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Wotlk Classic Pve Guide - Affliction Warlock Talents, Rotation, Pre-bis, DPS Tricks & More

10/7/2022 5:03:13 PM

Welcome to WOTLK CLASSIC Affliction warlock PVE DPS guide for Rafa Village King Classic, this is a quick overview of all of the essentials that you need to know to get ready for raiding. These are the topics, to cover talents and glyphs professions stat priority previous and best gear enchants and gems consumes irritation. How to actually like deal damage? Lastly, cover some macros and weak.  

Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Affliction Warlock Talents, Rotation, Pre-bis, DPS Tricks & More 

1. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide -Talents  

When it comes to talents, this is the best talent build for optimal Wotlk Classic DPS that you can get later, more hit gear you can take points out of suppression, and put them into improved live tap, if you want all these glyphs are also optimal for Wotlk Classic DPS, when it comes to a minor one, just pick what you want, just utility glyphs.



Glyph of Life Tap

Glyph of Quick


Glyph of Haunt


Glyph of Drain Soul

Glyph of Unending


Glyph of Kirogg

2. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Professions

For professions, you want to get the most Wotlk Classic DPS, you go engineering and tailoring, you can swap tailoring to dual crafting later when epic gems are unlocked, but at that point, you know if is it really worth it, you may as well, just stick with tailoring unless you really want to get your crafting to make money with dual crafting.




3. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Stat Prio

Now here's a stat priority, first of all, you want to get a hit cap, now this is 10 with suppression maxed spruced and boomkin debuff and the Draenei buff, it's 11 for horde without the Drano buff providing every shot of prehistoric boomkin in the group, and then it's 14 about any Buffs or any debuffs and that can potentially happen sometimes in 10 months.

You're always going to have spruce or a boomkin in the groove, they're not exactly the most popular class in rap, just have enough gear to get 14, because you don't know what kind of composition you're going to be.

Stat Prio

1. Hit cap

2. Spell Power

3. Haste

4. Crit

10% with debuff and buft

11% for Horde with Debuff

14% without debuff/buft

4. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Pre-bis, bis, enchants & gems

When it comes to picking your pre-road base, your phase one base, then your gems and your enchants, just downloading the add-on loon best in the slot, as you can see it will give you all the previous gear for every single spec in the game, and obviously your best in slot Gear 2 and obviously where to get it bear in mind that sometimes the previous loot is for some reason on the phase one business list, and all the best gems and enchants and what slots to get it in, by the way, no best list with enchants and gems on it is going to be perfect for absolutely every single player, you really need to be simming your character on Wow Sims, because for instance, it might not be best in the slot to go for a particular gem socket bonus. 

5. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Consumes

Now for consumes, for your flask, you won't flask at a frostworm, you can just cheese it with a fish Feast for reflection warlock or get a tender shuffled Tusk stake, if no one has a fish Feast, you want a potion of wild magic for your pre-pop talk more about that later than a potion of haste for later when you're in combat, and you pop that with bloodlust, you also want a flame cap weirdly the flame cap because it increases your spell power of fire spell power your pet, then takes the start of your biggest spell power stats or does technically increase the demons either spell power or attack power gospel and cruise ship head damage with spiced Mammoth treats, and you want your spellstone, not the Firestone on your weapon, and if you obviously have engineering, you have goblins sapper charges available.

6. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Rotation

How to actually deal damage as an infliction war?

First of all, make sure you got all your Buffs up and all the essentials, so this is obviously fell armor your life tap buff with the glyph, and obviously your spellstone you want to be using your potion of wild magic as you pre-pop, so if you use it before the fight starts, you will be able to use another potion later in the fight to open combat, if there's no other warlock in the group, you want to actually be Shadow bolting to give a shadow Mastery debuff before you use corruption or any of your dots that's because it will increase the damage of your dots particularly corruption, so your next priority after doing that initial shutter ball is corruption Unstable Affliction. 

Then curse of Agony and then you're going to use haunt, and you want to keep all your dots up constantly and also your haunt debuff and also obviously you want to keep your live tap spell power buff up, and if you've got absolutely nothing to do after all your Buffs and debuffs are up that is when you use shadowbolt as a filler basically now when the boss is below 25 per cent that is when you replace Shadow Ball with drone Soul, you should still carry on replaying your dots if your dot is going to do its full duration if it's not, then just keep draining soul and you should be recasting drain saw when you get new Buffs like a spell power buff from your trinket for instance.

There's no ramp-up time really when it comes to draining Soul secondly cast it, and you are dealing damage, so you're not losing Wotlk Classic DPS by recasting it, so take advantage of all those snapshot moments, now to talk about corruption rolling in short if you cast a corruption with a crit buff at the start of the fight like the wild magic potion that corruption will believe and act as if it's still buffed by that crit buff for the whole fight providing you keep corruption refreshed with Shadow Ball or drain soul and this happens automatically when you cast a drain Soul or shadow ball with the Everlasting Affliction Talent, it will also roll over percentile Buffs like tricks are portrayed from a rogue, but not haste or spell power big brain warlocks will actually swap out Trinkets and crit weapons at the start of a fight to really optimize that corruption damage again check out the Warlock Discord for more information.



Fel Armour

Life Tap Buff


Wild Magic Prepot

1. Shadowbolt (for debuff)

2. Corruption

3. Unstable Affliction

4. Curse of Agony

5. Haunt- keep up the debuff

Keep up buffs, dots, haunt debuff fill in with Shadow Bolt or Drain soul below 25% Boss Health.


Drain Soul:

Use on less than 25% boss HP

Stop cast to:

Refresh dots if they will do full duration


For new trinkets buffs etc 

Corruption Rolling:

You can keep the crit-buffed corruption for a while fight. So snapshot the first corruption. 

7. Wotlk Classic PVE Guide - Weak Auras & Macros

Now for weak Horizon macros, made a behemoth list of all the best macros, and weak auras about every single Wotlk Classic class can get in the game when it comes to raiding pretty much everything really as you can see, every single class here, all you have to do to get access. 

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