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Last Epoch 1.0 Best Runemaster Build - Top 2 Best Runemaster Builds for Leveling & Endgame in LE

4/8/2024 4:10:50 PM

Creating the optimal Last Epoch Runemaster build can be challenging due to the diverse array of Runic Invocation attacks triggered based on previous elemental spell combinations. What is the strongest runemaster build in the Last Epoch? Today, in our Last Epoch 1.0 Runemaster build guide, we’re bringing you the top 2 best Runemaster Mage builds.


Last Epoch Runemaster Build Guide - Top 2 Best Runemaster Builds in LE

In Last Epoch, the Runemaster class embodies the essence of an elemental spellcaster who thrives on maintaining a safe distance from adversaries. Central to most builds is the utilization of Runic Invocation as the primary source of damage. Next, let’s dive into the attributes, gear and skills for each best Last Epoch 1.0 Runemaster build. The first is a new best overpowered unkillable Runemaster Mage build that has 100% crit spark charge. The second is a one-shot Runemaster Mage build that has an overpowered fireball combo for leveling and endgame.


No.1 Last Epoch Best Runemaster Build

How do you like the electric feeling of your enemies disintegrating before your very eyes in a hail storm of hits crit after crit generating thousands and thousands of wards, obliterating anything in your path while moving at the speed of light? The first best LE 1.10 Runemaster build is essentially the final evolution of the frostclaw builds. Lightning Frost Claw does have a higher barrier to entry as it requires a ton of specific uniques and even several stats. But once you are in the proper end game, this is your mega goal as far as power goes. Your real long-term farm if you want to obliterate even at high corruption.



Strength: 18

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 157

Attunement: 5

Vitality: 5



Helm: Prismatic Gaze

Left Hand: Mad Alchemist’s Ladle

Right Hand: Fragment of Enigma

Armor: Unstable Core

Amulet: Silver Amulet

Belt: Strands of Souls

Ring: Julra’s Stardial, Julra’s Stardial

Gloves: Swadding of the Erased

Boots: Vanguard Boots

Relic: Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros



Frost Claw: 3 Gift of Winter, 1 Artor's Sceptre, 1 Spark Artillery, 5 Spark of Celerity, 1 Frozen Reign, 1 On Through the Snow, 1 Ever Onward, 1 A Crack in the Ice, 2 Shiver Shell, 1 Volley of Glass, 1 Brightfrost

Lightning Blast: 1 Closed Circuit, 4 Arcing Power, 2 Lightning Attunement, 4 Overcharge, 1 Hypercharge, 2 Cloud Answer, 1 Final Spark, 5 Mortal Capacitor

Runic Invocation: 3 Runic Energy, 4 Copied Scrolls, 1 Rune Powercore, 1 Arcane Battery, 4 Copied Scrolls, 3 Glyphcarver's Dominance, 4 Word of Rahyeh

Frost Wall: 4 Lightning Rod, 1 Charged Pylons, 2 Amplified Currents, 1 Howling Rift, 1 Protection of the Apostate, 1 Shelter of the Chef

Flame Rush: 2 Fiery Overload, 3 Solar Rush, 1 Ember Wake, 2 Signet of Ash, 1 Keen Ignition, 3 Blazing Flux, 3 Runic Eclipse, 3 Celestial Guidance

No.2 Best Last Epoch Runemaster Build

If you like huge fiery explosions, this is the LE 1.0 best runemaster build because we're doing the hugest and fieriest of them. No mixing in lightning runes or frost runes, we are here for pure fire to create the mother of all explosions that cover a ridiculous area and will one shot everything it hits throughout your entire leveling journey and then continue to do so into the end game when you start farming your Monoliths. This build is simple, straightforward, effective, satisfying beyond compare, and visually a treat every time you hit that sweet runic invocation and see that glorious explosion.


Helm: Mage's Weathered Crown of Warding 

Left Hand: Eviscerating Spriggan Branch of Freezing

Right Hand: Manafused Opulent Focus of Embers

Armor: Valeroot

Amulet: Manafused Copper Amulet of Life

Belt: Experimental Noble Sash of Endurance

Ring: Scholar's Gold Ring of Hope, Cleric's Copper Ring of Blocking

Gloves: Manafused Noble Gloves of Hope

Boots: Vanguard Boots

Relic: Scholar's Scrivening Quill of Frailty


Flame Ward: 3 Dilation, 5 Infusion, 3 Lightning Ward, 1 Fire Aura, 1 Stalward Defense, 3 Barrier, 4 Through Flames, 1 Flame Runner

Runic Invocation: 4 Attuned Approach, 1 Elemental Lore, 3 Unbridled Ruin, 1 Stride to Safety, 1 Prologue, 1 Interlude, 1 Rune Slinger, 3 Glyphcarver's Dominance, 2 Word of Rahyeh 

Flame Rush: 3 Blazing Flux, 3 Runic Eclipse, 3 Lunar Protection, 1 Fiery Overload, 3 Guidance of Flames, 1 Smolder and Burn, 3 Solar Rush

Fireball: 2 Adept, 3 Mana Sphere, 3 Flammability, 1 Seeker's Ash, 3 Winged Fire, 1 Fire Spray, 1 Embers, 2 Dancing Fire, 2 Volatile Flame, 

Frostwall: 1 Marching Winter, 1 Pyroglass, 1 Brand the Invaders, 3 The Dark Cold, 1 Howling Rift, 4 Crystals of Protection, 1 Purifying Gate, 3 Aspirant's Arrival, 

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