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Best Diablo 2 resurrected Budget Build - Top 6 Budget Starters for Season 6 In Diablo 2

11/23/2022 3:55:40 PM

Today bring a diablo 2 resurrected build guide, here are 6 budget starters for Diablo 2 Resurrected season 6. Let's start with Amazon, technically have quite a few options here.

Best Diablo 2 resurrected Budget Build - Top 6 Budget Starters for Season 6 In Diablo 2

1. Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon 

Skill Tree

To Bow And Crossbow Skills

  • Magic Arrow 1

  • Multiple shot 1

  • Guided Arrow 1

  • Strafe 1

To passive and Magic Skills

  • Inner sight 1

  • Critical Strike 16

  • Evade 1 

  • Pierce 1 

  • Slow Missiles 1

  • Avoid 1 

  • Decoy 20

  • Valkyrie 20 

  • Penetrate 1 

This build can clear cows to travel and the chaos Sanctuary efficiently on day one in a budget setup, you pretty much, max out Valk and decoy and get around 80 Piers 61 Critical Strike One independent trait dodgy fade and strafe, you have a few gear choices here, 

  • Harmony Grand Matron BOW 

  • Peace Mage Plate 

  • Lore Cast 

  • Telling On Beads Amulet

  • Grim Track Chain Boots

  • Dread Eye 

  • Grim Grip Gauntlets 

  • Dread Eye Arrows

  • Grim Grip Gauntlets 

  • Harmony Grand Matron Bow 

  • Dread Eye Arrows 

  • Bow+ P Amethyst + Tir+ Jewel 

  • Splendor Grim Shield 

  • Peace Mage Plate 

  • Grim Grip Gauntlets 

  • Lore Cap

Harmony bow works well as a starter, it gives you three to six Valk and a level 10 Vigor Aura which will help you and your valks be more efficient overall, make sure you pair this up with some plus two passive skill arrows, you could also craft the Caster bow that could roll up the plus three skills, the other option would be something like a spirit sword and a splendor Shield the strafe setup is mainly for procking amp damage and sustained by leeching.

If you don't have any source of amp damage or sustain early on the sword and board setup will work just fine, make peace as soon as you can, it's a super cheap Rune word that will allow you to summon an additional Valk which also provides plus two to Amazon skills.

If you haven't found a pair of passive skill gloves, you can shop them from onion hell and make sure you get a lore helmet, get yourself an act 5 might or Beo Merc depending.

If you want more damage or survivability, you should be able to cheese yourself through any level 85 Zone, and it should be able to fully clear Ubers.

2. Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian 

Next is the Whirlwind Barbarian.

Skill Tree 

To Combat Skills 

Bash 1 

Double Swing 1 

Stun 1

Concentrate 1 

Leap attack 1 

Berserk 1 

Whirlwind 20

To Combat Masteries Skills 

Increased Stamina 1

Iron skin 1 

Increased Speed 1

Pole arm mastery 20      

Natural resistance 10 

To Warcries

  • Howl 1 

  • Shout 1 

  • War Cry 1 

  • Battle Cry 1 

  • Taunt 1 

  • Find item 1 

  • Find potion 1 

  • Battle orders 20 

  • Osedience Cryptic Axe

  • Sell Value: 30558 Osedience Cryptic Axe

  • Lionheart Mage Plate

You may need a little help getting it up and whirling, this budget Barb is one of the most efficient travel Farmers mainly, because of a hurricane, however, the pd2 team is toying with the idea of removing horking from Trav if that does end up happening just skip, this budget starter and move on to the next one max out Whirlwind weapon Mastery and battle orders put one point in the Battle Cry Battle Command and passives.

Dumping the rest of your points into iron skin and natural resistances, the budget weapon is obedience in a cryptic ax find a plain white one and use your socket quest for a total of five sockets Lionheart or rare armor with enhanced damage on it will do the trick.

Crafting blood items, here are the recipes for the helm belt gloves and boots, the Barb in this testing is using the items that were previously recommended as long as you stack fire and light res and reset against conviction council members, your Barb should be just fine getting to this point may be challenging if you're playing solo.

