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Last Epoch Monolith Timeline Rewards (Boss Drops) & Target Farming Guide

3/20/2024 3:10:47 PM

In Last Epoch, the end-game is defined by the Monolith of Fate, a complex system where players can navigate through various Timelines - alternate realities that diverge from the game's main storyline. These Timelines are not just for lore enthusiasts; they offer tangible rewards that can significantly enhance a player's power. So if you want to get insane endgame gear and loots, try the empower monolith farming! In this guide, we want to list all Last Epoch timeline rewards and Monolith boss drops, then explain how you can progress through the empower Momolith and how to maximize your rewards efficiency!

Last Epoch Monolith Guide - Timeline Rewards & Best Target Farming Strategy

The Monolith of Fate is the end-game activity in Last Epoch that allows players to explore different timelines and earn various rewards. A timeline represents an alternate reality that was never meant to be. All enemies you encounter in a timeline have the same area level, and each timeline has its own unique pool of layouts, enemies, and quests. Completing all quest echoes for a timeline unlocks the next one and grants the opportunity to choose a blessing - a permanent buff for your character. Additionally, conquering the most difficult timelines unlocks the empowered timelines. Now following us to explore eveything about the Last Epoch Monolith of Fate Timeline farming!

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What is the Timeline in Last Epoch?

A Timeline is essentially an alternate version of history within the Last Epoch universe. It is a self-contained pathway with its own set of challenges, enemies, and layouts. Players face Echoes, which are instances within Timelines that maintain a consistent area level and progressively increase in difficulty.

Rewards and Progression

Each Timeline offers unique rewards, including exclusive items and Blessings—permanent buffs that can be equipped by the character. Completing all Quest Echoes within a Timeline not only unlocks the next Timeline but also gives players the chance to select a Blessing. The ultimate challenge lies in conquering the most difficult Timelines, which unlocks the Empowered Timelines for even greater rewards.

Last Epoch Timeline Rewards

Each timeline has exclusive rewards including unique and set items of specific types:

Fall of the Outcasts

Unlocks: The Stolen Lance, The Black Sun

Unique/Set Items: Bows, Quivers 12

The Stolen Lance

Unlocks: Blood, Frost and Death

Unique/Set Items: Staves, Scepters 14; Wands, Catalyst 12

The Black Sun

Unique/Set Items: Helmet 16; Shields 12

Blood, Frost and Death

Unlocks: Ending the Storm, Fall of the Empire

Unique/Set Items: Body Armours 14

Ending the Storm

Unlocks: Fall of the Empire

Unique/Set Items: Gloves 18

Fall of the Empire

Unlocks: Reign of Dragons

Unique/Set Items: Belts 12

Reign of Dragons

Unlocks: Spirits of Fire, The Age of Winter, The Last Ruin

Unique/Set Items: Melee Weapons - Swords, Daggers 19; Axes, Maces, Polearms 26

Spirits of Fire

Required for Empowered Timelines

Unique/Set Items: Boots 14

The Age of Winter

Required for Empowered Timelines

Unique/Set Items: Rings 14; Amulets 14

The Last Ruin

Required for Empowered Timelines

Unique/Set Items: Relics 14

Last Epoch Monolith Boss Drops

All timeline bosses drop 4 specific unique/set items, with the drop rates scaling with the timeline corruption level. The empowered timeline bosses also drop an additional empowered-specific unique item.

Here is some information about the boss drops in Last Epoch's Monolith:

Boss-Specific Unique/Set Items:

Each boss in the Monolith has specific Unique/Set items that can only drop from them.

These boss-specific drops have different drop rates based on the boss and the category they fall into.

The drop chance of boss-specific Unique/Set items can be improved with Item Rarity.

Some boss-specific drops, like the Ravenous Void, can also drop as random world drops or from specific encounters.

Tiered Unique/Set Items:

Each tier (1-4) of the Monolith has its own Unique/Set items.

To obtain a specific tier's Unique/Set item, players must be at least at that tier of the Monolith.

Higher-tier Monolith runs have a chance to drop any Unique/Set item from lower tiers.

The drop rates of lower-tier Unique/Set items are generally better than those of higher-tier items.

Champion Drops:

There are three Champions in the Monolith, each with their own Unique item

The Champion that spawns for each Arena run is random.

The drop chance of Champion Unique items can be improved in higher-tier Monolith runs.

