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POE 3.23 Atlas Tree Strategy Guide - Best Atlas & Mapping Strategies for Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction

12/4/2023 10:02:10 AM

The launch of Path of Exile's 3.23 Affliction league is an opportunity to reevaluate Atlas passive skill tree strategies. This guide covers effective mapping plans for different league stages, from early leveling and currency farming to mid-league pushing and endgame bossing. By specializing your Atlas passives and coordinating map mods and Scarabs, you can target desired content. We'll go over skill tree basics and suggested specs for early, mid, and late league goals to help maximize map returns and accelerate progression in Affliction.

PoE 3.23 Best Atlas Passive Skill Tree Strategy Guide (Early, Mid, End League Farm Plans)

In Path of Exile 3.23, the Atlas underwent significant restructuring, with the addition of 10 new map regions and the shuffling of many map tiers and locations. To match this, the Atlas passive tree was completely revamped, with new notable passives and clusters oriented around the new Ultimatum league content replacing older ones. Five Metamorph clusters were replaced with specialized Ultimatum clusters that allow customizing Ultimatum encounters. Other existing notables were updated to interact with the new Atlas content as well. Combined, the Atlas and passive tree changes provide much more control over endgame mapping, with the tree passives designed to enhance the new map regions and Ultimatum league mechanics introduced in 3.23. Here we'll cover skill tree basics, and then suggest specific strategies for early, mid, and late league goals. With smart planning, you can maximize returns from your maps and accelerate your character progression in the Affliction League.

PoE 3.23 Basic Early-Game Atlas Trees For Affliction League Start

First of all, we provide some top recommendations for basic Atlas passive tree setups in Path of Exile's 3.23 Affliction League. Here are the Atlas tree configurations for new and intermediate players to engage with the league mechanics and progress their Atlas completion efficiently. Specific nodes and layouts are highlighted for general mapping, currency farming, Legion encounters, Heist farming, and focusing progress in particular regions.

1. PoE 3.23 Basic Speed Progression Tree

POE 3.23 Best Basic Speed Progression Atlas Tree

2. PoE 3.23 Best Start Atlas Tree for Blue Alter / Harvest / Expedition /Harby

2. PoE 3.23 Best Start Atlas Tree for Blue Alter, Harvest, Expedition, Harby

PoE 3.23 Budget Atlas Strategy for Leveling and Currency Farming

This Atlas strategy is a strong league start option for fully completing the Atlas solo without buying maps. Focus on using Orbs of Horizon to fill out your Atlas by completing maps you haven't run yet. Whenever possible, apply rarity upgrades to your maps to make them magic or rare quality. This increases map drops to help sustain your pool. By repeatedly completing the entire Atlas this way at the league start, you can rapidly gain Atlas passive points to further accelerate your progression.

  • Maps - Usually on league start, unique maps: Twilight Temple, Putrid Cloister, and Coward's Trial are very expensive, so you can ignore them. Please also spend your currency to buy boss service from TFT for the voidstones, they are important to sustain high tier maps.

  • Spend your chaos to complete the cheap unique maps, 1-5 chaos is ok. Completing all the normal maps, cheap unique maps, invitations and Searing Exarch/Eater of Worlds boss will give you 120 points.

Here is the whole Atlas progression to help you progress your atlas more efficiently:

  • Wandering path - (24 pts) Straight to wandering path, already gives you 60% increase map tier drops & 8% Kirac missions

  • Map sustain - (48 pts) 100% for maps to drop 1 tier higher & 100% to get 1 connected map each run

  • Quantity circle - (57 pts) additional 24% quant because we want more drops including currencies and maps

  • Stream of consciousness - (60 pts) More league mechanics since we are not using any fragments

  • Harbinger - (74 pts) harby for orb of horizon/alchemy/binding + slightly more quant

  • Shrines - (83 pts) shrine to buff yourself in red tier maps

  • Searing exarch - (93 pts) for better staple currencies

  • Blight (Blight is good for builds that are not strong in red maps) - (121 pts) Tower defense gaming, Cassia's Pride is the important keystone

    POE 3.23 Atlas Passive Skill Tree League Start Farming Strategy - Blight

  • Expedition (Expedition is for the best currency at league start) - (116 pts) Sell logbooks and vendor refresh currencies

    POE 3.23 Atlas Passive Skill Tree League Start Farming Strategy - Expedition

  • Heist - (114 pts) Simple open cache, pick and go, no killing required

    POE 3.23 Atlas Passive Skill Tree League Start Farming Strategy - Heist

More Tips for this PoE 3.23 League Start Atlas Strategy When You Get Stuck:

  • 1. Always check the Kirac shop for maps that are not completed

  • 2. You can sell 3 of the same map to the vendor for a random map that is 1 tier higher, different combinations for different maps

  • (Means if you have 4 map, try to sell like 1st/2nd/3rd or 1st/2nd/4th or 2nd/3rd/4th, something like this)

  • 3. Use your orb of horizon to change a same map tier to a different one

  • 4. Use the Kirac mission option to do uncompleted maps, he will usually offer one that you have not completed

  • (Prioritize unique maps first if you encounter them here)

  • 5. Each time you complete a Kirac mission, his shop will be refreshed

  • 6. For those maps that have not been completed, you can connect maps for a chance to drop them

PoE 3.23 Alch & Go Atlas Strategy for Low Budget Builds

This strategy should be only used once you have completed all your maps and finished the majority of the unique maps that are not expensive. You should not have many favoured maps at this stage (Invitations not completed yet). Your favourite maps are extremely hard to sustain at this point, so do whichever you pick up. And do not take singular focus keystone until you have unlocked all favourite map slots except the fear.

