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Top 10 Best Highest Damage Builds in Diablo 4 Season 2 | D4 S2 Tier List

11/2/2023 7:49:26 PM

With the Season 2 is in full swing, let's update the Diablo 4 S2 Build Tier List which rank the top 10 best build with the highest damage to do all things in the game!

D4 S2 Tier List - Top 10 Best Builds for Endgame, Uber Lilith, T100s in Diablo 4 Season 2

We're talking builds the top 10 builds in order in Season 2 currently, this is based on a variety of factors like their ability to take on the new bosses of course Uber Lilith and on their ability to push things like tier 100s meaning how effective and survivable are they how much of a challenge is it, also important things like the speed clear ability for fast leveling to 100 naturally.

No. 10 - Whirlwind Barbarian

To say it simply, Whirlwind Barbarian is one of the best speed clearers in Season 2 due to the shred effectiveness, it has mob clear - you are constantly spinning, running, or spinning through Dungeons and clearing pack after pack of mobs with no problem at all. It's a dream to have one of these in your fourman farming team thanks to the shouts as you push higher levels all the way to 100 with your near complete builds. A lot of these builds are going to mention the new unique tibolt which can generate 50 of your main resource every time you dash with an unstoppable effect and on top of that you get a massive 40% times increase to all damage. So most of us are using Metamorphosis - the new vampiric power to basically allow for this constant effect. And speaking of vampiric powers in the case of Whirlwind, you can make fantastic use of Bathed in Blood which is all about channeled skills - Whirlwind is technically that, so while it's going and you're channeling it, you're also dealing another 40% times increased damage from just that and there's a massive wall of damage reduction you get while you're spinning, as another form of like the Might aspect. This is all on top of the raw survivability of Barbarians with a massive Health pool. But if that's true why are we at number 10? It's because the moment we hit single Target DPS like say the final boss of a nightmare dungeon or god forbid a target boss or something like Uber Lilith, the cracks begin to show and the slow DPS of the build in that setting is reveal. So it's best when it's facing a group of enemies but brought relatively low by its low single target output. It is a fantastic pick for speed leveling as a Barb however and it's so good at that that it deserves a spot, but other Barb builds let alone other classic do more in a balanced way and therefore smoother way since we're actually doing more than speed clearing in Season 2 with all the different types of content we do.

No. 9 - Double Swing Barbarian

Double Swing Barbarian has a fun and effective dual wheel play style which is what the Barbarian should be able to do, it's using four weapons after all. Barbarians are undeniably nuts in Season 2, the vampiric powers Pro to be incredible along side the changes to damage buckets being just good for them too. With barbarians using overpower through that more consistently, we are seeing some insane numbers and the double swing Barb while not the top pick is a very impressive one. Overpower in general is good this season and Barb making use of it has pushed the class higher than we expected. The Banished Lord's Talisman unique is an amulet that gives you a guaranteed overpower after you spend 300 resources, so you can guarantee a very hard smash on the right target with some intentional gameplay. As a build, double swing barb play fast like Whirlwind just without the drawback that Whirlwind has when you come across a strong Elite or a boss because double swing barb destroys in single Target. And Barbarian itself has so much health, you're super survivable letting you go toe-to-toe with packs of mobs even in a tier 100 which would kill most of the classes. However there is an awkward side to this and that's what limits it, its attacks in terms of AOE are quite small in radius making mob clay awkward at certain times, it's like the opposite of Whirlwind if you compare the build directly to Hammer of the Ancients that's where the build just falls down in terms of these rankings.

No. 8 - Infinite Mist Necromancer

Damage over time is better in Season 2, our shadow damage build is easily our best choice for that. Crucial improvements happened like our main legendary node Wither which now scales with intelligence allowing for higher damage potential. There's that new unique in the form of X'Fals Ring which causes your damage over time effects to burst in AOE damage very often, and naturally the build is all about lucky here allowing for constant cooldown resetting meaning constant Blood Mist during mob clear, the more targets there are the better this build is. So it's a very smart choice if you're looking to speed clear level to 100 or even push tier 100s because you can reduce damage to zero therefore it's quite survivable. But there is a negative side to this, it's the single Target DPS which is a lot better in Season 2 that's undeniable, but it's also unfair to pretend that it competes with other top builds in this aspect, it really slows down when it hits the bosses or higher Health pool enemies, meaning it single Target DPS is not nearly as competitive as other builds towards the top end of this list.

