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PoE 3.23 Best Atlas & Mapping Strategies For Currency Farming in Affliction

12/5/2023 9:41:47 AM

By reviewing the changes and patch notes of the Path of Exile 3.23 update, we’ve sorted out the best Atlas Skill Passive Tree strategies and Mapping plans for the early game of the Affliction league. Now following us to go over one by one!

PoE 3.23 Common Currency Farming Atlas Strategies for All Builds

Here are some common strategies to make currency in Path of Exile 3.23 based on optimizing your Atlas:

  • Focus on conquering specific Atlas regions to target farm specific maps and items. Completing Valdo's Rest allows for efficient Harbingers and Sacred Grove farms.

  • Uncomplete all non-influencer maps to increase the chance of dropping desired maps from your main farming targets. Sustaining maps becomes easier when the loot pool is more focused.

  • Employ the Atlas passive skill tree for increased rewards like more Divine Orbs from map bosses. Divergent paths can grant 30% improved currency drops which quickly adds up over hundreds of maps.

  • Engage in efficient trading of meta crafting items and currency for profit. Crafting harvest items like redeemer/elder exalts are highly profitable when trading efficiently. Others like polished div cards retain value well into the league.

  • Focusing your Atlas completion and investments in this directed way maximizes the rewards from both mapping and valuable drops to accumulate wealth steadily through the league. Proper atlas management is core to generating exalts and divines through effective Path of Exile currency strategies.

PoE 3.23 Best Currency Farming Atlas & Mapping Strategies in Affliction

Now we list some specific Atlas Passive Skill tree setup and mapping tips for currency farming in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League:

1 - Essences Farming

Essences maintain good baseline value, Atlas passives, and strategies strongly amplify efficiency/loot, and side content like Invitations/Memory provide extra profit avenues - making it a reliable farming technique for earning Divines. The consistent rewards stack up over time. Here are a few key reasons why Essence farming can be good for earning Divine Orbs (currency) in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction:

  • Essences have consistent value due to their usage in crafting. High tier essences like Horror/Insanity/etc sell for 10-15 Divines each consistently.

  • The Atlas passive tree has strong nodes that increase Essence quantity and quality. Things like duplicating Shrieking essences and upgrading tiers make more valuable essences appear.

  • Linear maps like Beach/Strand are great for sustaining Essence routes and maximizing essences encountered per hour.

  • Farming specific Atlas passives and master missions (einhar spefically) can further boost loot and efficiency. Einhar beasts correlate with essences.

  • New crafting options in 3.23 like Augmenting Essences to swap tiers opens new avenues for profit from lesser essences.

  • Target farming the Eater/Exarch invitations that drop from Essence monsters provides extra lucrative rewards per hour.

  • The Memory of the Crystal mechanic duplicates essences and amps up quantity, acting as a profitable "side goal".

Best Essences Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

POE 3.23 Best Atlas Strategy for Currency Farming - Essence

Tips For Setting Up Essence Atlas Passive Tree for Currency Farming

Here is how we would recommend setting up the Atlas Passive Tree for efficient Essence farming and currency generation in Path of Exile 3.23:

  • Take all the main Essence nodes - Essences are 1 tier higher, monsters can't release, duplicated Shrieking, etc. These are core.

  • Take Stream of Consciousness for increased map drops and sustaining your Essence route.

  • Take map modifiers/quantity nodes like Shaping the Mountains/Skies for more mobs and loot per map.

  • Consider Sextant nodes if you'll be using sextants regularly for more Essences.

  • Allocate Master Mission nodes - focus on Einhar, Kirac, Niko. Einhar beasts pair well. Kirac/Niko sustain maps.

  • For sustain also consider Singular Focus and sections like Shaper/Elder if your build can easily clear them.

  • Shape your Atlas around linear Tier 1-5 maps like Beach/Strand that naturally funnel into each other.

  • Target the Eater/Exarch invitations - take sections/nodes that help spawn them or related Elderslayers.

  • Optionally take Remnant of Corruption nodes if you'll be using remnants often for tier upgrades.

  • Shape Memory of the Crystal into your route if you can efficiently clear it.

  • Focus on efficiency, layouts, and pumping up packs/Essences per map. Sustain your map pool through nodes, missions and shaping. Target profitable side content. This allows maximizing your Essence encounters and returns per hour.

2 - Harvest Farming

Harvest provides a low barrier, scalable income source for Divine orbs through lifeforce trading thanks to its consistent mechanics and ability to boost yields through atlas, watchstone and gear choices:

  • Steady source of income over time. Harvest provides a reliable way to earn currency through collecting and converting lifeforce to Crystalized Lifeforce and trading that for Divines. This yields a gradual build up of currency.

