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WOW TBC Classic Phase 5 - 5 Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5

5/11/2022 10:51:41 AM

WOW TBC Classic phase 5 has already been released, Blizzard announced that just like for every previous phase of TBC, WOW TBC Phase 5 will release with all the rest of the content available, and then the raid, Sunwell Plateau, will release a couple of days later. But anyways while waiting time, and even after the raid releases, enjoy all the content that tbc classic phase 5 brings with it, from dailies to new cosmetic items to wow tbc gold making opportunities.

Today discuss 5 things you can and should be doing the moment wow TBC classic phase 5 drops, to help you and your guild in your progress through Sunwell Plateau or even to prepare for Wrath of the Lich King.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5 - 5 Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5 

1. Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5: Isle of Quel'Danas

First and foremost, the first thing you’ll need to be doing with the help of your whole server, is to unlock the entirety of the Isle of Quel’Danas, Quel’Danas has it's own progression system, think of it as a mini-war effort, but you’re not fighting Qiraji bugs, but loyalists of Kael’thas who are trying to summon Kil’Jaeden back into Azeroth. 

And the way you fight those people back and thus claim key areas of the Island is by doing dailies, in a lot of dailies, you can check your server’s progress towards unlocking the next area by clicking on the quest givers, they will tell you the percentage towards that, in an ideal world, you’ll want to have your server unlock the entirety of the isle before Sunwell releases.

The reason for this is because there are some very important vendors or even world buffs to unlock in the Isle, you got the Blacksmith Hauthaa which sells super-strong badge gear, the jewel crafter Shaani who sells epic gems for badges, but also the Naaru K'iru, who gives the permanent world buff K'iru's Song of Victory, 79 Stamina and 40 intellect, and this will come in very handy for progression on Sunwell. 

Your first goal as a server is to unlock the whole island, and ideally, doing that before Sunwell releases because that will not only help you and your own guild, but it will help everyone on your server progress through the raid more smoothly, make sure to not miss a single daily everyday.

2. Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5: Reputation Items

The other reason you want to be doing them every day is to unlock some powerful gear and recipes from the reputation vendor, most notably here, you have these Shattered neckpieces, there’s one for every role and if you’re still rocking something from WOW TBC Classic phase 1 or phase 2, this is probably an upgrade for you, you also have some very nice shields at exalted, but most importantly you have the recipes. 

A lot of Jewelcrafting stuff here, but the one that catches the eye is this trinket which is straight up a buffed version of Bloodlust brooch if you’ve been super unlucky with trinkets. This is another reason to consider going Jewelcrafting, on top of the best in slot neck recipe from the Sunwell trash. And then of course you have Void Shatter, which will finally bring the price of Large Prismatic Shards down by transforming 1 Void crystal into 2 Large Prismatic Shards, which have been historically throughout the expansion very high in price in comparison to Void crystals, this should bring some much-needed balance to those prices. 

3. Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5: Dailies

Of course other than reputation, the other reason you want to be doing dailies every day is for gold, not sure exactly how much gold a full run of dailies gives, simply because on the PTR not everything has unlocked yet, but based on the currently unlocked dailies, it’s upwards in the 300+ gold per day that you can make just for about an hour of your time. 

It's not just the Isle itself that contains dailies in wow tbc classic phase 5, but there are also dailies added all-around Outland, you pick most of them from Shattrath, but there’s even one you can do in the Throne of Kil'Jaeden, and involves doing a full week of dailies and looking at the average gold, you can make from it per day and how you can optimize your time, similar to how we did for phase 3. 

However, an unfortunate but inevitable reality of doing, so many dailies is that this will create big inflation ahead of Wrath of the Lich King, everyone your server will be doing these dailies, injecting a lot of gold into the economy and inevitably lowing the value of gold, Wrath will quickly rectify that with how many gold sinks it has, but you definitely need to get as much gold as possible ahead of Wrath.

4. Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5: Magisters' Terrace

The dungeon Magister's Terrace. Here are some reasons you wanna be doing this dungeon every time you get the chance. First off, the gear obviously, Magister's Terrace has a lot of very strong pieces of gear that will not only help you or your Alts catch up with everyone else, but that may even be better than what you currently have even if you've been raiding every week. 

The Shard of Contempt

The most famous example is the Shard of Contempt, a very solid trinket for melee DPS, this is even bis for Enhancement shamans according to Wowhead, just be careful not to go over your expertise cap as a rogue tho, not sure if that's an issue for an arms fury warrior. 

Other than that if you're a healer, there's anything of interest for you here, but there are a few pieces for caster DPS, just have a look at your bis list and make a few rounds of magister's terrace. 

The Shard of ContemptThe Mount

The other reason you wanna be doing this dungeon is of course for the mount, the Swift White Hawkstrider, this actually isn’t as rare as other boss mounts in the game, it has a 4% drop chance, and it looks quite gorgeous and it’s the only way to get a Hawkstrider for Alliance for a while, it will be a very unique mount to have. Finally, in Magister's Terrace you have the Orb of the SIndorei, a toy that transforms you into a blood elf for 5 minutes on a 30-minute cooldown, the nice thing about this is this isn’t a trinket that you equip like every old toy from vanilla we had, this is an actual item that you click in your bags so that’s a big plus. 

5. Important Things You Need To Do in TBC Classic Phase 5: Powerful PvP Items

A few PvP pieces that you want even for PvE, unfortunately unlike season 3, Season 4’s off pieces aren’t as good for PvE, unlike in wow TBC classic phase 3, you don’t need to worry about farming BGs if you’re only after PvE content. However, just like in season 3, season 4 weapons are still very strong for some classes in PvE. 

Most notably for Enhancement Shamans, your bis weapons come from Sunwell of course, but outside of that dual-wielding, the season 4 axes are going to be your next best option, however, do have a rating requirement, that being said if pushing Arena ratings isn’t your cup of tea, the season 3 weapons will not have any rating requirement and cost way less arena points from now on, those are some very easy entry-level weapons to get as an Enhancement Shaman. Also, if you’re looking to get into PvP on an alt or even on your main, or just dabble with it from time to time. Blizzard did add the option to exchange tier 6 tokens for season 3 arena gear, and that set is gonna be a very solid set to get into the Season 4 arena. 

If you can think of important stuff to do in TBC Classic phase 5, one thing is for sure, wow TBC classic Phase 5 is gonna be a lot of fun. If you need to buy wow classic gold, is a good choice for you. 

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