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PoE 3.23 Best Build for Leveling & Endgame - Top 5 Best Affliction League Starters in Path of Exile

12/4/2023 3:56:25 PM

In the Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League, we have twin ascendancies, a whole new meta gem, sort of reset Righteous Fire and Vortex is probably dead since it's not an instant cast. So we've got to think outside the box and find some best Path of Exile 3.23 builds for Affliction League to play the endgame. Today, we bring you the top 5 PoE 3.23 best Affliction starter builds for leveling and endgame.


Top 5 PoE 3.23 Best Builds - Best Leveling & Endgame Builds for Path of Exile Affliction

Having the best build in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction enhances your character's survivability. In this guide, we unveil the top 5 Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League starter builds, meticulously curated to thrive in both leveling and endgame scenarios. From the resilient Shield Crush Juggernaut to the captivatingly revamped Zombie Baron Guardian, each build beckons players to explore diverse playstyles and adapt to the evolving meta. Join us as we delve into the strengths, strategic nuances, and exciting possibilities offered by these builds, carefully crafted to dominate the Affliction League from the very start.

Build 1: Shield Crush Juggernaut

Shield Crush Juggernaut is one of the best build for Path of Exile 3.23. It’s a solid and reliable choice for both early and end-game content. The build revolves around stacking armor using items like replica Dream Feather and Emperor's Vigilance, resulting in a tanky character capable of dealing massive critical damage.

  • Armor Stacking: The build focuses on maximizing armor, providing excellent physical damage reduction and overall durability. With the new ascendancy options, acquiring Onslaught and Fortify becomes easier, further enhancing defense and offense.

  • New Ascendancy Benefits: The introduction of the new Duelist ascendancy options benefits the build by making the acquisition of Onslaught and Fortify more accessible. This adds to both defensive and offensive capabilities without relying on specific corrupted weapons.

  • Shield Crush Buff: Shield Crush has received a buff, making it even more effective for the build. With no downsides such as the use of ashes or heat shivs that have been nerfed, Shield Crush remains a consistent and powerful skill.

  • Versatility: The build has proven to be versatile, excelling in various content, including Uber encounters and delving into deep depths (500+). While caution is advised beyond 600 depth, the Shield Crush Juggernaut remains a competent and resilient choice.


Build 2: Zombie Baron Guardian

The Zombie Baron Guardian is the Path of Exile best 3.23 Affliction League build. It proves to be an interesting and potentially powerful choice, especially with the adjustments to zombies in the recent patches.

  • Zombie Changes: The changes to zombies, particularly the shift in their attack behavior to a flat melee attack, might be considered a buff for the build. The increase in base maximum health (0 to 38%) and the additional +1 maximum raised zombies at 20% quality provide more tankiness and scaling potential to the minions.

  • Minion Life Increase: The change in maximum life scaling for zombies from 20% quality to 0-38% maximum health at 0 quality is advantageous. This makes zombies more robust, increasing their survivability and overall effectiveness.

  • Potential for Unique and Entertaining Gameplay: The Zombie Baron Guardian build offers a unique playstyle, focusing on summoning and supporting zombies. The potential to create a "falling zombie" build adds an entertaining and distinct element to the gameplay.

  • League Starter Friendly: The build is the best POE 3.23 league starter, making it accessible for players looking to begin the new league with a minion-focused character.


Build 3 - Boneshatter Juggernaut

Boneshatter Juggernaut for Path of Exile 3.23, it remains a compelling and potentially powerful choice, especially one of the best PoE 3.23 league starters. Despite the changes and potential removal of Divergent Bone Shatter.

  • Previous Strength: Acknowledging that Bone Shatter was already a robust skill, the potential removal of Divergent Bone Shatter raises questions, but it does not necessarily diminish the overall strength of the build. The build has proven to be effective in both early and endgame content.

  • Tankiness: The build is known for its tankiness, allowing players to progress through various content with resilience. This tanky nature remains intact, contributing to a smoother leveling experience and early map progression.

  • New Ascendancy Benefits: The build stands to benefit from the new ascendancies introduced in the 3.23 update. The potential for a compensatory buff or alternative scaling methods could enhance the overall effectiveness of the build, providing new avenues for optimization.

  • Two-Handed Ax Version: Despite potential changes in attack speed scaling, the two-handed ax version of the build retains its strength. The overall damage might be slightly lower, but the build's scaling capabilities and efficiency make it a solid choice for players favoring this playstyle.

  • Creative Scaling: The removal of certain scaling options necessitates a more creative approach to scaling attack speed. While the exact details may not be clear until the new patch is released, the versatility of the build allows for adaptation and experimentation.

  • Compensational Buff: The minor compensational buff to the amount of trauma or damage per trauma stack is a positive adjustment. While not a massive change, it contributes to maintaining the build's damage output, potentially compensating for adjustments in attack speed.

  • Leveling & Endgame: Players can follow a well-structured guide to navigate both the early and late stages of the game.


Build 4 - Rain of Arrows Raider/Champion

Rain of Arrows Raider/Champion, particularly the Fuzzy Duckzy Rain of Arrows Champion, appears to be a promising choice for Path of Exile 3.23 based on the provided information.

  • Buff to Rain of Arrows: The build benefits from a buff to Rain of Arrows, where at 20% quality on the skill gem, four additional arrows are added to the existing amount. This is a substantial improvement compared to the previous 10% increased area of effect (AOE). The increased number of arrows contributes directly to the build's damage output.

  • Evasion Base Build: An evasion base build option adds versatility to the Rain of Arrows Champion. Evasion-based builds are known for their agility and ability to evade attacks, providing an alternative playstyle for those who prefer this approach.

  • Additional Ascendancy Options: The anticipation of additional ascendancy options in the upcoming patch further strengthens the build's potential. The existing strength of the build, coupled with the prospect of new ascendancy options, positions it as a strong contender for a league starter.

  • Solid League Start Build: Considering the overall buffs, the quality of the guide, positive community feedback, and additional ascendancy options, the Rain of Arrows Champion Ducky emerges as a solid choice for a league starter in Path of Exile 3.23.


Build 5 - One Mana Left Manabond / Arma Brand

One Mana Left seems to be a more methodical and strategic league starter, emphasizing a longer-term approach and offering potential for deep delving.

  • Armor Brand into Manabond Transition: The build involves starting with Armor Brand for leveling and transitioning into Manabond for the endgame. This indicates a thoughtful progression that might not be as fast in the initial leveling phase but promises a significant power spike once Manabond becomes viable.

  • Buff to Manabond: The recent patch notes mentioned a buff to Manabond, where quality now causes the skill to deal base lightning damage equal to a percentage of missing unreserved Mana. This change enhances the damage output of Manabond and adds another layer of complexity to the build.

  • Longer Drawn-Out League Start: Acknowledging that this build is not as fast in the initial leveling phase, the emphasis is on a more methodical and patient approach. Players considering this build should be prepared for a longer but potentially rewarding journey.

  • Indigon and Other Items: The mention of items like Indigon, which is crucial for the build, and the fact that these items haven't been significantly touched in the patch notes is a positive sign. This implies that the core items for the build remain viable and effective.

  • Focus on Endgame: The build has a strong endgame focus, making it a suitable choice for players interested in deep delving and long-term progression.

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