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Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Prep: Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Abattoir of Zir Event in D4 Season 2

11/20/2023 10:14:43 AM

Want to be invincible in the upcoming endgame event of Diablo IV Season 2? Here are the top 5 tips that will help you prepare fully for the Abattoir of Zir!

How To Prepare For Abattoir of Zir Event in Diablo 4 Season 2?

Diablo 4 is finally going to be getting some legit new endgame content called the Abattoir of Zir. With the Avatar meant to be a challenge even Beyond or perhaps well beyond Nightmare Dungeon 100 and even Uber Lilith, we can pretty safely say that with how difficult it'll be we'll be approaching it in quite a different way than we have been approaching the game's current content. And so with that, here are five ways that you can begin preparing for the Abattoir of Zir even right now, so that when it comes out you can get a head start or even begin dominating it right away.

Tip 1 - Finish the Season 2 Journey

The very first tip is a quick one because it is to complete the Season 2 Season Journey since that is the prerequisite to unlocking the Abattoir of Zir in the first place. But keep in mind that you don't have to complete each and every objective of the Season Journey, you simply need to complete the minimum number of objectives required to advance to the next stage. You can definitely pick and choose the objective to do and it would would actually do you well to start planning for the exact ones you want to target right your goal is to get through the Season Journey as early as you can.

Tip 2 - Round Out/Prepare for More Defense & Crowed Control

The second tip is to shore up your defenses and crowd control. First of all, for defenses in the Abattoir of Zir, it's been confirmed that monsters will be at an even higher level than that of tier 100 level Dungeons. Currently against tier 100 monsters which are Level 154, you'll need around 13,500 armor cap against those or that level of monsters, which means if you're going to be going up against Monsters at a higher level, you want to ideally have even higher armor than 13,500 right. And this is actually not the easiest to achieve, you'll first of all want to roll percent armor or percent total armor on, ideally your Helm, your chest, and maybe even your boots if you're not going to be using Tibault's Will or perhaps you'll want to swap out your Tibault's Will which would likely cause you to lose damage but to get more percent total armor. Another way to get it would be on your amulet, so if you can perhaps keep it on your amulet your Helm, or your chest piece, and then if you still need additional armor you can consider using the Disobedience aspect as well, while still being able to keep Tibault's Wil.

The second thing to be mindful of is obviously resistances which you'll want to have 70% at the base cap, but if you're fighting against really powerful monsters that use a specific element type, especially ones like poison and perhaps if you're fighting against Lord Zir assuming that he'll be featured in the Abattoir of Zir, you want fire resists. So for those elements, you want to have plus Max resist as well. And to do that, you can use things like Elixir and certain skill choices. But either way, if you're able to get any points of Max resist extending beyond 70% that actually greatly helps you against those specific elements. Balancing your offense and defense will depend on how the monsters scale up, if they're going to be scaling up, if say your limiting factor in the progression is defense then you want to focus more on defense, if the limiting factor is more offense since apparently there will also be a timer in these dungeons then you want to also have offense.

Another thing that you can add we think easily incorporate into a build while sacrificing maybe just a little bit of damage is crowd control, so look through your skills maybe even your gear choices for synergistic ways that you can add in some additional crowd control that will undoubtedly help your survivability as well if you need it.

Tip 3 - Save Some Gear/Aspects/Uniques That Can be Useful for Different Situations/Builds

Prepare and stash up some alternate pieces of gear and even aspects or uniques, in case you need to tweak your build or even swap specs entirely right if you're open to that. Because again a lot of specs will prioritize different affixes and of course legendary powers and uniques, so it might be wise to store some up. We are actually going to be open to pivoting between the two builds or even if you can go for a quick gear swap in between a run or before a boss fight if that's even allowed in the Avatar, that's a potential thing that you may want to prepare for as well. For example, before a boss fight, you can swap to something more single target-oriented in terms of your gear and aspects and even skill or Paragon choices.

Tip 4 - Level More Glyphs and Vampiric Powers

Keep leveling up additional Glyphs that you might potentially need to use. For example, if you need more defense, you can swap to a more defensive one, if you need one for a different build you can also do that. So keep doing more nightmare Dungeons and leveling up additional glyphs just in case, and not only that but you can also do your Blood Harvest events which is Season 2. To power up additional vampiric powers in case you need to swap out a few or even if you're able to swap between them in the middle of a run and so forth. There are definitely some defensive ones that you can consider using if needed, for example, there's the damage reduction vampiric power called Resilience that could be useful of course some of the standard ones are going to be good.

Of course, anything for speed farming or prioritizing or optimizing for that is probably not going to be as ideal for the Abattoir of Zir. Another one that you can potentially swap out or swap in is like Undying - the vampiric power that will heal you whenever you cast a spell, and an item like the Doombringer which would actually heal you and also give you Max Life.

Tip 5 - Farm Herbs/Materials for Elixirs and Incense

Farm materials especially herbs for your Elixir and also incense. There are some incenses that are actually powerful especially if you run with a group. Incenses only last 20 minutes even though they do now persist through death with season 2, you'll be burning through them pretty quickly if you want to consecutively use them in the Avatar, with some of the incenses costing quite a few herbs and resources. So it might be good to farm up not only herbs useful for Elixir, but we would say defensive Elixir might be the best bet especially some of the ones that give you Max resist could be really useful or you can perhaps swap around and see which ones might be the best. The ones from Helltide that are exclusive drops especially the Elixir of Fortitude giving you Mass life could actually be quite good as well, especially when combined with something like overpower builds. But anyhow you might want to just go out of your way to form up some more of these resources from the various zones.

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