3. Diablo 2 Resurrected Druid 

Skill Tree

To summoning

  • Raven 20

  • Poison Creeper 1

  • Heart of Wolverine 7

  • Summon Spirit Wolf 20

  • Summon Dire Wolf 20

  • Summon Grizzly 20 

  • To Elemental 

  • Arctic Blast 1

  • Cyclone Armor 1

  • Lore Cap

  • Splendor Grim Shield 

Your character Mowgli raised by a family of wolves since birth Mowgli must defeat Bell and his minions while Guided by a free-spirited bear named Baloo for gear, all you need is the bare necessities, just Spirit Lauren Splendor, a damn loser Max Raven wolves bear wanted to poison Vine and Gus, then dump everything else into the heart of the Wolverine in act 5 Merck with buy or Bo works extremely well with this build, it pretty much faces rolls through anything cows travel chaos, it will be the go-to budget build for Ubers early on as well.

4. Diablo 2 Resurrected Assassin

Skill Tree

To Traps 

  • Fire Blast 20

  • Shock Web 1

  • Charged Bolt Sentry 20

  • Wake of fire 1

  • Lightning Sentry 20

  • Wake of Inferno 1

  • Death Sentry 1

The Assassin, wake of fire in cows and it seemed alright, but chain lightning century is the way, it cleared cows pretty well, but if you're planning on starting as an assassin, just Farm the Arcane Sanctuary until you build enough currency before mapping.

There are some positives to starting lightning build this season because there is a handful of maps that have lightning immunes removed, it's also one of the easiest classes to gear on day one, all you need to do is shop two plus three trap Claws from Anya and Hell get a lore Helm and if you come across a Lem roon

  • Cunning Greater Talons 

  • Lore Cap 

  • Treachery Mage Plate

You can always make the Rune word treachery max out chained lightning Sentry, and all of its synergies one to the death Sentry, if your theme one in the cloak of Shadows mind blast, and a burst of speed, if you're using dual claws, make sure you put one into weapon block, you could also put one in the fade and use that over the burst of speed the first one or two days, if you're having problems with survivability for all the extra points, you could just dump them into death Sentry.

Didn't t find this skill necessary, chain lightning Sentry did the job quite well without it, but that's up to you pretty much, just stuck farming cows and the Arcane Sanctuary, the first few days of farming which isn't a bad thing.

5. Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress

The Sorceress is still contemplating between starting a sork or a Barb, but if starts a sork.

Skill Tree 

To Fire Spells 

  • Warmth 1

To Lightning Spells

  • Static Field 1 

  • Telekinesis 1 

  • Teleport 1

  • To Cold Spells 

  • Ice Bolt 20 

  • Ice Blast 20

  • Frost Nova 1

  • Shiver Armor 1

  • Glacial Spike 1 

  • Blizzard 20

  • Cold Mastery 20

  • Memory Cedar Staff

  • Lore Cap 

  • Enlightenment Mage Plate 

Most likely be farming cows Andy and meth with blizzard, until a few core pieces of gear, may transition into chain lightning slash lightning, 

and farm the crap out of the Arcane Sanctuary for a while, maybe Dave 2 or so, but the end goal would be to build enough currency for an Infinity, then respect into Nova and start mapping as soon as possible, a more detailed sword guide, if you're planning on starting sork for season six, but prefer for a blizzard before chain lightning at least for the first few days, if you enjoy boss farming, but you'll be just fine with chain lightning and lightning in the Arcane Sanctuary some early Rune words to get would be a memory staff lore Helm stealth, and if you happen to find a pool day one, make an Enlightenment.

6. Diablo 2 Resurrected Necro and Paladin

Skill Tree

To Combat Skills 

  • Holy Bolt 1 

  • Smite 1

  • Charge 1 

  • Blessed Hammer 20

  • Conversion 1

  • Holy Shield 1

To Offensive Auras

  • Might 1

  • Blessed Aim 20

  • Concentration 20

To Defensive Auras

  • Prayer 1

  • Defiance 1

  • Cleansing 1

  • Vigor 20

  • Redemption 1

Necro and Paladin didn't quite make the list, but that's only because personally enjoy playing those classes, they actually do quite well, and if you are planning on starting a paladin, highly recommend running with hammers as soon as you can it's extremely strong in a budget setup, just don't enjoy the skill, even though it shreds 10 out of 10. 

For necro, the bone spear is a great day one chaos farmer, you could also go with melee skellies and archers with amp damage as your curse of choice if you're into a summons.

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