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PoE 3.24 Best Maps To Farm - Top 10+ Maps To Favorite in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis

4/8/2024 11:26:58 AM

Path of Exile's Necropolis League has brought a slew of new content and changes, especially to the Atlas of Worlds. With these changes, players have been keen on determining which maps are the best to farm for maximum efficiency and profit. In this PoE 3.24 Map Guide, we'll break down the best maps to farm in the Necropolis league, specifically focusing on the favorite maps to maximize your returns.

Path of Exile 3.24 Map Changes

Like previous new leagues, the Necropolis expansion also brings updates to maps. This includes not only the general map rotations but also some gameplay-refreshing changes - the changes focus on integrating spirits/haunting mechanics into maps and monsters, providing strategic information, and crafting options to enhance engagements and rewards. Here are the key map changes introduced in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League:

  • Maps were removed from the Atlas: Ancient City, Bazaar, Caldera, Carcass, Chateau, City Square, Colonnade, Colosseum, Core, Coves, Crater, Dark Forest, Desert, Dig, Ghetto, Infested Valley, Ivory Temple, Laboratory, Mesa, Mud Geyser, Overgrown Ruin, Precinct, Racecourse, Ramparts, Relic Chambers, Sepulchre, Spider Lair, and Summit.

  • Maps were added back to the Atlas: Arsenal, Barrows, Belfry, Cells, Cold River, Courthouse, Defiled Cathedral, Desert Spring, Dungeon, Excavation, Forbidden Woods, Fungal Hollow, Graveyard, Lair, Lava Lake, Mausoleum, Phantasmagoria, Pit, Primordial Pool, Shipyard, Shrine, Silo, Sulphur Vents, Sunken City, Terrace, Tower, Toxic Sewer, and Waterways.

  • Synthesized Maps now drop from bosses in maps tier 14 and higher, and are level 81 instead of level 80. The unique Cortex map can no longer be obtained from these sources.

  • Map subareas no longer have +1 to area level.

  • Map tiers and locations were shuffled, so maps will initially be found at different tiers.

  • Some required Pantheon bosses changed due to Atlas changes.

  • Crafting recipes from removed maps were moved to other maps.

  • Some divination cards changed locations due to Atlas changes.

  • Endgame maps allow manipulating haunting configuration through the map device, fixing it to each specific map.

  • The changes reshuffled the Atlas, removing and adding maps back in while adjusting map tiers, pantheon bosses, and rewards from divination cards and crafting recipes. This helps refresh the endgame mapping progression.

PoE 3.24 Best Maps To Farm (Favorite) in Necropolis League

The introduction of map rotations and the revamped Atlas system in Path of Exile 3.24 plays a pivotal role in shaping players' strategies for building their Atlas and optimizing their mapping approach in the Necropolis League. A multitude of factors, including map layout, divination card drops, monster density, and boss difficulty, are integral to identifying the most lucrative maps for this edition.

When planning which maps to focus on, players must consider the synergy between their Atlas mechanics and the maps they choose to farm. Those who frequently utilize scarabs will find that selecting maps with layouts that enhance their chosen mechanics will lead to more fruitful farming sessions. With the latest patch updates and a goal of achieving peak farming efficiency in mind, we have pinpointed several Atlas maps as top choices for extended play and resource gathering in the current challenge league:

  • Burial Chambers (Tier 5)

Map Type: Long and Linear

Map Layout: Long corridors

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): Not specified

Div Cards: The Doctor, The Fortune

Pros: Burial Chambers offers a compelling combination of two top-tier divination card categories, providing both steady income and a chance at high-value drops. Despite having a challenging boss that may require more conservative play, the map layout is better than mediocre, contributing to its overall attractiveness.

  • Crimson Temple (Tier 12)

Map Type: Linear

Map Layout: Square

Boss Location: Mid/End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 485

Div Cards: The Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, The Enlightened

Pros: Crimson Temple stands out with the best individual divination card in the game, complemented by a Mir Shard card and additional bonus cards that, although not as valuable, still contribute to the map's appeal. The layout is slightly inferior to Burial Chambers but remains competitive.

  • Dunes (Tier 2)

Map Type: Open

Map Layout: Wide and very open

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 484

Div Cards: Imperial legacy, The tumbleweed

Pros: The open layout of Dunes makes it an exceptional choice for Legion mechanics and synergizes well with projectile-based builds. As the preferred map for Dead Eyes due to its ascendency, Dunes ranks high for its layout and interaction with powerful league mechanics.

  • Cemetery (Tier 4)

Map Type: Balanced

Map Layout: Not specified

Boss Location: Easily found and killed

Monster Density (Average): Not specified

Div Cards: Brother's Gift

Pros: Cemetery balances a favorable map layout with the presence of good divination cards like Brother's Gift. It features an easily locatable and defeatable boss, making it an attractive option for those looking for a blend of good rewards and navigable terrain.

  • Jungle Valley (Tier 8)

Map Type: Not specified

Map Layout: Liner

Boss Location: Boss Spearated

Monster Density (Average): Not specified

Div Cards: The Fortunate

Pros: This map is highlighted for being excellent in Boss Rush strategies and Eldritch Alters, thanks to the divination card The Fortunate. They are particularly recommended for non-destructive play-oriented strategies.

  • Strand (Tier 3)

Map Type: Open

Map Layout: Linear coast

Boss Location: End of Map

Monster Density (Average): 365

Div Cards: I See Brothers (though very rare), The Landing

Pros: Strand is an excellent map for builds using Shield Charge due to its open layout. It also drops the high-value and liquid divination card IC Brothers, although at a very low rate. The openness favors certain playstyles and movement skills.

