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WoW Dragonscale Expedition Renown Rewards: Mounts, Transmog, Pets, Titles & More in Dragonflight

11/23/2022 12:02:32 PM

We're going to talk about renown and more specifically, we're going to take a look at the renowned rewards for the dragonscale Expedition which is one of the four renowns of Dragonflight, the dragonscale expedition. This is the kind of combination of the reliquary and the Explorers League the Horton Alliance coming together to create the dragonscale Expedition, they're going to be one of the first renowns you run into in the dragonars and you'll start gaining that almost immediately  from all of these star quests and things like that.


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Dragonscale Expedition Renown in Dragonflight

Before we get into the rewards, let's talk about Renown in Dragonflight, so Renown in Dragonflight is slightly different to how it worked in shadowlands as of the launch of dragonflight, there are four different renowned factions, you have the Dragonscale Expedition, the Maruuk Centaur, the Iskaara Tuskarr, and the Valdrakken Accord, it's not like shadowlands covenants, you don't have to pick one of these factions,  you gain Renown for all of them,  the way that Renown Works in Dragonflight is essentially just like reputation for every 2 500 reputation, you gain one level of renown, this can be gained through the regular means of side quests, World quests, main story quests and different activities for each of the renowned factions, it'll be one of the major features of the expansion, however, it's not really required, it's not going to be a big gearing path, it's simply just side activities for you to do on your character while doing a kind of regular PVE or PVP activities, so Dragonscale Expedition, this is as mentioned one of the first renowns you'll run into on the dragon arms, they're based pretty much exclusively in the waking Shore, however, you will see some all around the dragon Isles, but essentially, you'll have the dragon scale kind of basecamp in the waking short down here at the bottom, and this is kind of their base of operation but  you will be gaining it throughout the dragonars, of course, you can also track different activities that will gain you renowned with the dragon skills, so you can just press that button there, and it will highlight all of the world quests that give rewards for the dragon skirt which is actually really nice.

Dragonscale Expedition Renown Rewards

So in total there are 25 levels of renown, as mentioned, it is 2 500 rep per Renown, this doesn't go up or down, this is simply just 2500 per level of renowned, so let's take a look at some of the rewards that are available for the Dragonscale Expedition.

Level 1: The Dragonscale Expedition

The first one is The Dragonscale Expedition, you'll see a little blue text here that says account unlock, this is something that you're going to see quite a lot with this renown, the actual renown levels are not account wide, however, the unlocks are, so if you've got something at renowned 20 on a main, and it was account wide that would be available in all of your other characters on the dragon Isles, the first one is just you get when you unlock the renown.

Level 2: Expedition Scout Packs

The second one is Expedition Scout Packs, these are Scout packs which are located all around the dragon Isles inside there are artifacts and things like that so, you can hand those in for reputation, you'll see those on the map similar to a regular Treasure Chest, this is going to be one of your main ways of gaining renown with the dragonscale expedition actually.

Level 3: Simple Expedition Tools

At round three, you'll get Simple Expedition Tools, these are different transmogs which are available as for a mallet or a chisel and things like that a little trowel, nothing too complicated really, just some simple transmogs available at renown three and again that is an account wide unlock, so if you can't use the weapon, you can go on another character and purchase that as soon as you get to the Dragon Arts.

Level 4: Dragonscale Expedition Cloaks

At 4, you'll get the Dragonscale Expedition Cloaks again, this is another cosmetic item which is available from the vendors as mentioned you can collect that on another character if you like or just sumane that has renowned four.

Level 5: Buried Treasures

At Renown five, you have Buried Treasures, this is another method of gaining Renown with the dragon scale expedition, you'll go around with the shovel and just kind of find loose dirt everywhere, it's all around the dragon Isles again on the map similar to the Expedition packs and this is going to give you similar items to the expedition pack, just another way of gaining Renown with the dragonscale expedition

Level 6: Expedition Climbers

At six, you're going to get Expedition Climbers, so this is the rock climbing, this is rock climbing available in World of Warcraft, it's a new kind of side activity  which is super fun, it's really interesting, there'll be World quests attached to it as well, but rock climbing is definitely a very interesting one for sure, definitely highly recommend, checking that out once you get to renowned six with the dragonscale expedition, you're also going to get a Expedition Supply Kit, we think this is just random items that you get from like a random Quest, we don't think it's anything too exciting, but it is an account wide unlock as well.