Shade Drops:

Shades, which are special enemies in the Monolith, have specific drops as well.

Siphon of Anguish is a common drop that can be obtained from any Shade regardless of Corruption.

Stymied Fate is an uncommon drop from level 60 or higher Shades, with improved drop rates from higher Item Rarity.

Apathy's Maw is an uncommon drop that requires a level 65 or higher Shade with at least 50 Corruption.


Completing a timeline grants blessings, which are permanent character buffs you can choose from. You can re-roll or swap out blessings by completing the timeline again. The number of blessings you can equip increases as you progress through higher corruption levels in the timelines.

Check out more details from our Last Epoch Blessings Guide

Best Empowered Monolith Timeline Farming Strategy in Last Epoch

After mastering the level 90 Timelines, players can attempt Empowered versions starting at level 100 with an initial 100 Corruption. These Timelines introduce grander challenges and rewards, including exclusive Empowered-only items. After completing the campaign, you should aim to gear up and level to around 50 before tackling the Monoliths. The goal is to unlock the top three Timelines as they lead to the empowered Monoliths, where the real end game begins.

Progressing Through Timelines

Initially, you'll want to follow the right side of the accessible Timelines as it is the quicker path to the empowered Monoliths. Each timeline you complete grants you a blessing, with the right side offering blessings that boost character power, which is more beneficial early on. As you progress, you'll encounter various Echoes that grant stability and rewards.

Farming Strategy

  1. Unlock Empowered Monoliths: Focus on completing the top three Timelines to unlock empowered Monoliths as quickly as possible. These are level 90, and once completed, you can access the central object to unlock the level 100 Empowered Timelines.

  2. Target Farming: Once you've unlocked empowered Timelines, you can target farm for specific items or blessings you want by choosing the appropriate Timeline. Each Timeline has a higher chance to drop certain uniques and set items.

  3. Manage Corruption: In empowered Timelines, corruption starts at a minimum of 100 and can be increased by defeating the Shade of Orobyss. Higher corruption leads to tougher enemies but also increases loot quality and experience gains. If the difficulty becomes too much, you can reduce corruption through specific Echoes.

  4. Echo Types: Prioritize Echoes that contribute to your goals. For example, Echoes that offer high item Rarity or experience bonuses should be chosen if you're farming for loot or leveling, respectively.

  5. Special Echoes and Bosses: Use special Echoes, like the Vessel of Memory and Vessel of Chaos, to double dip on rewards or reroll Echo modifiers. Additionally, boss farming is crucial, as defeating timeline bosses can grant unique items, especially if you have high corruption.

  6. Echo Completion Speed: The faster you complete Echoes, the quicker you'll gain stability. However, certain Echoes like arenas can yield more stability due to the high number of enemies. Balance speed with the need for maximum stability or specific loot.

  7. Advanced Farming: Once you reach high corruption levels, you can start focusing on advanced farming techniques. This includes maximizing Echo modifiers for item Rarity or experience gains and utilizing special Echoes for optimal rewards.

  8. Avoid Arena Maps: While they can provide good experience and stability, they may take longer to clear, slowing down your farming efficiency.

  9. Loot Filter: As you progress into higher corruption levels, adjust your loot filter to be stricter. Only show exalted items with the best bases and desired stats, and hide less valuable items to optimize your farming.

  10. Balance Priorities: Decide whether you need better gear or blessings and choose Echoes accordingly. If your gear is sufficient, you might prioritize Echoes with blessings that enhance your build.

  11. Catch-up Mechanic: Take advantage of the catch-up mechanic, where having high corruption in one Timeline can help you quickly boost corruption in others, due to a bonus when defeating Orobyss.

  12. Leverage Modifiers: Choose Echoes with modifiers that increase loot quality but don't significantly increase difficulty for your build, especially when approaching boss fights.

The key to efficient farming in the Monoliths is to prioritize progression towards empowered Monoliths, manage corruption wisely, target farm specific Timelines for desired rewards, and use Echo modifiers to maximize loot quality and experience gains. With the right approach, you can optimize your character's power and gear effectively in Last Epoch's endgame.

The Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch presents a rewarding, albeit complex, system that requires strategic planning for optimal progression. Understanding Timeline rewards, Echo mechanics, and the balance of equipment drops is essential for any player looking to maximize their character's potential in the end game. Whether you're after the perfect Blessing or that exclusive set piece, the Timelines of the Monolith await.

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