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FC 24 Best FUT Birthday Evolution - Top 16 Best FUT Birthday Evos Worth Getting In EAFC 24

3/21/2024 2:30:29 PM

EA has released some of the most insane unthinkable evos for FUT Birthday. Some of them paid, some of them free. What are the best FC 24 FUT Birthday Evolutions? Today, we're going through all of them including Weak Foot Peak, Birthday Magic, Jack of all Trades and Secret Stuff.


FC 24 Best FUT Birthday Evos - Which Is The Best Birthday Evolution In EA FC 24

Fut Birthday is an annual event in EA's FIFA Ultimate Team mode that celebrates 15 years of FUT by releasing special boosted player cards with upgraded 5-star ratings and flashy attributes. The event commemorates this significant anniversary by featuring promo packs, objectives and players given flashy upgrades like 5-star skills and weak feet as a way to pamper and entertain fans with overpowered virtual lineups for a limited time, honoring the popularity and longevity of the Ultimate Team mode which allows players to construct and manage dream teams since its introduction 15 years ago. Next, let's check EAFC 24 best FUT Birthday Evos!

FC 24 Best Weak Foot Peak Card

CB: Varane (90)

Varane is one of the best free EA FC 24 FUT Birthday Evo cards that really stands out. He is medium-high, five star weak foot, he has anticipated and jockey plus. Varane's agility and balance are never good. Varane always outplays his stats. The question with this one is he just had a card that was released as a 90 which is the same rating as the Evo card. But that card is extinct at 1.5 mil and this is a free Evo. Even though he's not as good as that card, you get two play-style pluses, defensive ones on a defender as well which is noticeable.


CB: Koundé (90)

Koundé has a wild card that's for sure but this is by far the best version of Koundé. He has 86 paces, 88 defending, and 82 physicals. He is the fastest, has five star weak foot, and jockey plus. Koundé always outplays the stats as well. Keep in mind that this is a free e Evo!


CB: Rüdiger (90)

Rüdiger is not a bad option. Rüdiger's gold card is pro. Dribbling is not going to be the best on these cards. But if you can get past that, you get the five star weak foot and a little pace boost. Rüdiger has aerial plus which is a very important trade to have this year.


FC 24 Best Birthday Magic Card

RW: Simons (89)

Simons is the one a lot of people are going for but he’s going to have three star weak foot. Both three star weak foot and dribbling are going to be problems but he’s still a crazy card.


RW: Kubo (90)

Kubo is a decent option and he does have a five star skill move with a four star weak foot.


CAM: Palmer (90)

Palmer is one of the top-tier best FUT Birthday Evolution in EA FC 24. If you can you can do the team of the week into secret stuff into Birthday Magi, the issue with Palmer is still going to be the five star three star.


ST: Álvarez (89)

Álvarez is five star five star. He’s got 94 acceleration, 90 finishing, 92 shot power, 96 agility and 96 balance. This will be one of the best EA FC 24 FUT Birthday cards in the game. Álvarez has always outplayed his stats and this card will be absolutely incredible.


LW: Rashford (90)

Rashford is interesting because you can get him to a 90 rate. You can get him with the other play style plus, rapid plus. Although he has a three star weak foot, he's very fast, shooting is good on the strong foot.  Varane and Rashford are not as good as their promo cards but this is a free one still very good.


FC 24 Best Jack of all Trades Card

CF: Raspadori (90)

Raspadori is going to have two play style pluses which is unique and he's five star five star with 91 short passing. This is also a pretty good card.


ST: Correa (90)

Correa has some really nice stats. He's got 95 agility, 94 balance, and 89 short passing. He's got crazy good finishing, crazy good pace, good stamina, and first touch plus.


RW: Kubo (90)

Kubo is the one that people are going for. His Trailblazers is extinct so if you did the player of the month, good value. He has 4-star weak foot and 5-star skill moves, giving him the ability to perform every skill move in the game. Correa and Kubo are the best ones you should go for.


FC 24 Best Secret Stuff Card

CM: De Bruyne (89)

De Bruyne is the only player you should go after.


LW: Son (89)

Son has gone up on the market to 20K FC 24 Coins. You do get five star five star, you also get tech plus which is a huge play style plus to get. The problem with Son is you're still going to have you will still have agility and balance problems. But Birthday Son has way better dribbling.


CM: Pedri (92)

Pedri is absolutely incredible and would be a fire in the midfield.


ST: Torres (89)

EA gave everybody this Torres. If you played in the full fantasy cup, and won seven or eight matches then you got this card. This is going to be a five star skill Torres with some decent stats, 93 finishing, 87 agility, and 82 balance. Compared to Winter Wild cards, this has more passing and the dribbling is the same so you're getting a Winter Wild card Torres. 


ST: Crespo (91)

People going crazy about this Crespo. He's got five star four star with 94 finishing, 92 agility, 87 balance, 92 reactions, 84 short passing, and 92 pace. It is a really nice card, finesse shot and tech plus on an attacker, it is going to be perfect.

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