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PoE 3.23 Best Build - Top 6 Best Affliction League Builds in Path of Exile

11/20/2023 10:58:49 AM

While the Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League is right around the corner, are you looking for the best League Starter builds? We're bringing you the top 6 PoE 3.23 Affliction League builds.

PoE 3.23 Best Affliction League Build - Top 6 Best League Starters For Affliction In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile's patch 3.23 will be released in early December. They had intended a late November release, however, due to the scale of 3.23, they need to take a few additional weeks to finish what they have planned. Today, we're going to take a look at the top 6 best PoE 3.23 League Starter builds for Affliction. The vast majority of the details about the passive skill trees for these best PoE 3.23 builds are yet shrouded in mystery and we can only speculate what's going to be over or underpowered. But it's safe to assume that all kinds of builds will receive a substantial buff. Now with no further delay let's see the Path of Exile best Affliction League builds 3.23.


No.1 Toxic Rain Pathfinder

Toxic Rain has been one of the most popular League starter skills for a long time. Pathfinder is a rangers class specializing in dealing chaos damage or its excellency and employing efficient usage of flasks. The reworked Pathfinder can very easily be applied with a debuff on hits. Increasing its effect by 50% by allocating the Nature's Reprisal. You can get something in the shape of the enduring prefix on all life flasks from master surgeon which is normally reserved for mana flasks. With the multi-shot and master fletcher notables, you can get two extra arrows which is great too. It's one of the best POE 3.23 League Starter builds that uses rare items only and has a separate setup where you can implement Caustic Arrow instead of Toxic Rain.


No.2 Boneshatter Slayer / Juggernaut

Bone Shatter is a very appealing melee skill that's fundamentally an upgrade of the default attack. You have to be very careful with this one because as you hit an enemy, you'll receive a trauma stack that accumulates to deal more and more damage to your character as well as its target. To endure the enormous pressure of physical hit, you could either pick Juggernaut which simply mitigates the damage, or Slayer. Thanks to brutal fervor can over leech and have an enormous life recovery rate. This build too doesn't require any unique items so it's as good as you can afford it to be. It's probably one of the tankiest builds in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction. Simply has to be extremely durable to work at maximum efficiency. It is good for clearing maps due to the pulses you release on stun and it's good for bossing as well. It is when you can continuously build up the stacks and accelerate your DPS more with each hit.


No.3 Corrupting Fever/Reap Champion/Gladiator

Corrupting Fever is probably the best DOT spell for an early game physical damage dealer. This spell is just a buff so it has to be used alongside an additional physical spell or attack to apply the DOT effect. That's where kinetic blast and reap fit like a glove. Reap is a spell that deals inherently physical hit and DOT damage. Moreover, modifiers to spell damage apply to damage over time making it slightly easier to start with. Ball reap creates a pool of boiling blood that causes tons of additional physical damage over time on top of bleeding and corrupting fever. It requires hemophilia-unique gloves for more damage but it's a cheap item. It's not a build that can quickly reach good single target damage but it's excellent at clearing and is also relatively tanky due to the two fortify-related ascendancy keystones if you play as a champion. You can also run it on Gladiator for more damage and explosions. With the additional damage from Vaal Reap, it can hopefully ascend into an S-tier PoE 3.23 best starter builds for the Affliction League.


No.4 Fire Trap Elementalist

Fire damage over time and particularly ignite is especially powerful on an Elementalist. With Shaper of Flames, you're guaranteed to ignite with each hit. Dealing even more burning damage if it's mostly fire damage that causes it. In most cases, it is. Firetrap is a top-tier spell of this type as it offers two sources of powerful fire dots. The burning ground and ignite from hits, you can alternatively use abilities like Righteous Fire or Flame Wall. Both as an addition to Fire Trap or a standalone builds. For mobility, you can use Divergent Flame Dash or Frost Blink which by adding one support gem will deal predominantly fire damage too, enough to kill these smaller foes, doing so extra fast with Ignite Proliferation. It's one of the best POE 3.23 Affliction Elementalist starters that requires little to no investment and no unique items whatsoever. The damage against bosses is extremely high for its price but its weak point is its survivability. It's not very tanky.


No. 5 Firestorm Hierophant

The Hierophant is usually associated with totems or brands but thanks to the changes to the Arcane Surge, it looks very promising for a classical caster build just as well. Additional cast speed, permanent power, endurance charges, enormous mana reservation efficiency and energy shield bonuses are all very valuable on a fresh character without access to more advanced gear options. The Firestorm spell is focused mostly on increasing the single target potential. However, Firestorm is definitely not the king of mapping but it is proving to be a good mix of clear speed and single target capability allowing you to steadily progress your atlas without any major obstacles. For fire abilities that use critical strikes the regular ignite is not very useful, it is much better to reach out for alternative ailments instead. High global defenses, petrified blood and decent blockchants allow this build to be quite tanky at a reasonably low cost.


No. 6 Shield Crush Trickster

Shield Crush Trickster is a build that requires Emperor's vigilance shield and seething Fury Jewel. The price of which will undoubtedly be high at the start but it will quickly fall after a day or two. It's otherwise a cheap build that uses this exact shield to deal cold damage with an attack that cares little about your weapons local stats. Usually Tricksters have great defenses and recovery tools but lack armor to mitigate physical damage. With this best PoE 3.23 Affliction League build, it's not a big issue as it's rather easy to reach meaningful armor levels with a shield that has close to 2000 of it. Combine it with polymath for instant life mana and es recovery on kill, es over leech, capped spell suppression, ghost dance, high block chance, and maybe some of the recovery nodes. You can also implement multiple chief uniques like the pandemonious perseverance or obliteration. It's a melee build so it won't be especially good at fast map clearing but it can face tank most of the bosses in the game.

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