  • Scaling returns through investment. Taking Atlas passives, using scarabs/sextants and juicing maps amplifies the rewards from Harvest. The more you optimize your setup, the greater the currency gains.

  • Targeted rewards. Specifying certain crop types through block talents and sextants focuses the rewards on high value crops in demand like yellows. This maximizes profit per Harvest.

  • No gear dependency. Unlike other farming strategies, MF gear is not needed for Harvest. This enables full focus on clear speed and juice instead of trading off for MF.

  • Accessible all league. Harvest mechanics remain consistent league after league, so the strategies you outlined such as atlas setup are reliably applicable each league for steady income.

  • Scales with investment. Higher tier maps, sextants and optimized character power yield even greater returns for those willing to invest more currency and time into maximizing Harvest profits.

Best Harvest Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

POE 3.23 Best Atlas Strategy for Currency Farming - Harvest

Tips For Setting Up Harvest Atlas Passive Tree for Currency Farming

  • Taking Atlas passives that increase mob density, pack size, and item quantity will result in more lifeforce drops from Harvest mobs. This maximizes currency gains.

  • Spacing into all the Harvest node passives like Bumper Crop and duplication chances enhances the yields from each Harvest.

  • Using Sextants that guarantee a certain crop type and duplicate lifeforce drops focuses the rewards. Targeting high-value crops like yellows is the most profitable.

  • Maps with open layouts like City Square are ideal as they allow fast clearing and accessing Harvests quickly to farm more per hour.

  • Taking passives that increase modifier effectiveness amplifies the benefits of juiced maps, scarabs, and sextants when combined with Harvest.

  • Etheric Skirmish or Eater of Worlds influence provides altar bonuses before Harvest for increased drops.

  • Guaranteeing Harvest spawns with a Sextant removes RNG and allows full focus on optimizing the mechanic.

3 - Breach Farming

The consistent raining of valuables from Breach mobs makes it an excellent solo income strategy scaling up through continued player investment and optimization. Here are the main reasons why Breach is good for Divine currency farming in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction:

  • The large number of dense monster packs. Breaches spawn a huge quantity of monsters contained in a small area, making for very lucrative killing fields.

  • Steady flow of high value items. Breachstones, splinters, and unique drops like Skin of the Lords sell reliably. Combined with divination cards, this provides a consistent income stream.

  • Scales with investment. Gearing/Atlas properly allows doubling/tripling Breach rewards through increased mob counts, quant/rarity. High investment provides even greater returns.

  • Demand exceeds supply. Fewer players specialize in Breaches long-term, so reward item prices remain relatively high compared to over-farmed content like Legions.

  • Synergizes well with other content. Combining with Delirium, Harbinger orbs, and Shaper/Elder influence multiplies Breach rewards substantially.

  • Targetable rewards. Sealing yourself to specific Breachlords guarantees a steady flow of their higher value stones and uniques.

  • No reliance on party play. Breaches can be solo farmed efficiently, without needing to engage in trade for specialized services/carries.

Best Breach Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

POE 3.23 Best Atlas Strategy for Currency Farming - Breach

Tips For Setting Up Breach Atlas Passive Tree for Currency Farming

Spec into all the Breach related nodes - Chances to contain Breach, Monster Count, Gatekeepers, Power Struggle, Call of the Council, Artifacts.

  • Prioritize the nodes that directly impact Breachstone and unique drops - Within Their Grasp, Other Worldly Artifacts.

  • If specializing in a certain Breachlord, take the relevant socketed Breach nodes.

  • Take pack size/mob density increasing nodes like Growing Agony, Frenzied Mobs.

  • Spec into Shrine nodes to boost rewards while clearing Breaches.

  • Take nodes that boost Quant/Rarity like Etheral Skirmish or Traitor's Mark.

  • Consider taking Exarch/Eater altars nodes if combining with their influence.

  • Tool your Watchstones for more rare mobs, pack size, quant to push rewards.

  • Spec out of unnecessary nodes like Harvest, Essences to maximize Breach investment.

  • Focus on T14-16 maps with open layouts and good div cards/currency drops.

  • The goal is to juice Breach density, pack size and Quant as much as possible through optimized Atlas Tree, Watchstones and Map rolling for best money-making potential.

