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Diablo 4 Best Abattoir of Zir Builds: Top 5 Builds for Abattoir of Zir in D4 Season 2

11/17/2023 11:52:46 AM

25 new dungeons past tier 100, the Abattoir of Zir is almost there, but what build will do best in the endgame event of Diablo IV Season 2? In this guide, let's talk about the most potential builds for Abattoir of Zir! Starting off with this new endgame event, we hope this puts us in a great position to destroy each level and grow in player power and these builds could help you accomplish your goals.

Diablo 4 Best Abattoir of Zir Builds for Each Class

Popular Diablo 4 streamer Wudijo, who played the Abattoir of Zir event during BlizzCon 2023, stated "Nobody is supposed to finish the final tier of Abattoir of Zir." The event is designed to be extremely challenging and may be practically unbeatable.  Some players are concerned that the activity is being balanced around the top meta builds, such as Ball Lightning Sorcerers and HotA Barbarians are not expected to beat the final tier due to the enemies' high health pools. This could potentially limit the viability of other builds and push players towards playing only the top meta builds for success. This has raised concerns among some players about the viability of Tier B and C builds in the activity. With this being said, let's talk about the meta for the endgame event, and the best builds for each class to run Abattoir of Zir effectively in Diablo 4.

1 - Pentadot Necromancer Build

This build has been highlighted by YouTuber and theory crafter Moxsy as a powerful option for conquering the Abattoir of Zir. The Pentadot Necromancer build focuses on utilizing multiple sources of shadow damage over time, taking advantage of various skills and aspects to deal massive damage to enemies. This build has also gained attention due to its ability to shred content and deal massive damage. It utilizes multiple sources of shadow damage over time, taking advantage of various skills and abilities to maximize damage output.

2 - Twisting Blades Poison Buils

The Twisting Blades Poison Rogue build is a powerful choice for tackling the Abattoir of Zir in Diablo 4. This build focuses on utilizing the Twisting Blades skill with poison imbued to deal massive damage to enemies. It has the maximizing single-target damage while maintaining mobility and versatility. The build utilizes skills such as Twisting Blades, Shadow Step, Poison Imbuement, and Puncture to deal high damage to enemies. It is particularly effective against bosses, making it a great choice for the Abattoir of Zir. The build requires careful positioning and timing to optimize the damage output of Twisting Blades. Additionally, it utilizes various legendaries and stat prioritization to further enhance its effectiveness.

3 - Stormclaw Druid

The Stormclaw Druid build with vampiric powers in Diablo 4 season 2 has become one of the strongest builds in the entire game. With the introduction of vampiric powers, the Stormclaw Druid gains even more power and survivability, making it a formidable force in the Abattoir of Zir and other challenging content with high AOE damage, tanky, and fairly high MS.

4 - HotA Barbarian Build

The HotA (Hammer of the Ancients) Barbarian build has been mentioned as a strong option for the Abattoir of Zir. This build revolves around using the Hammer of the Ancients skill to deal massive damage to enemies. However, similar to the Ball Lightning Sorceress build, its effectiveness in the final tier may be limited due to the high health pools of enemies.

5 - Ball Lightning Sorceress Build

The Ball Lightning build for Sorceress has been mentioned as a potentially strong option for the Abattoir of Zir. This build focuses on using the Ball Lightning skill to deal consistent damage to enemies. However, it's worth noting that some players have expressed concerns about its effectiveness against the high health pools of enemies in the final tier.

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