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WoW Classic WotLK Farming Guide - Top 5 Gold Farming Methods in WotLK Classic

8/5/2022 11:02:42 AM

Today talking about the top 5 most overpowered gold farming methods in WoW Classic WotLK  coming in at number one, there are herbalism and Mining. Then you know that there is a limited period to capitalize on mining ore and picking herbs.

WoW Classic WotLK Farming Guide - Top 5 Gold Farming Methods in WotLK Classic

1. WoW Classic WotLK Farming Tip - Titan steel

Since the expansion will be fresh, all three of the ores will be a valuable Cobalt sorenite and titanium, but the most valuable of all of the bars will be Titan steel, now to smelt Titan steel, you'll need three titanium bars, one Eternal fire, one Eternal Earth, and one Eternal Shadow Eternals are the equivalent of primals back in WOW TBC Classic.  

Since this is a top gold farming methods guide, you better believe those later now Titan steel had a cool down back in Wrath until it was removed in a later patch, if wrath classic will launch with a cooldown or not, but if it does have a cooldown, the price for this will be high and that means miners can make even more gold selling these, now Titan steel bars are used to craft a lot of pre-raid best-in slot items along with really sought-after items like the mecc generes chopper or the Meccano hog along with Jeeves the gentleman robot Butler which acts as a reagent vendor and repairs for everyone even granting Bank access to Engineers, so with all that being said here is a map for mining Cobalt, specifically in howling Fjord a map for saronite and Cobalt in zuldrack.

A map for farming Titanium Ore and saronite in show Lazar Basin like all Quote best spots for farming, you can bet it will be the most contested kind of like the nagrind of Wrath the Lich King, for example sometimes a Zone with less node spawns can be a better Farm spot,  if it's less contested, now when it comes to herbalism, because of the inscription being added to the game, all herbs are going to be much more valuable than ever before especially since inscription creates Dark Moon cards, and they are best in the slot for phase one and inscription is very hungry for herbs, because to create the ink which is used to create best in slot Dark Moon cards for exam sample.

The Scribe needs to Mill herbs which destroy them think of its sort of like prospecting with Jewel crafting, and scribes won't always get the inks that they are after so it could mean High volumes of herbs need to be milled, to get enough pigments to create the necessary ink.

The new Northern herbs are gold Clover fire leaf Tiger Lily Talandra's Rose adder's tongue dead nettle Lich Bloom ice Thorn and most importantly of all Frost Lotus, now each of these herbs will have different prices and when it comes to Milling, they have different chances of giving the inscriptionists to the Scribe the pigments that they need now here on the screen is a summary of those chances, the milled columns how many were milled, and then different Azure pigments or icy pigments that were gotten by the chances right, so for inscription, you can see that the main three that have good Milling results are adder's tongue ice Thorn and Lich Bloom, so keep that in mind as a herbalist that these are the herbs scribes will be buying in bulk, to Mill also flasks will require either ice Thorn or Lich Bloom and sometimes both, but there is one herb even more valuable than those three Frost Lotus every single end game best in slot Wrath of the Lich King flask requires at least one Frost Lotus flask of the north even requires four Frost lotuses, of course, these will be the herb, you want to find and farm, if you are going after maximizing your gold, now gold Clover is also used to make a flask of endless rage, so even though you might consider it an entry-level herb, it is still valuable, so definitely seek it out as a gold Farm, you can find lots of them using the route shown here for Berean tundra or you can Farm them in howling Fjord here when it comes to farming Tiger Lily gold Clover and adder's tongue, you can find plenty in sholazar Basin using this route and for ice Thorn and Lich Bloom, you can follow this route in storm peaks and hopefully even find some Frost Lotus or even the time lost proto-drake, if you are really lucky, winter grasp is another great location for herbs following the rivers, you can sometimes find Frost Lotus alright.

2. WoW Classic WotLK Farming Tip - Questing at a max level

Questing at a max level, many will overlook this gold farming method,  but there are thousands of gold to be made with this method, any quests you didn't finish, especially higher level zones like in icecrown and storm peaks are going to give more gold, because of the experience point to Gold conversion, and once you've done the quests that's it for that character, so it's worth doing it's only once and especially on a fresh realm where there isn't a lot of gold in circulation, this is an excellent method also Daily quests are a great source of consistent income if you hate grinding the same mob over and over then doing quests might be a much more bearable gold farm for you.

3. WoW Classic WotLK Farming Tip -  Eternals farming 

Eternals farming like primals and TBC Eternals will be of high value because they are used in so many different recipes across, so many professions the equivalent of the elemental plateau in TBC is winter grasp in Wrath of Lich King, it has every Eternal available like the elemental Plateau did, but it will be the most contested two for that reason, but your faction has to own winter grasp to farm them, now Eternal Shadow can be found from Shadow revenants and wandering Shadows when your faction owns winter grasp, these have excellent drop rates, and you'll find a ton of crystallized Shadow from the Shadow revenants, the wandering Shadows have a much lower drop rate, but still good and death bringer revenants can be found in the frostmourne cavern in Dragon blight and are considered a less effective gold Farm area. 

Their drop rate is even less than the wandering Shadows when it comes to eternal life, this can be gathered from herbalism, but if you're not an herbalist, the next best way is from living lashers in Winter grasp or the mossy rampagers which can be found around Zuul Drac drop rates aren't great for either of these mobs, if both spots are over farmed, you could also go to show Lazar Basin and farm the lashers there, but there's not a whole lot of Lasher mob density there, but it could be a good Farm, if you're also a Skinner and want to skin alligators and cobras that are also found there now when it comes to Eternal water, this is even easier to get than eternal life,  you can get these from fishing and Mining Cobalt and titanium nodes, if you're not a Fisher nor a miner, you can get these from water revenants and glacial spirits in Winter grasp icebound revenants in the center of storm peaks within the frigid tomb is another great farming spot aqueous spirits on stormright's shelf in shoalazzar.