  • Profit per 28 maps: 2 div +/-

  • Map sustain: Hard

  • Est. time per map: 4 mins

  • Map Device: Increased quantity

  • Best Map: Any map

Here is the whole Atlas progression to help you set up this Atlas passive skill tree more efficiently:


  • Basic skill tree (54 pts)

  • Shrine & Harby (76 pts)

  • Expedition (117 pts)

  • Blight (117 pts)POE 3.23 Atlas Passive Skill Tree Strategy - Alch & Go Farming for Low Budget Builds

  • Legion (115 pts)

    PoE 3.23 Alch & Go Atlas Strategy for Low Budget Builds - Legion

  • Ultimatum (120 pts)

    PoE 3.23 Alch & Go Atlas Strategy for Low Budget Builds - Ultimatum

Searing Exarch

- Choose Searing Exarch over Eater of Worlds because the altar rewards just gives better staple currencies

(e.g. chaos orb, chisel, awakened sextant, etc...)

- Eater of World is more toward dropping divination cards

League content

- Focus on one league mechanic you wish to do

- I have a few examples of skill trees which you can use or reference from

- The best is expedition if you really want fast currency by selling the logbooks or doing it yourself

- Blight is good for builds that do not scale as well as meta builds

Side contents

- This include additional things like shrine, harby, strongbox, torment spirits, etc...

- Do not recommend Essence in the early game because they are way too strong

- Tormented spirits is good to start as it guarantees 5 rare monsters to have a 90% increase in quantity

- For starters, highly recommend Shrine + Harbinger

PoE 3.23 Mid-Game Alch & Go Atlas Tree Strategy for Growing Hordes

Using growing hordes keystone & tophat nodes to make all our maps at least 50% packsize for a high chance to have x2 rare monsters. Tophat refers to the nodes that gives increase effect of modifiers, taking all of them will give you 30% increase effect modifier. With the increased packsize, we generally have tons of monsters in our map and this gives us more loot and map sustain.

  • Profit per 28 maps: 7 div +/-

  • Map sustain: Easy

  • Est. time per map: 4-5 mins

  • Map Device: Increased quantity

  • Best Maps:

    1. City Square

    2. Atoll

    3. Mesa

    For div cards:

    1. Mesa

    2. Beach

    3. Crimson temple

  • Main Profits:

    Lifeforce: The main profit is harvest, by using the compass to duplicate lifeforce, we will gain a ton of lifeforce to either sell or craft items

    Searing exarch Minion altars: Gives staple currencies such as chisel, chaos orb, awakened sextant, orb of unmaking, etc...

    Extra maps: You will over sustain your maps, so any extra you can sell them in bulk

Here is the whole Atlas progression and tips to help you set up your atlas for Growing Hordes more efficiently:

PoE 3.23 Midgame Atlas Skill Tree Strategy - Growing hordes

Searing Exarch or Eater of World

- Searing Exarch gives you more staple currencies from minion rewards such as chaos orb, awakened sextant, orb of unmaking etc...

- Eater of World will spawn more altars than SE, but the rewards are not so great as compared to SE, however eldritch ichors are worth more than embers

- Take EOW only if you want to focus on quantity altars, but your character needs to be strong enough to deal with the player downside

Shrine + Tormented spirit

- Shrine gives additional buffs to speed up your run & also more packs of monsters

- Torment Spirit is nice because it just gives 90% quant to 5 packs of monsters on your map

- If the Tormented Spirit possesses you, anything that you run through will have 90% increase quantity too

Map preparation

1. Chisel your WHITE maps to 20% and rare them to at least 20% pack size

2. You MUST purchase the following:

- Any rusted scarabs in bulk (Try for 1c each)

- Any polish scarabs in bulk (Try for 2c each)

Note: If you use only rusted scarabs, your maps need to have 24% pack size

(COMPASS) Lifeforce dropped by harvest monsters is duplicated - below 60c max.

(COMPASS) Contains a mirror of delirium - OPTIONAL

3. Put into your map device 2 rusted scarab & 2 polish scarab each run (You can also just use all polish scarabs

4. Select your map device mod and go

More effective PoE 3.23 atlas skill tree and mapping strategies will be updated here, remember to check back for timely info!

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