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WOW TBC Classic Phase 5 Preparation- 4 Things You Should Know Before TBC Classic Phase 5

4/18/2022 4:25:48 PM

With WOW TBC classic phase four well underway, thoughts turn to the  WOW TBC classic phase 5 preparation. Today cover the new noteworthy additions that will be released in WOW TBC Classic phase 5.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5 Preparation- 4 Things You Should Know Before TBC Classic Phase 5

A new zone located all the way north in the eastern kingdoms, four main things to think about are the shattered sun rat, the progression of the staging grounds, the dungeon magister's terrace and of course the raid on Sunwell plateau.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5- Shattered Sun Rat


Dailies will start with just the shattered sun staging area which has the reputation vendor and the dailies. The dailies are pretty standard activities go somewhere kill stuff collect things, specifically as your server progresses, you will eventually unlock the sun's reach sanctum and just in case you're wondering how long it will take exactly to progress to the next hub not very long if it's just your server needs to have done x amount of wow tbc classic dailies. 

The sanctum gives two new TBC classic dailies and now your server will begin progressing on unlocking the armory, during this time a quest to open a portal from shattrath to the isle and vice, versa will become available after retaking the armory.

Two more daily quests become available, PVP vendors will also spawn, they sell wow TBC classic season 1 gear for tier 4 tokens and season 2 gear for either tier 5 or 6 tokens as well.


Expecting Blizzard to make WOW TBC classic season 3 gear available for tier 6 tokens,  because that's what they've done with every set, so far a blacksmith will also spawn below with a wow TBC classic new daily as well after your server has progressed that two more dailies will spawn, and she will become a vendor selling loads of new and very powerful badge gear.

In addition to gearing options also, if you're raiding, you'll want to be doing this daily at least now and again for the wow TBC classic weapon coatings that work in the Sunwell raid.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5- The Progression Of The Staging Grounds

Once you progress to the next stage via wow TBC classic dailies, you will unlock the sun's reach harbour. This objective an additional daily will become available, as well as an alchemy maps vendor, a reagent vendor, and the epic gem vendor. 

They also sell patterns and the epic gems themselves cost 15 badges each expects epic gems to come down pretty fast in price. Once this happens, despite everyone needing them for new gear,  people are just getting badges thrown at them at the moment.

Additionally, an NPC will spawn accepting gold to build a memorial and once you are exalted with the shattered sun offensive, you can pay 1 000 wow tbc gold for the title of the shattered sun all that work, you've done for them. Spawns and gives a zone-wide stamina and intellect buff to Kiru's song of victory. So that's the island progression not everything is available on day one but should progress pretty fast.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5- The Dungeon Magister's Terrace

The reputation

All next up is the wow tbc classic reputation, naturally just by questing and doing activities around the aisle. What are the rewards though loads of gem designs for pretty much? 

Every combo you can think of from friendly all the way up to exalted void shatter for enchanters at honored will turn one void crystal into two large prismatic shards, the price will be crash. 

Once this is available, don't buy expensive large prismatic shards before the patch, as stamina and resilience had enchanted revered for the PVP enthusiasts, the new jewel crafter trinkets again at revered.

WOW TBC Classic Phase 5- The Raid On Sunwell Plateau


There are various necks anyways from raid content that will be better speaking of raid content, the Sunwell, the final tier of WOW TBC classic very much seen back in the day, as another really hard end of expansion raid.


If you want some info on its legacy and what to expect from it. Just going to go over the new stuff from it aside from the obvious things.

Such as a load of this new gear tier 6 tokens for boots gloves and belt and a legendary bow from Kil'jaeden. The Sunwell has a lot of profession and trash drops, some are b.o.p, and some are boe study of advanced smelting allows players to make hardened corium for three quarian bars and one hardened adamantite bar.

Jewel crafting and blacksmithing

These are used a lot in wow tbc classic jewel crafting and blacksmithing also primal nethers and might see a return to being useful for Sunwell-crafted gear expect more demand for both of these items.

Sun moats 

Finally, a new item drops within the Sunwell called sun moats again, these are used in TBC classic item crafts think of them as like the new heart of darkness.


The quest get an epic gem and a tune for the heroic version of the dungeon, the emboss of which is of course kale fast for the second time of the expansion, after all, tempest keep was merely a setback, the dungeon can drop an orb which changes your appearance into that of a blood alpha five minutes and unlike other wow TBC classic items like the orb of deception. 

Loot on heroic

One other thing to mention here is that the loot on heroic is really good notably priestess del Rissa drops, exceptionally powerful trinkets shard of contempt in particular, as well as a new cloak.

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