Basin is also great for farming crystallized air in addition to crystallized water, and slaying the Elementals is also for a daily quest for the oracles and frenzy heart, so it's a good daily Farm to build into your gold Gathering routine, it's like three birds for one stone Eternal air can again be found in Winter grasp from the Tempest revenants and Whispering Winds, like just mentioned a second ago though storm revenants and shoalazzar are great, and then there's also the Scions of the storm in the howling Hollow within storm peaks which have a good drop rate if all other spots are contested Eternal fire can be found from the flame revenants and raging Flames within winter grasp storm peaks also has wailing winds within the flossed flow deep and the see thing revenants at Fjorn's Anvil are two more spots within the same Zone.

If you're trying to find a spot without competition, typically Eternal fire will sell for the most out of all listed, so keep that in mind in terms of competition and last Eternal Earth can be found within winter grasp, alternatively, you can find brittle revenants at frost field Lake and storm peaks near Dunn Nephilim, there's a son of hodir daily quest which involves killing them, so might as well once again get two birds stone for a rock life blood Elementals in Sholazar Basin around the lifeblood pillar is another Farm spot, but the drop rate is rather low, but there is High mob density, so you could AOE farm this spot if you're a mage Paladin or even Unholy death knight.

4. WoW Classic WotLK Farming Tip - Make a new character

No plans to level any professions, whatever always get skinning anyways, because it's just free extra gold while you level, so if you're going to be on a fresh server might as well, get skinning while you level, you're gonna no doubt be killing a bunch of beasts at some point, so skinning and Wrath of Lich King like in vanilla and TBC will integrate seamlessly, what you're already doing for that reason, lots of people choose to skin as a profession, even if they're trying to just get to max level as fast as, they possibly can, but since so many people typically do go skinning that typically drives down the price of leather and on the price of leather on the auction house, simple supply and demand right, so in some cases, you might just want to vendor the leather that you're skinning, while you're levelling, but that isn't always the case. 

TSM will tell you the vendor price, and you can compare that to the auction house price, so you make an informed decision on what to do with your leather on a fresh server, you're probably going to be vendoring it, but on an established High population server, you're probably going to make more on the auction house speaking of vendoring, the pawn add-on, it'll show you item upgrades, but more importantly for gold making, if none of the items is an upgrade, it immediately shows you which item will vendor for the most gold when you are turning in a quest which will save you time, Leotricks as an add-on which automatically sells all vendor trash in your bags, it is absolutely amazing, now there are three different materials that are super valuable for leather workers in Wrath of Lich King Arctic fur heavy Berean leather icy dragon scales and Ruby and chitin along with your mungar skills that were five, not three, but these are all super valuable to craft leg armors and also the Arctic furs are used as currency to purchase epic recipes and heavy Berean leather is used as currency to purchase the icy and polar set which have Frost resistance to help in Knox ramas against saffron.

If you have skinning make sure to sell your Arctic far on the auction house for great profit Arctic fur has a one per cent chance to be found when you skin any beast in Northrend, there are of course other Leathers that are still valuable, now one of the best places to get these amazing skinning materials is actually the Oculus, flooded with Bots already ready the farm is basically to solo the dragons on the way to the first boss, it's sort of in a half circle ring certain classes are better equipped for this Farm, you know if you have self heels, it helps a lot, and you'll definitely need to be decently geared in order to be able to solo this when you skin the dragons there.

They drop Berean leather icy dragon scales, and of course the highest value skinning item of all Arctic fur, this is a great Farm, because it's never contested, it's an instance however because of that you can only run this short Gauntlet of mobs a total of five times per hour before you're locked out of the instance pairing this with leather working is also a great combination the frost hide leg armor is the best in slot leg slot enhancement for tanks and Ice scale leg armor is the best in slot enhancement for physical damage dealing DPS classes like Rogues Hunters Warriors feral Druids, and so on this leg enhancement will go for hundreds of gold on the auction house, so if you're Gathering icy dragon scales or Ruby and chitin as a Skinner, then having leather working to craft these will seamlessly tie together, your professions to make that Frost hide leg armor you need two Arctic Furs two Ruby and chitin and one Frozen orb, it's important to mention that Frozen orbs will drop one hundred per cent of the time off the last boss of a heroic version of a dungeon,  you don't always win the Frozen orb though, so getting them can be tough sometimes tanks might Reserve these beforehand if tanks are in high demand, so keep that in mind, if you want to pursue this gold making strategy alright.

5. WoW Classic WotLK Farming Tip - Jewel crafting

Jewel crafting, gold Farm gems are needed for gear with sockets right, so you can make a lot of money as a jewel crafter, just buying gems uncut gems off the auction house cutting them, and then re-listing them, especially early on when the expansion, just launched when players are either still levelling their Jewel crafting skill to Max or all the recipes which are gated behind Dollar on jewel crafters tokens haven't been acquired yet.

If you learn to cut a gem that nobody else has yet, you can make serious gold just buying uncut gems cutting them and re-listing them on the auction house, so this one is not only lucrative but is also pretty easy to do if you're quick enough, of course, this will be a time-gated limited time opportunity of course as more players learn the jewel crafting cuts the price will surely fall also if the price is right, you can also buy ore and Prospect it, cut the gems or craft Gear with them or even transmute the uncut gems into meta gems, if you are also an alchemist and make a boatload of gold, this process is also called the saronite shuffle which involves doing this process.]

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