  • Waste Pool (Tier 7)

Map Type: Corridor

Map Layout: Maze-like with tight corridors

Boss Location: Not specified

Monster Density (Average): Not specified

Div Cards: The Doctor (added recently)

Pros: Waste Pool is ideal for builds that excel in tight corridors, such as Righteous Fire. It also boasts one of the best divination cards in the game, The Doctor, which adds significant value to running this map.

  • Toxic Sewer (Tier 3)

Map Layout: Liner

Boss Location: End of the Map (Boss Rushable)

Div Cards: Hope, Lingering Remnants, The Trail, The Encroaching Darkness

Pros: Toxic Sewer is a map known for its high density of monster packs and the potential for valuable drops. It has a straightforward layout with linear paths, making it easy to navigate and clear efficiently. It is a popular choice for players looking to farm Path of Exile currency and valuable items.

  • Glacier (Tier 9)

Map Layout: Liner

Boss Location: End of the Map

Monster Density (Average): Not specified

Div Cards: Hope

Pros: Glacier is a map that offers a good balance between density and layout. It has a circular layout with a central boss, making it easy to clear efficiently. It is a popular choice for players who want a well-rounded map for farming experience, currency, and items.

  • Tropical Island (Tier 9)

Map Layout: Liner

Boss Location: End of the Map

Div Cards: The Fortunate

Pros: Tropical Island is a map with a tropical beach theme and a layout that allows for fast and smooth clearing. It has a good density of monster packs and can drop valuable divination cards like "The Doctor" card. It is a popular choice for players who enjoy a relaxed and visually appealing farming experience.

POE 3.24 Map Tiers & Location

Here we list the full list of Path of Exile 3.24 Maps, and where each map is on the passive atlas tree:

POE 3.24 Map Tiers & Location

Tier 1 - Bone Crypt

Tier 1 - Crimson Township

Tier 1 - Shipyard

Tier 1 - Desert Spring

Tier 2 - Dunes

Tier 2 - Iceberg

Tier 2 - Pier

Tier 2 - Arsenal

Tier 2 - Belfry

Tier 2 - Arcade

Tier 2 - Wharf

Tier 2 - Lair

Tier 3 - Overgrown Shrine

Tier 3 - Strand

Tier 3 - Volcano

Tier 3 - Crystal Ore

Tier 3 - Toxic Sewer

Tier 3 - Mausoleum

Tier 3 - Fungal Hollow

Tier 3 - Channel

Tier 4 - Cemetery

Tier 4 - Moon Temple

Tier 4 - Vaal Pyramid

Tier 4 - Canyon

Tier 4 - Fields

Tier 4 - Foundry

Tier 4 - Primordial Pool

Tier 4 - Cells

Tier 5 - Atoll

Tier 5 - Courtyard

Tier 5 - Graveyard

Tier 5 - Gardens

Tier 5 - Siege

Tier 5 - Burial Chambers

Tier 5 - Cage

Tier 5 - Phantasmagoria

Tier 6 - Shore

Tier 6 - Promenade

Tier 6 - Dry Sea

Tier 6 - Arid Lake

Tier 6 - Waterways

Tier 6 - Tower

Tier 6 - Basilica

Tier 7 - Cursed Crypt

Tier 7 - Waste Pool

Tier 7 - Silo

Tier 7 - Spider Forest

Tier 7 - Courthouse

Tier 7 - Dungeon

Tier 7 - Bramble Valley

Tier 8 - Orchard

Tier 8 - Jungle Valley

Tier 8 - Lava Lake

Tier 8 - Sunken City

Tier 8 - Reef

Tier 8 - Frozen Cabins

Tier 8 - Ashen Wood

Tier 9 - Park

Tier 9 - Lookout

Tier 9 - Tropical Island

Tier 9 - Stagnation

Tier 9 - Academy

Tier 9 - Glacier

Tier 10 - Underground Sea

Tier 10 - Pit

Tier 10 - Wasteland

Tier 10 - Excavation

Tier 10 - Arachnid Nest

Tier 10 - Grotto

Tier 11 - Acid Caverns

Tier 11 - Plaza

Tier 11 - Residence

Tier 11 - Sulphur Vents

Tier 11 - Forking River

Tier 11 - Conservatory

Tier 12 - Museum

Tier 12 - Necropolis

Tier 12 - Barrows

Tier 12 - Bog

Tier 12 - Crimson Temple

Tier 12 - Palace

Tier 13 - Flooded Mine

Tier 13 - Mineral Pools

Tier 13 - Terrace

Tier 13 - Grave Trough

Tier 13 - Shrine

Tier 14 - Temple

Tier 14 - Maze

Tier 14 - Forbidden Woods

Tier 14 - Estuary

Tier 14 - Defiled Cathedral

Tier 15 - Underground River

Tier 15 - Cold River

Tier 15 - Arena

Tier 15 - Port

Tier 15 - Vault

Tier 16 - Plateau

Tier 16 - Lava Chamber

Tier 16 - Castle Ruins

Tier 16 - Thicket

Tier 17 - Sanctuary

Tier 17 - Citadel

Tier 17 - Fortress

Tier 17 - Abomination

Tier 17 - Ziggurat

How to Pick a Good Favorite Map in Path of Exile 3.24?

Every league, the maps change, but you can use these criteria to pick a good one:

Layout: Linear is better than circular. You can run faster to the boss and avoid the fog in Leader or Delirium challenges.

Divination Card: Some cards are rare and valuable, but others have lost their worth. Check the market before you farm them.

Boss Location: Killing the boss spawns altars that can duplicate currency, items, and cards. The player altars are the best, so look for maps with easy bosses.

Monster Density: More monsters mean more loot and XP. Pick maps with high density.

These are some general tips, but your favorite map may depend on your build and goals. Experiment and find what works for you.

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