4 - Legion Farming

Legion's massive monster packs and integration with other mechanics provide great opportunities for drops of divine currency, especially when combined with incubators and investment into the League. It remains one of the more reliable farming strategies with the following reasons:

  • Legion spawns a large quantity of monsters, far more than a typical map with no other mechanics. This increased density means more potential drops.

  • Legion monsters have a high chance to be rare monsters. Rare monsters drop more valuable currencies and items on average.

  • Ornate incubators like diviner's or exquisite incubators can gain significant value when used on dense packs of monsters like in Legions. These incubators have a chance to drop divine orbs and stack decks.

  • Timeless Emblem drops from Legions can be converted via the Atlas passive tree into divine orbs. While the value may be lower this league, they still provide a steady source.

  • Legion synergizes well with other mechanics that further multiply monster packs like Delirium or Beyond. This means even more potential currency drops.

  • It's a relatively simple mechanic to engage with - just interact with monoliths. This allows focusing on speed clearing without overly complex strategies needed.

  • The Atlas passive tree investments into Legion provide a lot of additional monsters and rewards, multiplying the returns for investing currency like scarabs.

Best Legion Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

POE 3.23 Best Atlas Strategy for Currency Farming - Legion

Tips For Setting Up Legion Atlas Passive Tree for Currency Farming

Take the Legion Monolith notable passives at the center of the tree for increased chance to contain and number of monoliths. This is priority #1.

Invest in the three notables leading to "Release from Stasis" for more rewards from Surgebinders.

Spec into "Warsupplies" for an additional Warhorde per monolith. Warhordes drop more rewards.

Travel down to "Legion Chests Contain Additional Rewards" for juiced chests.

Take "Emblematic" to upgrade splinters to Timeless Emblems when you get them.

Optional: "Spine of the First Claimant" if you want more chance at maraketh/templar emblems.

Skip "Timeless Conflict" and "Face of the past" as they slow clearing.

Avoid "Legion Generals are more common" for the same reason.

You can also spec into other mechanics like Delirium/Beyond that synergize well later.

5 - Expedition Farming

The high value logbook drops combined with strong gambling rewards and low barrier to entry make Expedition an efficient source of divines and other currencies through sale of logbooks early in the league. Here are some key reasons why Expedition league mechanic is good for divine orb currency farming in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction:

  • Expedition logbooks have a chance to drop from any Expedition encounter in maps. With the proper Atlas passives, you can increase the chances of encountering and getting logbooks significantly with little investment.

  • Certain logbooks like Blackscythe and Knights of the Sun are quite valuable, selling for 20-40k chaos orbs even early in the league when currencies have higher value. Getting multiple of these per hour can yield good profits.

  • The logbooks contain randomized rewards from remnants/monsters that can include divine orbs, exalted orbs, rare currencies, valuable shards, fossils/resonators and more. So they provide gambling-style rewards on top of guaranteed sale value.

  • Due to the randomness, there is potential for big ticket drops like multiple exalted orbs that boost profits. And divination cards/valuable shards can be traded for more currencies.

  • It's a fairly low-investment farm as you just need optimal Atlas passives - no other gear or setup is required to start getting value. This makes it accessible as a farming method.

  • Expedition is not a complicated mechanic so it's easy to engage with while mapping and integrate into other content for more rewards.

Best Expedition Atlas Skill Tree Strategy

POE 3.23 Best Atlas Strategy for Currency Farming - Expedition

Tips For Setting Up Expedition Atlas Passive Tree for Currency Farming

  • Get the "Expedition Encounters have an additional Chance to contain Expeditions" notable passive. This will increase their spawn rate without using scarabs.

  • Spec into the "Maps have an increased Chance to contain Expedition Encounters" cluster. This further beefs up the spawn rate.

  • Take the "Remnants in your Maps have an increased Chance to have additional Modifiers" passive for more logbook drops.

  • Boost "Explosives in your Maps have an increased Rate of Rumination" for more Expedition mobs.

  • Max out the "Buried Knowledge" cluster - this is key for increased logbook quantity and frequency.

  • Consider blocking unwanted mechanics like Harvest, Breach, etc. to funnel more Atlas passive influence to Expedition.

  • Optionally take "Stream of Consciousness" if not using other binding mechanics like Beyond.

  • Prioritize Tuun and Denigris Expedition types through passives for more valuable logbook types.

  • Stay within range of complementary mechanics like Legion, Ritual, Strongboxes for added rewards.

  • Only need 40-50 passive points total invested - leaves room for other farming methods later.

Focusing the Atlas passives in this way maximizes both the spawn rate and rewards from Expedition with minimal investment. It's an efficient and effective way to print currencies from logbook sales early in the league.

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