its own next hit delay or each cast of the skill having its own next hit delay, means that if a monster walked into this line of my Blade Sentinels it's taking 5 times the damage it used to if you have 5 Sentinels out. So if the problems with Blade Fury was that you really couldn't choose between the best D2R item or actually being able to use Death Sentry, not having Pierce and not having AOE damage outside of Death Sentry, all of that is just resolved now.

There's legitimately a Blade Fury assassin where all you do is walk around teleporting and dropping multiple Blade Sentinels while monsters are kind of showing up to the party, and then as you're maneuvering and getting into position to go to the next area, you just leave them there to do the work for you and all the monsters die while you sit here doing nothing. And then when you do have a particularly tanky monster, you come back in with blade Fury to be able to finish them off or to be able to apply a ton of crushing blow to a boss monster.

D2R 2.7 Best Bladesin Build Setup (Stats, Gear, Skills, Merc)

Now follow us to check out how to build up the Blade Assassin:


  • Strength: enough to be able to wear our gear

  • Dexterity: Enough to be able to reach 75 blocks because the survivability needing to stand still was the biggest consideration on the bladesin's overall ability to output damage, but if we are able to just run by doing Blade Sentinel, maybe we don't need to worry about Max block as much. The other benefit though is that it does increase our attack rating which again is just really important for our traps and Blade Fury to actually be able to hit the target as we go

  • Vitality: The rest of our done points go into Vitality


  • Weapon: Ethereal Plague Scissors -  It has plus 3 to Fade, Blade Fury, and Blade Sentinel, we make Plague in it to have the biggest plus to skills as well as having Deadly Strike, and then on top of that the lower resist sometimes would help with our Death Sentry damage output. The reason to use an ethereal weapon when you don't have an indestructible ethereal weapon is that we actually never use Blade Shield, as in a lot of cases the blade assassin gets hamstrung by trying to use a weapon that won't get eaten up by blade shield, and pound for pound the biggest damage outfit possible on Blade Sentinel itself is using a claw weapon, o that you can also benefit from Claw Mastery. 

  • Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako with 40 Ed Jewel

  • Armor: Enigma - For teleport 

  • Amulet: High Lords -  For the deadly strike in the Plesitus skill 

  • Shield: Phoenix - For the massive amount of off-weapon enhanced damage as well as the Redemption Aura for survivability

  • Gloves: Laying of Hands - For in case you're actually farming anywhere that has demons, if you're not you would use Lava Gout to be able to get the enchant buff to get as much attack rating as possible considering both blade fairy and blade essentially use attack rating and be able to hit the target/

  • Ring 1: Raven Frost - For the cannot be frozen 

  • Ring 2: Bitter Turn - A random attack rating with stats res and leech ring

  • Belt: Arachnid Mesh - For the plus skill as well as the FCR for teleport frames

  • Boots: War Travelers - For the base flat damage added onto the character as well as the big amount of magic finds, since this is a player's 8 density destroying build we want to be able to stack magic find where we can, these could also just as easily be Gore Rider or Goblinto for more crushing blow and deadly strike

  • Swap Weapon: Call the Arms & Spirit - For the bigger boost to battle orders

  • Charms: All trap lifers and all Max damage life charms, HellfireTorch, Annihilus


  • Blade Sentinel: Max

  • Blade Shield: Max

  • Blade Fury: Max

  • Claw Mastery: Max

  • Burst To Speed: 1 Point (It can help with our Blade Sentinel laying speed)

  • Fade: 1 Point (for survivability)

  • Death Sentry: Max

  • Fire Blast: As many points 

Blade Sentinel almost certainly is going to be the focal point and look more at attack speed and make sure that you are hitting the appropriate breakpoints. Here we are also maxing out Death Sentry and then putting in as many points into fire blast to get more shots out Of Death Sentry as we could, but there's realistically a world where you do not pick this up anymore because of the amount of AOE clear damage that we've picked up in Blade Sentinel. 


We are using a might mercenary for the biggest enhanced damage bonus that we can get, and equip it with the below gear:

  • Weapon: The Reaper's Toll - To apply decrepify

  • Armor: Chains of Honor

  • Helm: Andariel's Visage

With this set, when the merc is fighting the cows, he's casting poison over every once in a while. Before these changes, Poison Nova actually has a four frame next hit delay, so there were a lot of times when that Poison Nova was actually stopping your Blade Sentinel damage because on any frame that it's still counting down the Poison Nova next hit delay, and Blade Sentinel couldn't apply. He is basically a walking decrepit stick as well as stat stick and you'll maybe ask the question why chains of Honor instead of fortitude for his own damage, but his plus skill is increasing his might Aura which again is so important for us to get the biggest amount of total off weapon enhanced damage for us from his Aura, so that's why you are using as many plus skills as possible. 

Now it's going to take us a while to be able to like fully min max what every single build should look like now if they were previously using next hit delay skills and they can actually benefit from the changes, but bladesin by far is one of the strongest builds that has been altered in some way.  

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