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Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - 5 New Secrets You Didn't Know About In Elden Ring

11/22/2022 5:04:50 PM

Welcome back to Elden ring, this one's likely to be full of tips and things from you and that's certainly the case, an alternative to some previous things and plenty of new ones, let's just begin.

Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - 5 New Secrets You Didn't Know About In Elden Ring

1. Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - Dragon claw 

There are going to be a lot of things from you, there is a dragon incantation that the dragon claw which channels a dragon claw out of your hand which you slam down on the foes, it has a one-two combo style of attack, so you do one attack and then you can follow up again, and this is it in action, there's the dragon claw, there's the slam you follow up and a fairly quick follow-up slam.

It's quite underrated, but every time it looks really fun to use, and it's far from the ineffective problem that attacks it comes out pretty slow, and then you got that slow second combo that's the end of the combo what if there's a way to just keep slamming to simply keep going well as it turns out,  recently found out that is exactly what you can do. 

The one combo, the two combos, then three, four, five, six, you can imagine how effective this can be in open-world scenarios and in plenty of boss fights too. Now imagine you've worked out how this works, just from looking at that, but holding two seals hence, the one red hand and the one glowing yellow hand. 

Now technically using a faith-based seal here, the best option is the dragon communal seal, because it's gonna boost our Dragon communal encounts, so maybe running two of those would be optimal, if you can get a second one maybe someone drops you one,  but this works really well, but the main thing here is that it becomes an infinite very strong very effective combo, and it's very fun to use.

If you're interested in the Dragon Arts well, the raw options are still very good and perhaps optimal, this is a really early game very effective incantation, you can do, if you're doing a dragon build and through this method of grabbing two seals, you can do an infinite combo which is going to burst people down, it's effective, and it's fun it's very important to know that you can do this, if you're trying it moving on.

2. Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - A great farming spot 

Let's begin some of the ones from you, such as a major follow-up one in which a great farming spot to get pickled foul feet or rather specifically the four-toed foul foot, a really important resource for both the silver pickled Alpha and the gold pickled fell for having an infinite supply of, these are really good, especially in a first playthrough or if you're trying to get a specific item, a great spot in Caleb here at the Cathedral of the Dragon communion just Southwest at the edge of the cliff are three of these birds which you can farm and get those drops.

It's an effective and easy way to do so, but there's another spot that could be a bit better, especially if you have AOE options available or you're willing to go slow and use a bow, here south of Lim grave on the peninsula the west side, the fourth Church of America, if you head straight North, there's a Shore down there to maximize your drop rate for anything, you should be wearing the silver Scarab, you can pop some silver pickled foul feet for farming as well for three-minute buff and having a higher number in your Arcane stat will raise your Discovery.

So you could wear the silver tier mask which will reduce your physical damage slightly, but of course, you get eight Arcane which is well worth having, if you're farming something in any case, drop down to the north on the beach, there are absolutely tons of people that you can farm with any attack.

Of course, just run and use melee attacks which will cause some to fly away, but if you're effective, you can use AOE attacks, like this people are recommending various weapons, such as their Alabaster Lord weapons which are going to be AOE pull enemies in doing a small amount of damage, but it's enough to just kill these people, because they have a very small help pool or you can pull out any Bow crossbow or otherwise if you're willing to go a little bit slower and individually kill them, this will cause them to die at range which is obviously great and also you won't get that sort of aggro situation where they fly off, you'll be able to get every single one of them, just a quick first run-through got plenty of drops here.

There the feather is great for crafting your arrows, and then get this four toad Falfi which are the most important resource in that quick inefficient run, just to Showcase how it works and where it is. So that's pretty incredible.

Is there any really useful item that you wish you had more available in your first playthrough with a resource?

3. Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - The telescope

Next up, a follow-up one, but maybe not quite as much as the bird farming spot, this comes from many people, though it's all to do with the telescope, your quick item that a lot for cinematic purposes or just to show something, but from the back of torrent, because recently gave a quick little tutorial on really useful torrent movement, such as if you want to turn around, you can double jump and make a complete 360 angle turn, however, you want really quickly, but a lot of people were talking about the telescope for a good reason, if you're on a tight spot and an awkward position, and you're trying to turn around torrent does this weird movement and accidentally moves too far you fall to your death that sucks, a way to combat that is to pull out your telescope, if you are aiming One Way pull out the telescope, and then empty it, you can see that suddenly this way, so pull it out and look over here, take it away.

All you need to do to make sure that it actually works is pull out the telescope, and then move the camera a tiny bit to adjust, and then torrent will spin around, if you do not move the camera at all when you pull out the telescope, you won't like fully turn, he'll make a small turn also technically what you could do is take the telescope out where you're aiming anyway, and then do like a slow turn and torrent will just turn completely with you all on the single still spot, so that's actually a really good tip and further advancement on the previous topic。

4. Elden Ring Tips & Tricks - The helmet

The next one is from grat F metal who noticed for the first time a really weird detail to Gideon often it sets, they mentioned specifically the helmet, but there are other details to it too, but if you come up close, the fact that that kind of beard tinging around the helmet is not a bit at all, it's literally ears, just lots and lots of ears in the shape of a beard around the bottom of the helmet, but then you stop and look at the armor a little bit more, and it's on the arms on the sleeves the warping around the end of the gloves, there towards the elbow more Engravings of ears, in fact down here at the end of the chess piece covering the groin area that is also just ears the symbology. 

Here is clear right, it's gear, it's Gideon the all-knowing you look at the back here on the Belt, it's an eye the engraving on the back itself that's an eye.

There are eyes all over the chest piece in general, and even on the helm, the idea is to be all-knowing or seeing right, but why the ears like at the beginning launch of the game? 

He's buried absolutely buried in ears, what his obsession with the ear or ears is?

But it makes sense that someone that's all-knowing isn't just all-seeing, but they're all hearing, they are a wealth of collected knowledge, and ears and eyes are essentially the collections of that knowledge, it's a very strange detail that never stopped to really look at.

Of course, the massive one or envoy's Longhorn, probably the meta one their hammer or colossal style weapons that have a unique effect which is throughout oracular bubble ashes of War where you're shooting out a bubble and also blowing the horn in a kind of cute way.  

This one's not particularly effective, compared to the longhorn which is incredible, but if turn up the in-game volume, you can hear it, it makes a very distinctive noise right.

When they're attacking us in the various areas of the game, it's a hell of an annoying ability and a sound that you can associate with that but as it turns out there's a subtle and kind of funny effect to their ashes of War a unique detail about them.

Of course, use the ash of War, so it makes that sound it shoots the bubble, but what happens when trying to use it, now it's just not working, just letting out a sort of sad wheeze, these weapons had as part of their effect, but you're just not getting the air through the pipes in the correct way, because play these weapons enough to accidentally try to use it without FP, and it's kind of a cool subtle detail.

5. Elden Ring Tips & Tricks- Skeleton 

Next up got one that has not been tested yet, because if it's true, if it isn't you won't ever see this Nitrosis says that they couldn't confirm at the time, but they believe each time a skeleton recollects itself and reforms itself it has that special animation of putting itself together right, but at the end of that the skeleton places its own head on itself and sort of Pats it and knocks it into place and a kind of silly cute way that sounds incredible, it's pretty neat, so it's true.

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