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Madden 23 Snickers Promo: How to Get Snickers Collectible and 88 OVR Snickers Players

11/23/2022 3:40:14 PM

Before the arrival of the Blitz promo, let’s go through another new program coming to MUT 23 - Madden 23 Snickers promo where you can earn new 83/88 OVR player cards. We’ll also talk about how to address the issue of obtaining a Snickers collectible. 

Madden 23 Snickers Players

Madden 23 Snickers is a new promo that reveals four 83 overall Snickers players for free, you can get them by opening the Snickers Welcome Pack, and upgrading them to 88 OVR. The upgraded Snickers card will have a third ability bucket where you can select one of two custom abilities. 

The following Snickers players start at 83 OVR in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, you can only choose one, these players do not play like themselves when they are hungry, complete solo challenges to earn the Snickers collectible to get the player to play like themselves.

Stefon Diggs - WR - 83 

Najee Harris - HB - 83

CeeDee Lamb - WR - 83

Deebo Samuel - WR - 83

Custom abilities:

Stefon Diggs: Short In Elite (1 AP), Outside Apprentice (2 AP)

Najee Harris: Reach For It (1 AP), Bruiser (2 AP)

CeeDee Lamb: Mid Out Elite (1 AP), Matchup Nightmare (2 AP)

Deebo Samuel: Mid In Elite (1 AP), Juke Box (2 AP)

How to get 88 OVR Snickers player cards in Madden 23? To upgrade these 83 OVR cards to 88 OVR, you need to earn a collectible item called Snickers, which is obtainable through solo challenges. Then feed the collectible to your player, and he will become his original state. 

How to Get Madden 23 Snickers Collectible?

In the Madden 23 Snickers Challenge, there are five challenges that need to be completed to earn the Milestone rewards - Snickers collectible and MUT 23 coins in the individual challenge.

There was an issue with a Snicker solo not giving the collectible, if you landed in that boat where you finished the solos and you did not get the collectible, all you have to do is go back into any Snicker challenge, specifically if you play something outside of this sequence of solos, it’s not going to work, so go back and play one of those five challenges, the reward will pop out.

Snickers Challenge

- Stefon Diggs: Get 4+ first downs in 6 plays. Rewards: 200 coins.

- Najee Harris

- Deebo Samuel

- CeeDee Lamb

- Grand Finale


Tier 1 (5 Stars): Snickers Collectible

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