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TOP 5 3.23 Affliction League Starters in POE - Path of Exile Best 5 League Starters for 3.23 Affliction

12/4/2023 4:57:42 PM

The 3.23 POE patch brought a ton of fantastic updates, including cool new gems reworked. But what about our trusty old top-league starters in POE? Let's take a look at how Corrupting Fever Champion, Boneshatter Slayer and Juggernaut, Detonate Dead Elementalist, and Maw of Mischief to see how they're holding up.


TOP 5 3.23 Affliction League Starters in Path of Exile

TOP 5 - The Cold Dot Incident

Where you used to have Vortex on the left Mouse button trigging all the time, going down all the time, got a huge circle that deals damage while you're leveling that's sick, and then you just Auto lay it on the boss, it's on left Mouse button well now Vortex has a cast time while it's a damage over time has it been modified, you can't have it on left Mouse button anymore and what that means for cold dot is your clear is just going to be worse and it's going to have another button, you have Shield charge on space bar creeping frost on right click.


TOP 4 - Corrupting Fever Champion

They buffed our reap damage.


TOP 3 - Boneshatter Juggernaut / Slayer

It got buffed Lal extra quality you are never corrupting your bone shatter to 21 there's no Vol version, you'd only ever get it to level 20 with 20 quality so we got some extra damage off that that's the pretty gnarly dude, if there's no Divergent Boneshatter, you just logging on Slayer, you just don't get to do that ashes Divergent bone shatter stuff, but it'll still be tanky, Boneshatter a lot less damage on the top end.


TOP 2 - DD Elementalist

It's got 40K armor and you've got 15 million DPS, but that's the stars aligning procing, it almost makes us want to play DD almost but come on we got to boot up that CF champion.


TOP 1 - Maw of Mischief

But it's not a bossing League you know patch notes, there's like one new boss, but he's just going to kind of be like ly where, you just go in there and kill him.

If you want to know more details, please check this video.

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