No. 7 - Ice Spike Sorcerer

Ice Spike Sorcerer is very strong, and seems to go well a bit under the radar right now. This build is the sleeper hit this season because to be fair it's overshadowed by the Ball Lightning sorcerer. Josh believes this to be the second best sorcerer build in the season from his testing using both those new unique rings that turn the build to just insane. The X'Fals Ring for damage over time and more importantly the blue rose for its 30% chance to form an exploding Ice Spike when dealing damage, but if the enemy is Frozen the chance is tripled, so during mob clear that's happening constantly. The entire gameplay loop is tied to Blizzard, you drop a Blizzard on the enemies and just move on to the next pack, because the last one is probably dead already. On single Target, you just build Blizzard, after Blizzard and the damage will build up and up and up to the point that it's melting the enemy. That's all not to mention the survivability of the build and how it flies through dungeons at such a high pace, Sorcerers are moving quickly and that's nothing new but in Season 2. Sorcerers' high element resistances is finally relevant the 70% caps on elements are really important, and Sorcerers just have an easier time achieving that especially when we consider their very strong Shields making them very tanky. The build is just freezing everything though, so during mob clear you don't have to worry about reducing damage because they're stunned so they're not dealing any. So while this build is incredible, the damage does take a moment to get going it's very proc based and that's about all the criticism we have, it's overshadowed by ball lightning which just does everything better including higher DPS.

No. 6 - Werewolf Tornado Druid

Tornado Druid is better in its own ways though it can be played at semi- range to avoid damage, it moves really quick allowing for In-n-Out combat movement almost like a rogue, the super speed can be fantastic for speed clearing which comes in clutch if you're still leveling to say 100, and the DPS is fantastic. It just requires a bit of buildup for it to truly get going in single target where you've got to build up a ton of tornadoes initially. The aspect Storm Chasers makes your tornadoes seek out up to three targets rather than doing whatever it wants. Its downsides are the fact that it's squishier than Stormclaw though, it requires more awareness because of that when dealing with say tier 100 or endgame bosses initially as you first face them. The buildup damage comes from needing to generate Spirit to then spam out the tornadoes relying heavily on procs and other Spirit generators to jump out the Tornado. It is the clear winner if you're leveling to 100 and in the later game you'll be crushing nightmare tier dungeons.

No. 5 - Stormclaw Druid

We put the Stormclaw Druid slightly above Werewolf Tornado Druid because it's an extremely easy build to play even easier than the Tornado. It turns your claw attack into a double attack where you land the Claw and a Storm Strike at the same time once you have the Greatstaff of the Crone. Compared to the Tornado build, it's more melee focus though but it boasts really high survivability to sort of counter that. It also doesn't remotely worry about Spirit compared to Tornado, just dumping out its damage through its two skills. Around that you've got a knockback option, you've got big healing potential and a really strong CC in the form of Petrify which also builds up staggers on bosses very well. Between the two, Stormclaw is a more popular pick because it gets going instantly, it's really tanky and a safer option and easier to play by comparison.

No. 4 - Twisting Blades Rogue

The hypermobile explosive burst build has survived Pre-Season, Season 1, and now Season 2 the whole way is the best rogue build. The gameplay of this build is just too good, incredible AoE burst, fantastic single Target DPS, insane Mobility leading to fantastic clear times in a nightmare dungeon. The most popular and strongest version of this build is always up for debate but we think Imbuement is probably the most common answer. Between Shadow Imbuement for AOE and the Poison Imbuement to burn elite or boss health, you've always got a good option. The class's consistent issue is the lack of damage resistance which makes up for immobility, you want to avoid damage rather than try to mitigate it as a rogue, which leads to fun unique gameplay. But it's certainly a concern when you're facing a tier 100 and might get popped at any time, in Season 2 though thanks to Tibault's Will enhancing the build much like Barrage, your Mobility is rewarded with even more damage and a great resource regenerator. The new vampiric powers like

Ravenous and Moonrise provide insane attack speed, you can fly around the situations and you're spreading vampiric curses to targets constantly which helps you deal even more damage.  Rogue in this build in particular has to be a top pick for speed clearing and leveling to 100 in general, the only thing that holds it from the higher rankings on this list is just how strong the remaining builds are - builds with higher burst High DPS safer and easier gameplay.

