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Elden Ring Top 10 Most Fashionable (Coolest) Armor Sets

8/4/2022 6:33:18 PM

Do you want to look cool in Elden Ring, are you one of the type of players that don't care about the stats of your armor almost at all you just want to look cool, if that is the case then this is the guide for you. In this post, we present to you the Top 10 most awesome looking and fashionable armor sets in Elden Ring as voted by the community. 

Top 10 - Crucible Tree Set

We definitely agree with this armor set being on the list, it's the best of the crucible armor sets and looks absolutely awesome. The great tree ornamentation on the top of the helm is the mark of knight Seluria and that is also where you will find this armor set - in a chest within the deep root depths behind the boss Crucible knight Seluria. Wearing this set actually strengthens any incantation from the aspects of the Crucible school of magic as well which is another cool added bonus to an already amazing armor set.

Top 9 - Malenia's Set

Malenia's Set has definitely got to be up theere, as one of the favorite sets to most of players in the whole entire game for sure. We love everything about Melania, she's a super awesome character and being able to wear her set, wheeled her weapon and cosplay as Melania is so incredibly badass. This is a light armor set made of unalloyed gold and worn by Melania, there's no special buffs that you get from wearing this set but as this list is purely about how aesthetically pleasing armor is that doesn't impact our decision to include it on this list. And you can purchase this armor set from Enya - the finger reader crone in round table hold, once you have defeated Melania.

Top 8 - Raging Wolf Set

Raging Wolf Set is one of the harder sets to obtain because it is time sensitive and requires you to do a few different quest lines. To get here, you need to have progressed through the Volcano Mana assassinations, and after obtaining the second to last letter from Volcano Manor, you can then speak to knight Bernal who will ask you to help him invade vagram the raging wolf and eren sorcerer wilhelm, and it's after you assassinate these two NPCs that you will get the raging wolf set. Also it can no longer be acquired if you defeat either Malakith or Reichard before getting this set. There's no special attributes but it looks very cool, people love the long awesome cloaks and we are definitely inclined to agree. One other tidbit of information for you, this armor set was actually worn by the bloody wolf class that was in the game during the network test but was actually removed from the game.

Top 7 - General Radahn's Set

Of course General Radahn's Armor Set would make it into this list. If only for the helmet that magnificent red main helm is so incredibly awesome, and as you will glean from the description of the armor sets, it is actually modelled on godfrey - the first eldon lord, and more specifically the giant beast upon his back serosh radhan was captivated in his younger years by the giant lion on godfrey's back, and that led to the design of the armor. The flavor text from the helmet specifically is so cool. Radhan inherited the furious flaming red hair of his father radagon and is fond of its heroic implications, and then followed by a quote from General Radahn.

Top 6 - Night's Cavalry Set

A pitch black armor thinly painted with dried blood, this looks super intimidating. Worn by the knights cavalry who ride funeral steeds and night's cavalry wander the dim roads of night and were once led by the fellow men and were deliverers of death for great warriors, knights and champions. This is also one of the few sets where you can alter both the chest plate and the helm, and you can actually remove the plume on the helmet when altered, and this is probably one of the most challenging armor sets to get on this list, as you have to defeat a Night's Cavalry duo boss fight in the consecrated snow fields. 

Top 5 - Maliketh's Set

We would just like to say it's such a shame it doesn't look anywhere near as awesome as it does on Maliketh himself. But when we bring our character wearing Maliketh's Set into the light, with the lighting and the sun reflecting off the armor, it makes it look so much cooler than it does at the start here, this is definitely still a very impressive and very intimidating armor set made of black iron and decorated with gold, and designed specifically for Maliketh - queen Maliketh's loyal half-brother, whose blade was imbued with destined death. Everything about this is so badass and as you've probably guessed you buy it from Enya once you defeat Maliketh.

Top 4 - Hoslow's Set

Hoslow's Set is literally our favorite armor set in the game, we absolutely adore this silver armor decorated with red embellishments passed down through the Hoslow family and this set is dropped by defeating Juno Hoslow right at the end of the Volcano Manor Assassination questline.The fun fact for you is that you can actually get an alternative version to the helm, if you complete Dialos's quest line, you're rewarded with Dialogue's mask which is an alternative headpiece to the armor set missing the twin tails. Unlike all other armor in the game, with an alternative look, you can't just use the tailoring function to add or remove the twin tailmans, they are two separate headpieces you get in two different ways. 

Top 3 - Carian Knight Set

Carian Knight Set is nowhere near as awesome as many of the others on this list, but we think the reason it has been voted so highly is because it's much more easily accessible than most of the other armor on the list. You can actually get this fairly early on in the game in the Raya Lucaria Academy. It isquite miserable but even so it's available very early on and it's one of the few early armor sets that actually looks quite cool. It is pretty fashionable and worthy of being in any souls fashionista's wardrobe.

Top 2 - Black Knife Set

The full Black Knife Set is found on a corpse under - an archway behind ordina in the consecrated snow fields. And we think probably the reason it's so high up on the list is the very awesome transparency effect on the cloak. The cloak does actually muffle the sound of your footsteps and yields a similar effect to the assassin's approach incantation. The cloak needs to be on for this to work if you alter the armor, and remove the cloak you lose the effect. Overall it's pretty cool with a very awesome effect.

Top 1 - Blaidd's Set

The most highly voted armor set for fashion and style in the whole of Elden Ring is Blaidd's Set, it has got to be the hardest set on this list to obtain. You can receive the helm the black wolf mask on a wall behind Saluvius's Tower. As for the other three parts of the set, they can be found following Rani's questline after she's given the darkmoon ring, you need to return to her rise and you will hear blythe speaking to himself in front of the tower, he will then turn hostile and you need to defeat him to be rewarded with his armor set and also the royal greatsword. The reason it's top the list is because everyone can agree that he is one of the coolest NPCs in the game, he looks incredibly awesome and everyone revels in the opportunity to be able to cosplay as Blythe.

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