Level 7: Advanced Expedition Tools, Ancient WaygatesⅠ

At renowned seven, you'll get Advanced Expedition Tools, this is again just some more appearances and more cosmetic stuff through run out which is kind of nice, also at Renown seven, you'll unlock Ancient Waygates, these are just simple teleports around the Zone, we believe they're exclusively for the waking shore, we couldn't get them working on beta, unfortunately, so we can't give you any footage, but essentially, we believe they're just simple teleports similar to like the Kyrian teleport that you got back in chat lands.

Level 8: Ancient WaygateⅡ, Cataloging the Expedition

At Renown 8,you'll get more Ancient Waygates different locations that you can go through your ancient waygates and you'll get Cataloging the Expedition, now you would have noticed that all of these are account word as well which is super nice, so this is another kind of side activity  which is like Pokemon Snap, you'll go around taking photos of different creatures on the dragon dolls, this is also a world quest as well which we'll unlock once you get to Renown eight, just another method of obviously gaining  reputation and renown.

Level 9: Drakewatcher ManuscriptsⅠ, Wayfinder's Compass

At Renown nine, you'll unlock some Drakewatcher Manuscripts, this is for your Proto Drake including the spined brow, the mained crest and the spiked jaw, these are available from a vendor in the dragonscale expedition base camp, so just some more Drake customizations again, account wide all of the Drake customizations are account wide as well, so you don't need to worry too much about that you also get the Wayfinder's Compass, this is a toy, really interesting, it just puts an arrow on your head which faces no North at all times no matter how you move.

Level 10: Ancient WaygateⅢ, Word of a Worthy Ally Ⅰ, Bonus Supplies

Renown 10 is more ancient waygates, you can just have more of those to take you all around, the waking shawl which is super nice, this one's really interesting, this is a Word of a Worthy Ally, now this is for all ketchup, so essentially once you hit renown 10 on any of your characters,  all of your alts will gain 100 increased reputation with the dragonscale expedition while at Renown 10 or lower, so that's really cool, so essentially similar to how it worked in Mr Pandaria, so for example this character obviously has renowned 10, so any other characters we get will get a 100 additional reputation with the dragon scale as they level up their Renown, but again, everything's account wide anyway for the most part, so it's not really you know, you also get Bonus Supplies, so you're getting 25 chance to get additional dragon art supplies from treasure chest on the dragon arms which is nice.

Level 11: Battle Pets - Gray Marmoni, Black Skitterbug

At Renown 11, you're going to get two battle pets, the Gray Marmoni, and the Black Skitterbug, so two pets available at Renown 11.

Level 12: Expedition Equipment Ⅰ

At Renown 12, you'll get some items, you're actually going to get an item at item level 376, this is not account wide as you can tell, so you will be getting some items at Renown 12 at item level three seven six, not the highest item level in the world but not bad, definitely good for outdoor activities and things like that, but it's pretty likely you'll get a higher item level from outdoor activities anyway.

Level 13: Questline - A Mystery.Sealed

You actually unlock your first part of the end game story, this is questlines that are not available on beta, this will give you the first kind of like continued Adventures of the dragon scale Expedition, a questline called A Mystery.Sealed which is all very exciting and as mentioned not available for testing right now, so that'll be something that we see once beta is over and launch happens.

Level 14: Dragonscale Expedition Ensembles

At Renown 14, you'll get the Dragonscale Expedition Ensembles, these are ensembles that are available to all armor types, just simple items that you can purchase with your character which is really nice, so if you want to get some transmog that is available, also available on other characters as well, it doesn't say account white here, but it is essentially you know if you've got it on one character you can go and purchase it on another obviously you know my hunter right now can't purchase a cloth one, but we can go on like a priest and come here and buy it without the required renown which is really nice,  that's available.

Level 15: Drakewatcher Manuscripts Ⅱ, Ancient Waygates Ⅳ

At Round 15, you'll get more Drake customizations for your prototrake, including the spiked club tail, swept horns, and the Harrier pattern, those are available from a vendor and more ancient waygates to teleport you around the dragon Isles.