No. 3 - Bone Spear Necromancer

This ridiculous spec is not nerfed to the ground or gone, it is still the most effective well-rounded build for Necromancer to this day where Infamous is brilliant as damage builds up and you avoid lots of it through Diablo 4 item frames. The Bone Spear doesn't even worry about that stuff, it just kills everything instantly with a few throws of high attack speed Bone Spears. Bone Spear makes up for its negatives by dealing so much damage from such a great range that it just over Shadows the infamous. It's jokingly called the one-button build but that's very real, its key resource generator is the exposed flesh aspect giving you up to 50 Essence on a lucky hit chance just by dealing damage to a vulnerable enemy. Bone Spear itself makes enemies vulnerable, so you throw the Spears and make them weak you throw the Spears and restore your essence, you throw the Spears and you kill everything. With a new unique Tibolt's Will, your metad dashes are used to apply curses but also they're going to raise your damage by 40% times and restore your essence which is a big de deal. One of the ways Bone Spears deals its damage is by having higher Essence when throwing them which means the unique restores a ton and helps that happen. Slap on a pair of boots that allow for dashing more often and you're doing it even more. It absolutely crushes content be that speed clearing or leveling which by the way Bone Spear was the first four level 100s in Season 2. It also destroys in single target boasting close to the highest DPS potential out of every build in the game. You can clear tier 100s by attacking things from so far away that they can't hurt you, or when you reach Uber's unique level for a build, the damage is so reduced and your damage is so high and consistent that all you do is right-click everything and it just dies. It's just good at everything.

No. 2  - Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian

One hit over 1 billion damage which would kill any enemy in the entire game instantly but it was under silly circumstances where the were clearly setting this up, fairer showings where they're doing much less setup is around 400 million damage which kills everything. So HotA has one of the strongest single hit potentials in the game with the new way overpower works and how more builds have access to it. It's taken a lot of people by surprise just how busted this has been for Barbarians. Combine that with the Banished Lord's Talisman as we mentioned earlier and you can push the damage of the overpower even more. Rob was using the Uber unique the Grandfather two-handed sword to further raise the potential which is less attainable for your average player. We imagine a build like this is going to see more regular hits of 40 to 100 million as those spikes which is still insane. Outside of the insane damage it deals, it's very good in mob clear crunching through dungeons because nothing can survive it. Thanks to its big Health ball and raw survivability, attacks that would kill every other build bar one, it just tanks on the shoulder and heals through.

No. 1 - Ball Lightning Sorcerer

Earlier in the Season, we knew something was up when Josh was playing this and dealing five times the damage we were at like level 60 and 70, the Gap in power just got worse and worse as we leveled though, and then he soloed an Uber Lilith at level 85. You compare the tier 100 gameplay of other top builds who are like leaping and dashing around, killing enemies before they can kill the player. The ball lightning sorcerer is basically not paying attention walking through dungeons while everything just dies that goes near it. It's because the ball rotate around the sorcerer, you don't actually have to aim at anything, you activate them and just walk through, you're sprinting and teleporting, every elite or pack or even boss just crumbles. The single Target DPS is insane, you build up the balls so much that it's like a full on blinding ball that the player is standing in the middle of and it burns Uber Lilith's health bar like acid. Whatever it is, Uber Lilith, new bosses, safely clearing tier 100s faster than anyone, it's just like the best. There's only one thing that another build does better than and that's the big number in one hit in regards to Barbarian, but that hardly matters, it kills things just as fast on average and clears mobs much smoother. The challenge of playing ball lightning sorcerer isn't what target to consider or how to take a fight, it's just going near the enemy and watching it die or how fast can you actually reach the end of the dungeon because nothing's going to stop you. There is some variance in the builds for ball lightning though, pure arc lash where the balls come from 100% on stable currents, pure ball lightning where the balls come from hard casting it stacking Mana management, and lastly the hybrid where you go both arc lash and ball lightning and just mix them. But whatever way you go, whatever you argue is best, all three are very effective because ball lightning is stupidly effective.

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