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Easiest Dragonflight Healer Tier List - Best Healer for Beginners & Mythic+ in WoW Dragonflight

11/23/2022 12:14:03 PM

This Dragonflight healer tier list is mainly for new and returning players to World of Warcraft games, rather than focusing on competitive purposes. You can find both the easiest healer in WoW Dragonflight and the best healer for Mythic+.

Easiest Dragonflight Healer Tier List & Ranking - Best Healer for Beginners & Mythic+ in WoW Dragonflight 

Healers in World of Warcraft are characters that heal and protect their allies, common healer classes include priests, shamans, paladins, monks, and druids, they are important, especially in dungeons or raids. For beginners, what is the best healer in WoW Dragonflight? Below follow us to take a view of the Dragonflight healer tier list by nogylopp, ranking from easiest to hardest. 

S Tier: Holy Priest

Starting off with Holy Priest, which is ranked in the S-tier, is your standard healer class, it is the best healer for new WoW players or people who running the healer for the first time. Holy Priests have a relatively simple play style and some nice buffs like Power Infusion, now it may take some getting used to learning something about Holy Words, but once you get it, it's easy as well. The spec excels in single target and AoE healing, and unique cooldowns such as Spirit of Redemption while lacking mobility and damage reduction cooldowns. 

A Tier: Resto Druid

At the A-tier, we have the Restoration Druid, a shapeshifting to do DPS as well as Lifebloom gameplay with Photosynthesis talent, it has a battle res, nice crowd control and a lot of durability and damage reduction cooldowns, the heal over time play style brings much fun and not too complicated to play, especially if you are new at leveling up. Druid also excels in big healing cooldowns such as Tranquility and Convoke the Spirits, while being very mobile and lacking the ability to do bursty heals, Resto Druid is also one of the better healing specializations for Dragonflight Mythic+.

B Tier: Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman

Coming to the B-tier, Holy Paladin is a great healer because you are simply replacing lost Health by healing, the reason that makes it at B tier is the sheer amount of defenses that Paladin has to offer, plain melee and or caster build as well as a Holy Power system, however, it is very fun and rewarding to play, especially if you like being able to be of a melee, the Holy Power system requires you to generate holy power from your abilities and spend that on your party with Word of Glory and Light of Dawn, it is also crucial to use Holy Shock off cooldown in order to maintain holy power and healing procs. The Holy Paladin excels in excellent defensive cooldowns, damage and healing cooldowns, single target healing, and lacks mobility and AOE burst heals. 

Another class put in the B-tier is Resto Shaman, which is one of the two kings of utility with the other one being the Paladin, there's too much utility for a new player, this is what makes it loads of fun and potentially overwhelming. Resto Shaman is one of the easier healers in WoW, the healing style doesn't have complex mechanics, this is a healing spec that is good at healing group damage and burst single-target healing, but there are some longer cast times to make you a little more stationary than other healers. 

C Tier: Mistweaver Monk

Then Mistweaver Monk is put in the C-tier, the majority of their healing toolkit is range-based, as a healer, you also have some decent spells such as Enveloping Mist and Vivify, but most of their damage abilities are melee-based. The Monk's melee setup requires a bit more ramping, and the ramping requires a good bit of fight knowledge and class knowledge to do. They also have some Mana issues. The Mistweaver excels at mobility, single target throughput and damage, and strong mob control in Mythic+, but lacks a strong damage-reducing CD, and has a high skill ceiling. 

D Tier: Discipline Priest

Lastly, we have Discipline Priest in the D-tier, this class also relies on damage to do healing, and requires you to spread your Atonement to your allies through various spells and then damage your enemies to heal your people with Atonement buff on them. Why Discipline Priest is harder than other classes on the list is simply because of the extreme ramping and fight knowledge required to play this class. You have to combine fight patterns as well as your arsenal to make sure your Atonements are spread enough and that you do enough damage to the group through whatever. The Discipline Priest provides great burst healing, high absorbs, and good cooldowns with Power Infusion and Pain Suppression, but lacks mobility and some spur-of-the-moment healing as it requires some ramps. What ramping means is using certain abilities over a duration in a particular order, to set up your burst healing window. 

Another class in the D-tier is Preservation Evoker, this class is a little tricky to learn and it is brand new, there are a lot of unknowns to this class, and it will require some creative thinking about how or when to use your Echo ability to effectively heal the preservation. Evoker comes with great cooldowns with Rewind and Echo, as well as a ton of ability and one of the best offensive profiles among all healers, however, their limited range of 30 yards takes some getting used to and that is where they lack. Overall, Preservation Evoker is one of the best healers for mythic plus content.

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