Level 16: Magical Treasure Chests

At 16, you'll get Magical Treasure Chests, so magical treasure chests, we believe are very similar to the Expedition packs and the amounts of dirt just another additional way for you to gain reputation with the dragon skirt expedition as you go around the dragon Isles.

Level 17: Ancient WaygatesⅤ, Researching in Comfort

At renowned 17, you'll get more Ancient Waygates which is nice, so you'll a get more things to teleport you around and the dragon Isles and the Researching in Comfort which we believe is a soft purple pillow toy which is a bunch of different pillow toys which is interesting unfortunately we can't show you it, because we don't have renowned 17, but you'll have to take my word for it you get some toys at renown 17 if you really want to get them.

Level 18: Bonus SuppliesⅡ, Expedition EquipmentⅡ

Renown 18 is just more Bonus Supplies, so you get an additional 25  with the dragonscale kind of supplies which is just a currency they're going to use around the dragon Isles, you're also going to get some items again, you get a useful pair of legs at item level 389 which is going up from the previous item level which was really nice, this would be a nice bit of catch-up gear or something that you can wear for all of your characters again not count wide so if you do want to get this item this will be something you have to grind individually on each character.

Level 19: Banner of the United Factions, Dragonscale Expedition Tabard

Renown 19, you'll get Banner of the United Factions, this is a toy we believe which will put the banner of the reliquary and the Explorers League down, we believe it seems that way anyway, this is account unlock as well and a toy, you'll get the Dragonscale Expedition Tabard which is nice so that's something you can get for all your characters as well at Round 19.

Level 20: Ancient WaygatesⅥ, Explosive Archaeology, Word of a Worthy AllyⅡ

Around 20, more Ancient Waygates once again, and Explosive Archaeology, not too sure on this, this is just some Expedition explosives, and then a Word of a Worthy Ally too, so your characters will now get a hundred percent over renowned 10 and 200 if below rank 10, so this is just another method of catch up for your characters for getting up there renown which is super nice so a little bit more catch up at renowned 20.

Level 21: Quack-E Quack Modulator, Jeweled Whelpling Treasure Maps

Renowned 21 is going to give you the Quack-E Quack Modulator, not really sure what this is we think it might translate duck noises or something, it's a bit unclear, but  it's a reward for Renown 21, and you'll get the Jeweled Whelpling Treasure Maps, so this says you may acquire a special treasure map from boss mag or the dragonscale base camp, these Maps will lead to a jeweled whelping material rules and dual crafting patterns, so it seems like a jewel crafting thing which is really cool, however, this character isn't a jewel crafter, so I'm not entirely sure how that works, but it does seem pretty interesting, that's going to be something, we'll have to see once launch happens.

Level 22: Drakewatcher ManuscriptsⅢ

At Renown 22, you'll to get more Drake customizations which are nice, this is actually Blues scales for all of your Drakes which is really cool to see, so you'll be able to get a blue color for all of the four Drakes that are available on the dragon Isles.

Level 23: Ancient WaygatesⅦ

Around 23, you'll get even more Ancient Waygates, ancient waygate seems to be a pretty major feature of this renowned tree it seems.

Level 24: Questline - In the Halls of Titans

Around 24, you'll get the final questline of the dragons, go expedition that is the In the Halls of Titans again, an end game story, very exciting, very encrypted, so we'll see what happens with that.

Level 25: A Heroic Reward, Intrepid Explorer Title, Skitterflying Mounts

At the final level of renown, you'll get three things including A Heroic Reward which is a primal infusion, this can be used as an optional reagent to craft items at three, nine, five or higher from the crafting professions which is really cool, you're also going to get the Intrepid Explorer title, and you're going to get access to the Skitterflying mounts, we believe there are a couple of these available from the vendor, so at Renown 25, you will be getting the Skitterflying mounts, obviously, you know dragon riding is going to be your main way of movement on the Dragon Arts, but it is nice to have some additional mounts which are available through the dragonscale Expedition.

That is all 25 levels of renown for the dragonscale Expedition.

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