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Last Epoch Circle of Fortune or Merchants Guild, Which Is Better?

3/7/2024 6:48:50 PM

In Last Epoch, one of the key choices players need to make is which endgame progression system to follow - the Circle of Fortune or the Merchants Guild. This decision will significantly impact your journey through the late and endgame. So which path should you take? Let's explore the pros and cons of each.

Circle of Fortune vs Merchants Guild in Last Epoch

If you want the best of the best items in Last Epoch and are willing to put in countless hours of grinding, the Merchants Guild is recommended for the top 1% of action RPG players. However, for most players, the Circle of Fortune will allow you to progress much faster by providing easier access to exalted legendaries, legendary potential items, more experience, and more Last Epoch gold early on. So Circle of Fortune or Merchants Guild, which one should you join? Let's help you make the decision.

Last Epoch Merchant's Guild Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for the elite players: If you're in the top 1% of action RPG players and are willing to invest countless hours for the perfect items, the Merchant's Guild is for you.

  • Specific item acquisition: With the Merchant's Guild, obtaining very specific items with four legendary potentials is easier, though it's a rare feat.

  • Loot filter convenience: For players who dislike managing loot filters, the Merchant's Guild simplifies the process by allowing you to purchase items directly.


  • Time investment: Progressing in the Merchant's Guild can be slow, requiring significant dedication to reach the point where you can buy top-tier unique items with legendary potential.

  • Less immediate progression: Unlike the Circle of Fortune, the Merchant's Guild doesn't provide as many immediate rewards, making early and mid-game progression slower.

Last Epoch Circle of Fortune Pros and Cons


  • Fast progression: The Circle of Fortune allows for quicker advancement in the game, with easier access to exalted items, legendaries, and increased XP and gold.

  • More exciting drops: Engaging with the Circle of Fortune could be more fun for many players as it offers the thrill of obtaining great drops directly from gameplay.

  • Potential for creativity: The Circle of Fortune can inspire players to create multiple characters due to the variety of exciting item drops and set completions.


Randomness: Although you can target farms to an extent, the randomness of drops means you'll still need a loot filter to effectively manage the items you receive.

Limited by gold: In Circle of Fortune, gold becomes a critical resource, limiting your progress if you run out.

Last Epoch Circle of Fortune or Merchants Guild, Which Is Better For You?

So, which faction should you choose? It ultimately depends on your playstyle and goals within Last Epoch.

  • For the dedicated min-maxer: If you're focused on obtaining the absolute best items and don't mind the grind, the Merchant's Guild aligns with your goals.

  • For the player who values fun and speed: If you prefer quicker gratification and enjoy the excitement of random drops, the Circle of Fortune will likely be more enjoyable and less of a grind.

Remember, once you choose a path, you can't easily swap between the two without unequipping all your gear and starting over with the progression within each faction. Both the Merchant's Guild and Circle of Fortune have their progression systems, and you'll need to interact with their respective mechanics to advance. Whether it's slaying monsters or completing specific tasks, your journey will be shaped by the faction you align with.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to which is better. It depends on whether you want to maximize your character's potential at the expense of time (Merchant's Guild) or if you prefer a more straightforward and potentially enjoyable gameplay experience (Circle of Fortune). Consider your play habits and preferences carefully before making your decision.

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