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FC 24 Pro Live Promo Release Date & Leaks - New Players, SBCs, Market Crash & Rating Upgrades

11/17/2023 5:20:29 PM

The Triple Thread promo is coming to an end, and we are getting a new promo in FC 24 called FC Pro Live, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, they are upgradeable cards, dynamic. This promo is expected to bring about significant player upgrades and introduce new content, packs, objectives, and player SBCs, with cards leaked to receive upgrades based on Live Pro events! Here's everything about the EA FC 24 Pro Live promo, including how the promo works, the latest leaks and a confirmed release date. 

What is FC 24 Pro Live Event?

The FC 24 Pro Live Event introduces new content and features related to the FC Pro esports tournaments. It offers players the opportunity to engage with the competitive side of the game and earn rewards based on the performances of professional esports players. According to leaks, the FC 24 Pro Live cards will receive upgrades based on the outcome of FC Pro esports tournaments. Each card in the promo will be tied to a player competing in FC Pro, and based on the player's performance, the card will receive a boost in rating, skill moves, weak foot, or even a new PlayStyle.

FC 24 Pro Live Release & End Date - When Will Pro Promo Release in FC 24?

You can expect the FC Pro Live cards to go into packs on November 17 at 12:01 PM CT and last all the way until the beginning of February.  As for when the FC Pro Live event kicks off, players can start tuning into the tournament on November 27 at 6 PM UTC. The tournament will continue over the next nine weeks, culminating in the championship finals on February 3.

November 17, 10am PT

November 17, 12pm CT

November 17, 1pm ET

November 17, 6pm GMT

November 17, 7pm CET

November 17, 10:30pm IST

November 18, 1am CST

November 18, 2am KST/JST

November 18, 4am AEDT

November 18, 6am NZDT

FC 24 Pro Live Contents - New Players, SBCs, Market Crash, Upgrades 

Leaks suggest EA SPORTS FC is prepping an ambitious new promo called "Pro Live" for FUT 24. Here's a breakdown of what it may entail.

FC 24 Pro Live Leaked Players

The promo will feature a selection of new players who will be available in packs:

  • Sadio Mane - Al Nassr

  • Willian - Fulham

  • Kolo Muani - PSG

  • Denis Genreau - Toulouse

  • Kalvin Phillips - Manchester City

  • Donyell Malen - Dortmund

  • Mohamed Simakan - RB Leipzig

FC 24 Pro Live SBCs

  • Manuel Locatelli - CDM - Juventus - 87

  • Lanazo - RW - PSV - 87

Juventus CDM Manuel Locatelli is the first player leaked to come to the promo as an SBC and will get a perfect link to the likes of Federico Chiesa. Another exciting addition to FC 24 will be Hirving Lozano, who is also leaked to come to the FC Pro Live promo!

FC Pro Live Upgrade Path

The promo is closely tied to the FC Pro Open event, where 16 professional FC 24 players will compete to be crowned champion. Each player from the FC Pro Live promo will represent an eSports player, and the further they go in the tournament, the more upgrades the promo card receives. The FC Pro Live upgrade path is as follows:

4x Inform Upgrades (+1 OVR)

1x PlayStyle+

1x Alternative position

1x PlayStyle

+1 Skill Moves

+1 Weak Foot

FC 24 Pro Live Market Crash

The imminent launch of the new Pro Live promo is expected to shake up the FUT transfer market in a big way. Many meta cards could see their prices drastically reduced due to selling from owners chasing the shiny new special cards.

- Central Defenders Take a Hit: Top CBs like Varane, Kimpembe, and Marquinhos have been must-have options all year. With powerful new offensive threats coming, these old reliable choices may fall out of favor.

- Box-to-Box Midfielders Also at Risk: Cards like Kante, Llorente and Barella that provide defensive qualities could see reduced playtime for more attacking prospects. Prices may reflect this.

- Overhaul at ST Expected: The top strikers currently dominating the meta like Mbappe, Eusebio and Pele are all likely to see sales as players hunt for scorers boosted in the live matches.

- Introduction of New Players: With the FC 24 Pro Live promo, new player cards will be introduced into the game. These new cards are often highly sought after by players, leading to increased demand and potential price fluctuations.

- Player Upgrades: The FC 24 Pro Live promo also brings player upgrades based on real-world performances. When a player receives an upgrade, their in-game card becomes more valuable and desirable. This can lead to a surge in demand for upgraded cards, potentially affecting the market prices of both the upgraded and non-upgraded versions of the player.

- Increased Pack Openings: During promos, players tend to open more packs in hopes of obtaining the new and upgraded player cards. This influx of pack openings can flood the market with more player cards, potentially driving down their prices due to increased supply.

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