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Dark and Darker Best Barbarian Build - Top 3 Most Overpowered Barb Builds In DaD

3/20/2024 11:50:03 AM

How to dominate as a Barbarian in Dark and Darker? In this Dark and Darker Barbarian build guide, we’re bringing you the top 3 best Barb builds. Discover what makes these three the most dominant Dark and Darker Barbarian builds for ruling battlegrounds.


Dark and Darker Barbarian Build Guide: Weapons, Skills & Perks

The Barbarian class in Dark and Darker is designed to fill the role of a formidable frontline fighter focused on sustained melee combat. They have the highest base health and stats that favor strength, vigor, and health over others. Barbarians use powerful two-handed weapons or axes to deal high physical damage at close range. Although lacking in healing and ranged options, Barbarian's tanky attributes and skill rotations such as War Cry into Savage Roar buffs or Berserker heal on kills enable them to disrupt fights through disruptive melee damageNext, we’re going to in depth the gear, perks and skills for the 3 best Dark and Darker Barbarian builds.


1. Dark & Darker Best Barbarian Build

This best Dark and Darker Barb build prioritizes survivability over damage through focusing on strength, agility, armor and health stats. This allows the Barbarian to stay in the fight longer. The weapon choices of the Viking Sword and War Maul deal good damage and have useful movesets for a Barbarian. The sword is fast while the maul hits hard. Gear choices maximize armor and defensive stats over movement speed/attack speed. This complements the frontline playstyle. It focuses on sustaining in melee combat through survival abilities rather than burst damage or CC. Playing in a group allows the Barbarian to buff allies' defenses with War Cry for coordinated fights.



Primary: Viking Sword

Secondary: War Maul

Helm: Viking Helm

Chest: Northern Full Tunic

Leg: Heavy Leather Leggings

Foot: Rugged Boots


Perks & Skills

The perk selections of Iron Will, Crush, Berserker, and Robust/Morale Boost significantly increase defenses, mobility, and damage trading potential. The skills of Rage, War Cry, and potentially Savage Roar/Reckless Strike offer strong defensive buffs, debuffs, and options to ignore defenses


2. Best Dark and Darker Barbarian Build

The second best DAD Barbarian build is the vampire Barbarian. This build is focused on frontline tanking with a massive HP pool and it works well in solos and trios. This builds on the base Barbarian's defensive strengths, achieving tremendous staying power through massive effective HP. While damage is slightly lower, the focus on survival syncs well with a frontline playstyle and allows disruptive distraction of opponents through endurance. Cleric support maximizes this role.



Primary: Viking Sword (One Hand)

Secondary: Lantern

Primary: War Maul (Two Hand)

Helm: Viking Helm

Chest: Padded Tunic

Foot: Rugged Boots

Pendant: Ox Pendant

Ring: Ring of Courage, Ring of Survival


Skills & Perks

The first skill we take is War Cry which is going to bump max HP up to 217 for 7 seconds with this gear set. As a bonus, it also affects any nearby teammates. The second skill we take is Savage Roar. This should be used before every team fight to significantly reduce the physical damage of the enemy team. It can also be used in PVE to fear any monster that isn't a boss or mini boss.

We're taking Iron Will for the magic resist and knockback Immunity. Morale Boost gives us 12% of our HP back upon killing a player which is 26 HP if we have War Cry active with this gear set. We take Robust to scale our massive HP pool which improves the effectiveness of War Cry, Morale Boost Berserker as well as any HP increases from our gear. Lastly, we take Berserker to give us up to 30% increased physical attack power as our HP gets lower in a fight.


3. DAD Best Barbarian Build

The third best Barbarian build in Dark and Darker is the Iron Giant Barbarian build. This currently sits around 60% physical damage reduction and magical damage reduction. This means that you like PDR fighter but you don't have the magic resist weakness. This build is insane but the biggest weakness of this build is probably Bards had a little bit of trouble. For the most part, everything went quite well. This is an broken build.



Primary: Club (One Hand)

Secondary: Round Shield (One Hand)

Helm: Barbuta

Chest: Northern Full Tunic

Cloth: Watchman Cloak

Hand: Runestome Gloves

Legs: Heavy Leather Leggings

Foot: Dashing Boots

Rings: Ring of Vitality, Ring of Fitness

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